1. t90bb says

    hey….I just wanted to say that Phil sure has come a long way. He is so much more confident and relaxed than he was a couple years ago….praize jeezass

  2. Lamont Cranston says

    t90bb says in #1

    I just wanted to say that Phil sure has come a long way.

    I agree. I think he did very well.

    It seems like it could be a little difficult being in the co-host position with Matt. Matt is just a dominating personality. I think that might be intimidating. However, on the positive side I’ve noted that when Matt is in the co-host position (fairly rare), he really seems to do his best to turn it down a little and let the host lead.

    In this setting it seemed that they did a pretty good job of balancing everything.

    Lamont Cranston

  3. david angel says

    Lovely guys.Hope to see them if they ever get over to UK for something . I bet all Theists dread debating Matt. The new Hitchins.

  4. Mobius says

    I agree about Phil. Matt has always been a strong speaker since I started watching several years ago. But Phil has definitely grown in confidence and is now a strong speaker as well. There are other great representatives from AXP, but Matt and Phil did an excellent job.

  5. Si says

    Matt –

    While I agree with your assessment of a response to the fire at Notre Dame, I think you missed a real opportunity to address the cognitive dissonance in a common refrain from believers, “It’s a miracle it did not burn down entirely.” There were beehives on the roof and, “It’s a miracle they survived.” Among others.

    What’s the lesson here? Why did their god allow the church to catch fire in the first place? What makes the survival of the bees a miracle when, supposedly, an all-powerful good god could have prevented the fire in the first place.

  6. Claywise says

    Phil is a treasure, a living example that atheists are not — as so many fearful Christians assert — “bad” and immoral people.

    Hard to believe how much he does to make the world a better place.

  7. init4thefun says

    “Best book on atheism and why?”

    What is the best book that Big Foot does not exist?
    What is the best book that people are not being abducted by aliens?

    Best atheism book would just have one page with a big font that says “No Evidence!!”

    Good job guys.

    Just my humor,

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