1. James M. McGuire says

    Some of them, the ones with the least respect for the US Constitution and laws, have been doing this for some time. The actions of the GOP Christianist regime will only turn the trickle into a flood. When the non-evangelical and non-Protestant congregations start to feel threatened we will finally see why the Founders wrote a secular Constitution with separation of church and state. If we are particularly unlucky, we may see the kind of religious civil wars other countries have had to deal with!

  2. Pierce R. Butler says

    After tithing, of course.

    The “Johnson Amendment” (I never heard it called that until the current drive to demonize it; previously, everybody just said “the tax code” or “501(c)(3) regulations”) repeal currently proposed would, I think, allow churches to contribute to election campaigns as well as performing pulpit endorsements.

    That would set them up to function as SuperPACs (unlimited anonymous political money-laundering systems), so the more political pastors would have every incentive to urge their flocks to do their political donations through the collection basket: a mere 10% of gross income would no longer suffice.

  3. thebookofdave says

    Good one, Don. Is this your debut as a cartoon artist? BTW, the headline, at two-word length, is still redundant.

  4. marx says

    The church sign that reads “You don’t want to burn in hell………” is nothing more than a weak threat.
    Great politicking!
    I think.

  5. Don Baker says

    It is my debut as a cartoonist, though I did work with Tracie Harris on some of her Atheist Eve cartoons. I have no delusions that I’m a good artist or a good cartoonist. I just have some things to express that I think would work with the medium. With luck, these will be a regular thing.