Bryan Steeksma’s Residual Soul

One of the most frequently asked questions we get from AETV viewers is “Who does that kickass opening song?” to which we’ve replied, often, that it’s by Canadian artist and AETV fan Bryan Steeksma. As your FYI post for Monday I direct you to Bryan’s download-only album Residual Soul, available from CDBaby for $24.99, and from the iTunes store for only $11.99. So the choice there seems easy. Now, show fans may be disappointed that the album’s generous track listing (31 songs!) does not include “Listen to Reason,” which Bryan wrote just for us and for which he hasn’t to my knowledge announced any release plans. But there ought to be enough there to satisfy your curiosity about this versatile godless rawker. And the album does include “The Galaxy’s Elegant Cinema,” which we used as the show theme last summer when broadcasting from Matt’s apartment Dillahunty International Studios.