Tracie Harris featured as Guest on “A Better Life” Podcast

No secret that Chris Johnson is one of my favorite people. So, no surprise when I agreed to be on his podcast to talk about “stuff”–a little about atheism, the show, my divorce and, why I love date nights. Episode 15, now posted for public consumption.


  1. CompulsoryAccount7746, Sky Captain says

    @Minus #1:
    Commandline Tool: youtube-dl (Win / Linux / OSX)
    Right-click the track title, copy its location. Run: youtube-dl “[paste that here]”

  2. dana says

    I was listening to Tracie Harris, while thinking how hard it must be to talk to an interviewer who only says “hmm”. She did a great job describing what it’s like to be married to an emotionally and physically unavailable man. It’s embarrassing to admit, so I’m thankful she did it FOR me.

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