More “Pro Life” in the form of Fetal Disposal Laws

Starting December 19th, 2016 in the State of Texas, aborted fetuses must be buried or cremated. The new rule is just another way to penalize the poor and women who are unable to care for a child. The law was the brainchild of Gov. Greg Abbott, one of many Christian ideologues currently running our state. The allegedly secular “reasons” for the law are to promote public health and safety yet we don’t have to hold burials or cremations for amputated limbs or even diseased tissue. The law does not apply to miscarriages, despite the result being no different than an abortion.

This law has been called a “Trojan horse“, and is clearly part of a larger initiative to restrict access to abortion. The law seems to be the Republican response in the state to the Supreme Court striking down another Trojan horse law that would have closed most family planning clinics in Texas. Texas also publishes a propaganda piece to try to scare women into not having abortions. Clearly. there is a coordinated movement at work here.

The Guttmacher Institute has an impressive body of research that shows that restrictive abortion laws does not have much effect on the incidence of abortion. Lest you think this is propaganda, look at this World Health Organization study. Such laws do have the effect of making abortion and bearing children less safe. Anyone who has studied the issue can look at Western Europe and how they have lax abortion laws and relatively low rates of abortions. The magic ingredients are contraceptives, sex education, and a non-Puritanical attitude toward sex. Note, too, that in Western European countries, women who choose to raise children are given adequate health care. The State of Texas, by contrast, seems to be motivated to lie and coerce women into having children and either standing in the way of their health or actively trying to sabotage it by meddling with medical procedures. Childbirth is a risky undertaking and Abbott and his fellow religious nuts should not be the ones making such decisions on behalf of any woman.

This fetal remains law and so many other attempts to control reproduction in Texas is clearly driven by the Christian “pro life” movement. For his part, Abbott touted the burial law in a fundraising letter to his Christian base. Christians in Texas elected Abbott to do their bidding on this issue and he is clearly working them for more money to continue in this vein. He is up for re-election in 2018. Onward, Christian soldier!

What does the Christian “pro life” movement tell us?

  • First, it tells us that Christianity must use the government to achieve its ends, lacking any other significant power. There is no god that can make this stuff happen, despite being “all powerful” and allegedly deeply desiring to play traffic cop in every women’s uterus. It is also clear that the Churches lack any direct influence over their flocks. Secular laws have more moral influence and more teeth. And finally, we all know that nothing fails like prayer, despite Jesus saying “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” (Mark 11:24). If Christianity had any real power, they wouldn’t be trying to leverage the government to do the things that they and their god clearly can’t.
  • Christians are happy to use slimy and harmful tactics to achieve their goals. Lies and emotional manipulation are traditional Christian tools. “From their fruits ye shall know them.” There is no attempt to try to reduce abortions through sex education, for example. It’s “boys will be boys”, “Sin of Onan“, but the woman stuck with a pregnancy is a whore who needs to be punished. They will tell you “God will provide,” but with every abortion, they have the opportunity to actually provide meaningful financial assistance instead to a women who lacks the resources to raise a child (through college of course). Yes, it’s expensive, but isn’t that the point? They clearly don’t believe that “God will provide” them with the means to do that. They don’t want that responsibility and they will scream “persecution” if it’s foisted on them. Instead being compassionate, Christians instead choose to be vindictive to women who are in a vulnerable situation. Apparently, religion is just an excuse people give to be a dick.
  • Christians don’t believe in the sanctity of human life. Just look at how church’s spend their money. If “human life” is an arena of “ultimate concern,” why is it completely absent from their priorities? The children they pretend to help are nowhere in their budgets. Instead, they expect local and federal subsidy while operating tax free and accumulating vast amounts of wealth, contrary to Jesus teachings. Church leaders draw large salaries that could be better spent on the children. Don’t expect that to ever change. Those salaries are more sacred than any fetus. If all churches would just pay property taxes, they could make a big difference in the world — even to just provide better programs for child health care.
  • Christianity’s efforts actually have the effect of manufacturing poor people. If a pregnant woman seeks an abortion for financial reasons, clearly having a child will set her back and harm the financial future of the child. Studies have shown that abortion has not been shown to have an impact on later child bearing and many abortions are sought by women who already have children. But the timing has a lot to do with how capable she is to raise a child. Poor children are more likely to need program where Christians will have an opportunity to indoctrinate them. One wonders whether churches prefer weaker, more easily manipulated children to stronger ones. That’s seems to be the hidden goal of their breeding program.
  • We already know that a variety of social ills are correlated with religious belief, including things like incidence of STDs and teen pregnancy. The availability of legalized abortion has been strongly correlated with a drop in crime rate. Clearly, Christianity has little to offer in terms of a solution to social problems except in the form of platitudes and icons from whom beg for help.

Christianity has proven itself to be a thuggish and manipulative fraud. Churches amass money while actively making social problems worse. Christians have just proven themselves to be dicks of the highest order. And yes, my apologies, I’m just speaking about those Christians who are making a difference in Texas.


  1. StonedRanger says

    The pro life movement has always been a joke to me. If they were really serious about saving childrens lives, they would be lined up ten deep at every abortion center/hospital to adopt the children. Instead they choose to stand there condemning people who have to make this choice. Fucking hypocrites.

  2. Terrell says

    Holy shit, Matt knew my situation. My dog’s name isn’t Randle, but it’s a strange name: Quentin Tarantino. He was bitten by another dog and we’ve been tending to his wound for the last week. I was skeptical of this kinda thing before, but…

  3. says

    I am constantly amazed at the waste of churches. I am in a smallish town in the south, and if you drive by any ‘typical’ church you will see the following….

    (1) a large building, typically setting un-occupied, that does very little to help the homeless, hungry, and poor.
    (2) a large plot of land, not growing food, but usually filled with a children’s playground and perhaps even a ball park, as well as a large parking lot that is only half full once a week for a couple hours. Typically no more than 5 miles away is a city park…but instead of investing money into the community and sharing the already existing facilities, more are built for the little Sunday Social Club.
    (3) an organization that refuses to help the poor meet rent or utility bills. My niece has a young daughter and lives with the father, but are not married b/c of financial hardship. Yet if they go to a church to help feed, cloth, get meds for their child, they are denied ANY help b/c they are “living in sin”.
    (4) a van or small bus sitting in the unused parking lot, just so the “club members” can ride together on their occasional road trip a few times a year.
    (5) a church staff that while not getting excessively rich, are typically living a very decent life with two cars, a house (usually provided by the church…so tax credit there), and a very easy job to boot.
    (6) an organization that further pockets donations by utilizing church members for any labor intensive projects, allowing the direction of funds to go into the church.
    (7) additionally, this free labor is usually called upon to donate the food, clothing, etc. that is being doled out to the poor, so that the church profits won’t be upset.
    (8) lots of cool, and very expensive equipment (audio, video, buildings, tables/chairs, musical equipment, etc).

    I could go on…but why? These people are so blind to the whole carnival show, they can’t understand or realize what a complete waste the church is in regards to really helping people in the community. There is not official study, but estimation is only 3% of a church’s donations actually go back into the community. I believe this also include money to it’s own members (helping old Ms. Crabtree pay her heating bill this month for example). If the Red Cross or UNICEF had a 3% return, people would be appalled. Yet christian continually give to the church, just to see the funds go into new buildings, new parking lots, new parks and play equipment, new land, new wells to water the new land, new mowers to mow the new grass on the new land, new sheds to house the new mowers, new pews, new bibles, new audio equipment/lights/piano, new computers for the office staff, etc etc…all of which has NOTHING to do with their Jesus’ mandate or the example of how he lived his life.! No, all this is used so the church can look pretty to attract new new followers, who will be guilt-ed to give more money, so the church can expand/buy a new building so to look even more pretty, get more new followers, …over and over and over.

    What a waste.

  4. EnlightenmentLiberal says

    To StonedRanger
    IMHO more importantly and tellingly: If their primary goal was to lower the number of abortions, they would be fully supportive of proper sex ed in schools, and free contraception to all.

  5. steele says

    Hopefully once Trumpels appoints some pro-life supreme justices we can outlaw abortions permanently but until then ostracizing and stigmatizing women who choose to abort their children and limiting the number of clinics, waiting periods, parental consent, etc. through legislation is a great option that I hope to see go full speed ahead with a Trumpy administration.

    If Planned Parenthood (Murder Inc.) can fake like they are concerned with women’s “health” then so can conservatives who of course 😉 are only concerned with women’s health and want to provide information/public health and safety concerns regarding abortion such as with this Texas legislation

  6. L.Ron Dow says

    God supports abortion.</b? In fact he demands it as a test of adultery.

    Numbers 5:11-31 tells of the 'Ordeal of the Bitter Water' that a suspected errant wife must undergo – she is forced to drink a potion (an abortifacient) that will induce a miscarriage to indicate whether she is guilty or not.

  7. Monocle Smile says

    Another deposit into the Poe account. If you’re for real, you need to sterilize yourself immediately. We have enough degenerate fucks in the world already.

  8. John D says

    The decline in crime rate is not caused by the increase in legalized abortions. Don, you yourself have noted on the show that we know that making abortions illegal or difficult to obtain doesn’t cause women to decide “well, I guess I’ll just have this baby, then”; they still get an abortion, just a less safe one. And while that’s not a good thing, it does mean we’re not actually seeing fewer unwanted children born.

    As noted in the Wikipedia article you linked to, the decline in crime rate over that time period is also correlated to the transition from leaded to unleaded gasoline and the decline of crack cocaine use. It’s the latter of those that experts attribute the decline in crime rates to. They also were not able to replicate the results of the study you’re referring to in other countries.

    The Freakonomics guy had some interesting ideas, but not all of them survived contact with reality.

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