We get email… strike that, we get cut n’ paste

So I see this in my inbox:

Who Created God? A number of skeptics ask this question. But God by definition is the uncreated creator of the universe, so the question Who created God? is illogical, just like To whom is the bachelor married?

This was the first paragraph in a very long email, all neatly formatted in a shiny blue font. Naturally I suspected a cut and paste job, so after ascertaining that this was simply a parrot of the Kalam Cosmological argument, I simply googled key words and found it to be a word for word transcription of this page at Christian-answers.net.

Thus I replied:


I see you haven’t troubled yourself to come up with an original argument, but merely cut and pasted the writings of another author citing the Kalam Cosmological argument. Therefore, I will respond in kind and simply link you to a thorough refutation of this claim.

If you want to respond to this page, please email me back in your own words and we will discuss it from there.

He wrote a slightly longer answer, and my counter-response (which includes the full body of his message) is below.

your right russell i didnt write it all myself because I didnt think I had to….

Sure, I don’t blame you — no sense reinventing the wheel. That’s why i did the same thing. I bet you didn’t read the refutation yet, did you?

i know im not going to persuade you that there really is a God.

Not with weak semantic hand-waving like Kalam, you won’t. Present us with some evidence for God, and we’ll be all over it.

i can tell the devil has a deep grip on your heart

It must make your life very simple when you can dismiss any counter-arguments by saying “Well, the only reason you don’t believe me is because you’re a slave to EVIL.” It’s easier than trying to read and understand things, that’s for sure.

and i hope and pray you can see that also….what you are believing is lies. you dont need to have a college degree to see it either….

Yes. I can tell.

I believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God and I am not ashamed at all to say that.

I don’t think you should be ashamed for saying what you believe. Now, not having the integrity to understand the arguments you’re making and back them up — THAT would make me ashamed.

The reason i believe in Jesus is because of the Bible. I believe it is true. Its proven to be true. through archelogical discoveries and by the power of the Holy Spirit. I know you cant understand that because you havent had that happen….

Okay, so wait a minute. You believe in Jesus because of the Bible… and you think that the Bible is “proven” by virtue of the holy spirit. Either that is a textbook case of circular reason (Jesus and the Holy Spirit are the same thing under trinitarianism, yes?) or you left out the step where you explain why you believe in the holy spirit.

Of course, you throw in the towel when you say I can’t understand something because I “havent had that happen.” (What does “that” refer to anyway?) Proof is proof — it is repeatable and accessible to everyone. Something that only you can understand may be real, or it may be inside your head. In any case, if you don’t think you can prove the existence of God without special pleading, then why did you bother sending us a cut and paste of Kalam?

I can guarentee you have had authority problems in your life. All athiests do. their denying an authority figure over them. its simple even a 6 year old can understand…..

Didn’t I see you in a movie once? “You’re a rogue cop, Glasser! Sure, your unconventional methods and boyish charm get results, but they have no place on this force! Turn in your badge, you’re on leave until further notice!”

And with THAT uninteresting argumentam ad hominem out of the way, I’ll sign off.


Here’s the final reply, but I didn’t find it worth responding to.

first off yes i did read your refutation. thankyou for it. my reason for emailing you is because i am concerned about your soul. Everybody has a soul whether you deny it or not. Im not a smart asshole thats trying to get you to repent…..i just question your “show” or whatever it is. If their is no God then why do you care about all this? why are you wasting your time trying to persuade people? you still must be fighting a little voice or something?

It’s no mystery why we do a show. Among other things, it’s so we can have the pleasure of getting a rise out of people like this. I’m just sad that it wasn’t on air.