Upcoming Austin event announcements

Hi everyone,

A few notes about upcoming things to be aware of if you’re local to Austin.

  • This weekend (August 7) we’re trying a new venue for dinner. Instead of going to Threadgill’s, we’ll be going to Star of India (click here for address and map). If you want to attend dinner, please come there instead. If it’s successful, we might go on August 14 as well before making any official change.
  • I’ll be giving the monthly lecture on August 14. It’s the first time I’ve done a non-show talk for the Austin group since starting my tenure as ACA president. The talk title is “Outreach and communication for atheists and other unpopular groups.” It is similar to the talk I was going to give in Riverside, CA, but unfortunately my business trip got rescheduled so I had to cancel that event. I hope to make it up to Riverside later this year.
  • ACA will be hosting a booth as usual at the Austin Pride Festival on August 27. Look for us.
  • Atheists at Hippie Hollow event August 20, see Facebook page for details.
  • Don’t forget that the annual bat cruise is coming up soon! For tickets, go here.



  1. John Iacoletti says

    We’ve gotten some feedback that when using the Chrome browser, the website store isn’t properly directing you to Paypal to pay for the bat cruise tickets. Firefox supposedly works better. If all else fails, go here instead:


  2. Steven Tracey says

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