1. CompulsoryAccount7746, Sky Captain says

    @Russell (1:06:53):

    Well, that’s a cool story, and I’m glad I heard it today.

    See last week’s show (and 7 other threads), where “Edward from london” called/posted under various names, wasting air time and spamming the same disengaged script.
    Thread: Axp – 21.43
    Oh, he called on episode 945, too (that time without commenting). So then at least 8 other shows, 21.43 last week, and 21.44 today.

  2. Monocle Smile says

    Yeah, as much as I defend Russell, fumbling the whole boring-name-from-london thing by not paying attention to the past year-ish of the show was rather irritating.

  3. Evil God of the Fiery Cloud says

    To Russell’s credit, once he discovered the depths of Edward’s loony-ness he was quick to put an end to it.

  4. Gino says

    Great guest. I was very impressed by his calm and rigorous approach to the callers. I can’t seem to muster that level of understanding for people who refuse to accept established facts about the universe. Personal failing, I guess.

  5. says

    heh. russell didn’t recognize “ralph from florida” as “cougar man” from episode 20:37 (to be fair, a year is a long time). he shared that call with tracie, who, at the end of which, launched into such a righteous and pants-splitting (pun intended) rant against deepities that it’s become a personal fave. it’s basically the only reason i remember the call.

  6. RationalismRules says

    Edward/James/whoever is clearly following a script. You can hear it at various points – when questioned on what he means by ‘energy becoming aware of itself’ he simply repeats the same phrase and is totally thrown when Russell challenges him on the point. Also, it’s very apparent when Russell pre-emptively summarizes the creationist argument at 1:02:50, you can E/J/w flailing around trying to get back on script (you can even hear what sounds like a page turning at 1:03:46).

    Also, every time he calls in he tries this “we all agree that energy can slow down into physical and become aware of itself”, and not once have the hosts let it pass. He’s been challenged on this multiple times, clearly demonstrating that it’s simply not true that ‘we all agree’, yet he continues to say it every time.

    Surprisingly, I enjoyed the call. Not surprisingly, the enjoyment came from the hosts, not from E/J/w. Both Russell and James were excellent, and their thoughtful (and lengthy) responses kept E/J/ws blathering to a minimum. Russell’s derisive snort at “Satanically run system” was hilarious, and his ironic “that’s a cool story” at the end was the perfect response.

    (I thoroughly enjoyed James through the whole show – he has a great way of refuting someone’s position without taking a directly oppositional approach)

  7. Stephanie says

    Thoroughly enjoyed this episode, minus Edward trolling again.
    James was awesome, come on back again please.

  8. beetlenaut says

    Good show! I agreed with Russel’s judgement on how long to let the calls go on every time. James asked good questions and made me laugh out loud several times. I would be happy to see him on again.

  9. Edward from london says

    We all agree that physical can turn into humans and become aware of itself. temporarily

  10. Yaddith says

    I hope the show can find some new theist callers. He Of Many Names from London has worn out his welcome. At least we were spared Hamish from Scotland this week.

    As a Jesus Mythicist, I agree with Russell that the question of whether or not Jesus actually existed is utterly irrelevant to atheism.

  11. indianajones says

    Yep, still calling for ban on From London, still citing the moderation rules (3rd last dot point, see my comment 127 last thread)

  12. elwood says

    Still having sound problems with the mp3 recording “dropping” words or phrases here & there, especially in the latter half of the show. For example at 59:50 Russell says “and it turned snake” – I can assume he actually said “and it turned into a snake”. That one’s easy to figure out, but a lot of them aren’t.

    I can’t watch the videos now they are in HTML5 format – my system just won’t play them, either on Firefox or Opera. I’m stuck with the mp3s, and the continual breaks in the narrative make it hard to follow sometimes. Can someone look into this please?

    Oh – and a note to Edward: “physical” is NOT A NOUN!

  13. StonedRanger says

    Nathan #12 No he doesn’t have to ruin any more threads. People just need to ignore his stupid ass and perhaps he will go away. The one thing we all seem to agree on is that Edward us just a troll and has nothing of value to say. If you have to keep repeating your lies and b/s to get responses from people here, whats the use? I too am glad that Russell didn’t give Hamish time for his garbage, I wish all the hosts here would get wise to john/Edward/ whatever name the jack ass wants to call himself, and just not give him anymore air time. We definitely don’t all agree john, you’ve been told that over and over. Isnt there penalties for telling lies in jw or whatever faux religion you pretend to practice? Oh yeah, that question is rhetorical and requires no answer from you because we already know the answer.

  14. Bill Bo says

    I thought they handled Edward the liar very well today. Actually enjoyed it. Best ever ETL call!

  15. Edward from london says

    I am going to call into the show every week. And i am going to comment here every week.

    Are you triggered by this snowflakes ? Good.

  16. Cimmerius says

    Please, for the love of the non-existent gods, if you hear someone with a British accent say “we all agree” just hang up, nothing but nonsense follows. And it’s not even different nonsense, at least that could be somewhat entertaining.

  17. Monocle Smile says

    Right now, I am missing Martin Wagner, largely because he took pleasure in smacking around the plagues on the blog.

  18. David Robert Muir says

    I could be wrong, but I think Edward @ 21 has confirmed with those particular comments that he is likely a troll/fake caller.

  19. Rex Bettencourt says

    There are youtube channels out there that can explain how “non life” can become “life”. God did it. No really the best so far in describing this simple process is thunderfoot, Aron Ra, Pothloler54.
    Here are some links:
    There are so many youtube channels that are wonderful but I can not list them all. Check them out. This will help with learning about the wonderful world of science.

  20. says

    From the way the person commenting on the blog and the person calling in use language, they (Edward) appear to be two different people.

    The comment. “Are you triggered by this snowflakes?” does not gel with the persona of the character we hear on the episode.

    There are therefore 2 possibilities. 1 is that the person calling is acting in the guise of a simpleton (sorry, but there is no other way to describe him) and the real person is much smarter, doesn’t believe any of the rubbish he is spouting and is intentionally trolling the show (my belief). In this case the caller and the poster are the same person, a troll and should be rightly ignored.

    The second possibility is that the caller is as he appears; an absolute nut, and the person commenting has adopted his identity while having nothing to do with the caller, so that they can troll.

    End result the same. Troll. Ignore.

    By the way, I noticed he was a bit caught out when he was asked where he was from by James. It was ‘er, East London’. When James said he was from Kew Gardens, the natural response to that would have been “I’m from Romford” or somewhere like that. Of course, if you’re just putting on the voice, it’s kind of an awkward question.

  21. Monocle Smile says

    Ralph has called in as someone other than “Cougar Man,” too. This buffoon is another “I found god in drugs” woo-head who’s obsessed with deepities. Last time it was “god is is.” Very little tries my patience more than finding the mundane profound.
    Sweet, more masturbating with words and obnoxious diving into the equivalent of finding Jesus on a piece of toast. Fuck off, Ralph. All that blather and he didn’t ever figure out what the discussion was supposed to be about.

    Ugh. The “five ways.” Thomas Aquinas made shit up a long time ago. None of them were ever supported by the most remote bit of empirical evidence. It’s perhaps the root of Catholic apologetics, which as I’ve stated so many times before, is nothing but wordy bafflegab specifically designed to make heads spin. So we went from one form of verbal masturbation to another. Great.

    Was “Saints Fan” a real caller? Reminds me of loads of callers in the pre-modern AXP era. I guess it is Louisiana…critical thought is currently fighting a losing battle in most of that state.

  22. CompulsoryAccount7746, Sky Captain says

    @Shaun #25:

    is that the person calling is acting in the guise of a simpleton (sorry, but there is no other way to describe him) and the real person is much smarter, doesn’t believe any of the rubbish he is spouting and is intentionally trolling the show

    Pathetically spamming a blog, with the same people, intermittently across years, daring the hosts to notice him, and thinking it’s *still* rewarding is not much of a sign of intelligence.

    I noticed he was a bit caught out when he was asked where he was from by James.


  23. jigglefresh says

    This is the first I have seen of James Croft. I was impressed. I really liked the way that he approached the callers questions/comments. It was like if a knife wound felt good. I hope he becomes a semi-regular.

    @edwardfromunderthebridge: ZZZZZZZ. Try a different show. Maybe find a call-in cooking show. You can talk about how we all agree that asparagus can slow down, become aware of itself, praise Jeebus and then dip itself in warm, savory butter… yummy, garlicky butter. Ugh… What have I done to myself? I’m off to the grocery.

  24. Londoner says

    loved the show, james was a great guest, you should have him on again some time. he patiently engaged with the callers and still found time to be very witty. A++

  25. says

    @Sky Captain

    thinking it’s *still* rewarding is not much of a sign of intelligence.

    intelligence and rationality are 2 different things. Many trolls have both at the same time both high levels of so called intelligence (as measured by pattern recognition and problem solving abilities) while at the same time being emotionally stunted.

    I personally can’t comprehend why anyone would find this type of trolling rewarding, but there are simply people who get off on irritating other people, and the internet is a perfect platform to do this anonymously and without chance of retribution. They get a tight feeling in their pants every time someone is outraged by what they are asserting.

  26. CompulsoryAccount7746, Sky Captain says

    @Shaun #30:

    there are simply people who get off on irritating other people

    I was just saying he can’t even accomplish that. As trolling, it’s not only the persona who’s inept – his exercise itself is an artless and pitiable waste of time.
    Article: Quartz – Psychologists have identified the kind of emotional intelligence that makes internet trolls so mean

    High levels of cognitive empathy make these people adept at recognizing what will upset someone, and knowing when they’ve pushed the right buttons. The lack of affective empathy allows trolls not to experience or internalize the emotional experience of their victims.
    “Results indicate that when high on trait psychopathy, trolls employ an empathic strategy of predicting and recognising the emotional suffering of their victims, while abstaining from the experience of these negative emotions,” the researchers wrote. They added that because psychopathy is associated with thrill-seeking and impulsivity, it’s possible that “creating mayhem online is a central motivator to troll.” They also found that trolls were likely to be high in sadism – the will to hurt others

    There’s also the “hurt people hurt people” interpretation. It’s nice that he’s not destroying lives and all, but there are better hobbies and emotional outlets to deal with unsatisfying life circumstances. Maybe something he’s actually good at, or simply trying new things to find one. Anything’s better than failing at pretending to be a failure for negative attention.
    Podcast: Conversations with people who hate me
    Straying off-topic, this is a nice podcast. The host calls up authors of one-off abusive YouTube comments to find common ground, humanize each other, and get them to see he’s not an “acceptable target”.

  27. says

    @Sky Captain

    That he can’t do it is thanks to the fact that people recognise him for what he is and just put him in a box. Once a troll is exposed. It’s hard for them to get the reaction they desire. No reaction = no trolling.

    Inteesting stuff about trolling by the way.

  28. drawn2myattention says

    Russell has great comedic chemistry with Hamish, and I wish he had taken his call. The always “deeply disturbed” Scotsman is the perfect straightman to Russell’s lighthearted remarks. I can’t stop giggling when they’re together.

  29. elwood says

    Edward – “I am going to call into the show every week. And i am going to comment here every week”.

    Have you ever heard of the saying “‘Tis better to keep one’s mouth closed and be thought a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt?”

    Well you’ve certainly removed all doubt, no question about that.

  30. SuzScribbles says

    Okay, I love James Croft. He is an awesome guest host and I really hope you will have him on again sometime. It made for an interesting new point of view to the show, and, also I love his wit.

  31. Edward from london says

    I;m sorry that you are easy to trigger. I am a truth seeker. Your knowing the truth is not the most important issue.

  32. Vivec says

    “Look guys! I said the douchey meme word again! Maybe if I say it again, people will stroke my religionist ego again”

    It’s a shame, because most people outgrow this shit in elementary school

  33. Tom R. says

    Get James on again please, I like his style! I agree that sometimes the hosts spend way too much time on some of these callers. Especially the ones that are well known trolls. When they go on and on I lose focus and drift off. Also, the hosts should give the co-hosts more chances to respond, sometime Matt hogs the mic for instance even though I love his style I sometimes feel bad for the co-hosts.

  34. paxoll says

    Appreciated Croft’s approach. Feel he did a good job connecting to callers. So often we just throw our hands up at the bad arguments from callers and treat them roughly because we don’t care about “them” we care about the argument and the audience watching. While its satisfying to get through the argument to the conclusion, sometimes getting the caller to understand their errors in thinking is much more satisfying then getting to the end of the argument. I think this is something some of the hosts try to do, but very poorly, either by making wrong assumptions, or jumping onto irrelevant statements.

  35. says

    I’m an agnostic and can’t believe in a deity unless I see tangible proof. But I also think about a breed of monkey experimented on in Japan. A segregation group was shown how to crack shells with a rock which to them was unknown knowledge. After a short time the same breed of monkey on the next closest island picked up the same skill with no contact with the taught monkeys. Simular experiments have been done on humans and some scientists conclude that there is a type of concusness that connects everyone and science is starting to prove it. It’s things like that that keep me in the middle and unable to chose religion or science as a main belief.

  36. CompulsoryAccount7746, Sky Captain says

    @Louie Fallon #46:

    But I also think about a breed of monkey

    Abstract: Stone handling by Japanese macaques, Implications for tool use (1986, pdf, paywalled)

    Stone-play, a newly innovated cultural behavior, has been observed among the free-ranging Arashiyama B troop Japanese macaques near Kyoto, Japan since 1979. Conditions in which the non-purposeful handling of stones might possibly give rise to tool behavior are discussed.
    a “faddish” shift in the practice of certain behavioral sub-types between 1984 and 1985. During this period, young individuals increasingly began to carry stones away from the feeding station, mixing stone manipulation with forage-feeding activities in the forest. Observations suggest under such conditions, stone handling is likely to lead to the occasional use of stone as a tool.

    Article: Simian Stone Age, Monkeys Used Rocks as Tools for Hundreds of Years (2016)

    Archaeologists found evidence that capuchin monkeys in Brazilꞌs Serra da Capivara National Park have used stones to smash open the shells of cashew nuts and seeds for at least 100 monkey generations [(600 to 700 years)].
    archeological evidence for tool use by wild macaques in Thailand, which showed they have been using stones to open shellfish and nuts for at least 50 to 100 years.
    Michael Gumert [co-author re: the macaques], told Live Science that the evolution of tool use in primates could have arisen in part from learned traditions and in part from genetic adaptions. […] This makes it hard to separate the two, Gumert said, “and culture and biology keep acting on each other, and once an animal forms a culture, the culture will affect the biology. And we have no idea how that works in these guys yet,” he said.
    “It might be thousands of years, it might be tens of thousands of years – we donꞌt know,” Gumert said. “Macaques have been around for 20 million years, so that’s our time window.”

    @Louie Fallon:

    some scientists conclude that there is a type of consciousness that connects everyone and science is starting to prove it.

    Citation needed.

    It’s things like that that keep me in the middle and unable to chose religion or science as a main belief.

    There are things you don’t understand.
    Which “Religion belief” does ignorance point you to?
    What does it even mean to “choose” science?

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