Iron Chariots spam

A while back I decided to upgrade the server software for the Iron Chariots wiki and install a bunch of add-ons, including one that allows me to force all new editors to write a short biography and wait for approval. It’s kind of a headache, but before doing this, we would get dozens of new users a day who would start filling up the wiki articles with advertisements for wristwatches and porn. Unfortunately, sometimes I can go for a couple of months without remembering to check the spam trap, and then people complain. But it beats the alternative.

Today I remembered that I haven’t approved users since April, so I cleared out a fairly manageable 17 requests. Nearly half of them were spammers who were stupid enough to put spam in their biography, so that was easy. I approved a bunch of requests… and then I saw this guy.

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Your Friday night childish humor

Sometimes you just need to laugh. Especially at the end of a very stressful time in life — say, when you’ve just had an election where the very notion of a free America in which religious right extremists were not on the warpath against women’s bodies, marriage equality, and sanity itself was at a very real risk of crashing down in flames before all our eyes. Sometimes, it’s okay to laugh at deeply silly things that speak directly to our inner Dennis the Menace, as long as no real harm is done.
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