Open thread for episode 21.49: Tracie and Don

Today on TAE, Don discusses category errors in the Bible, and then he and Tracie take viewer calls.

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  • This history and evolution of “Elohim”
  • Galatians I (verses 1-9 discussed on the show)
    • In the conversation about Galatians, I (Tracie) was asked whether I believed the Galatians had read the Letter to the Hebrews. On the fly I didn’t know. But after looking it up, the answer is “no, and it wouldn’t matter if they had.” The letter is considered to be a forgery and not an authentic Pauline letter (whereas Galatians is considered to be authentic–in contrast). And the letter to the Hebrews is dated after the latest estimated date for the Galatian letters–meaning that it didn’t exist at the time Galatians would have been written and read.