Martin says farewell

I have decided it’s time to leave The Atheist Experience.

I’m not rage-quitting and there is nothing negative inspiring this decision. Now that I’ve entered a new decade of my life, I am ready to pursue other interests (not the least of which is completing a long-overdue documentary project), and I feel as though I’ve done my bit for movement atheism. Basically, I’m just doing an Ashley Perrien here, and it’s the right move at the right time for me.

I’ll still be around and I’m cutting no personal ties. I may see some of you at after-show dinners or the Bat Cruise when time allows.

My very best wishes go out to Matt and Russell and Tracie and Jen and Don and John, and our superb and dedicated crew as they move forward. I would be only too happy to see my slot in the cohost rotation filled by a younger, fresher voice in whom the passion for atheist activism burns like a tiny sun. A Millennial, and even a PoC, would be fantastic if the group finds someone like that ready and willing.

Thanks to everyone for many awesome and exciting years, and letting me be part of one of the most vital atheist media outreaches there’s ever been.


  1. says

    Hi Martin. So sad to hear that you are leaving the show ? You were one of my favourites, always logical and insightful and you will be missed by all I’m sure. All the best in the future Martin. Regards Joe in Ireland

  2. King Lam says

    So sorry to see Martin go. I really liked almost everything he said on the show.

  3. StonedRanger says

    Im sorry to see you leave, but hope your future is as productive as your past has been. Thanks for taking so much time out of your life and sharing it with a bunch of strangers. Ive always appreciated your quiet self assured attitude when you’ve appeared on the show. Best wishes, it almost seems like losing an old friend.

  4. says

    Sorry to hear you’re leaving the show Martin. I always enjoyed your contributions. I thought that you and Matt always had a great good cop/bad cop dynamic. Best of luck with everything to come.

  5. Don Baker says

    We will miss you Martin! You are definitely one of the major contributors to The Atheist Experience and your work will long be remembered.

  6. Ethan Myerson says

    Wishing you all the best for your future projects, Martin. You were always such a relatable voice on TAE. I know you’ll bring that same affable persona to whatever you’re doing next. We were lucky to have you on the show for as long as we did.

  7. says

    I will miss you Martin, thank you for all your hard work. I am sure you put in a zillion hours of your life into this project. Be well!

  8. Chancellor of the Exchequer says

    Even though rage quits are entertaining, this kind is fine too.

    Watching you over the years has been fun and I wish you the best in all of your future endeavors!

  9. says

    Sad to see you go, but I get it. Good luck with he next thing and I hope it’s something we get to share in. Your contribution to AxP was huge.

  10. walter says

    As the man said, “Goodby and thanks for all the fish”.

    Thanks for being there.

  11. says

    Ach… really sad to see you head off into the wild blue yonder, Martin. Will miss your sharp insights & clear logic. Best of luck with your future adventures 🙂

  12. Matthew Sauble says

    Good luck Martin. You provided a unique and wonderful point of view. Your presence will be missed.

  13. says

    You’ve made a great impact in my life. Thanks for your contributions over the years. Wishing you everything of the best for you going forward.

  14. Tonya says

    Thank you for all the wonderful work you’ve done over the years. Good luck with your new path in life Martin.

  15. hermantf says

    Really sorry to see you go. Your arguments are some of the best I’ve ever heard. But honestly, I don’t know how you did this for so long. I’ve been watching the AE for just a few weeks and I’m exhausted just listening to all the ignorant callers you’ve had to deal with! Good luck!

  16. says

    aww will be sorry to see you go, you always handled callers with for a lack of better words a lot of grace and class. Thank you for your contribution.

  17. Shane says

    Thank you for all you have done! I really enjoyed the arguments you presented and how you interacted with callers. You have helped me a lot.

  18. David Henderson says

    Martin as a Brit , I have always enjoyed your reasoned contributions to the show.
    Personally for me, the show has become too evangelical and combative. I would like to hear the ideas of theists , rather than presenters jumping in to show how clever their reasoning is.
    I am an atheist but some of the presenters are becoming as zealous as pastors.
    Only when theists start to explore their faith may they start to challenge it.
    Being told they are wrong and shouted at won’t do it anymore than a vicar/ priest/ pastor shouting at me and telling me I’m wrong would convince me.
    It’s become the Matt Dilahunty show . I don’t need Matt to show how clever he is by using debating language, try listening and reasoning.
    It will not be the same without you.

  19. kimsland says

    Hi Martin, I always found you to be the more warm and loving/caring type in your debates.
    I think you are best at being the person who places themselves in the other person’s position and then helping them to see where they were wrong 🙂 A gentle debater with strong knowledge and reasoning skills, you will be missed.

  20. lb says

    I’ve always enjoyed your contributions–thank you. Best wishes to you and I hope you have much happiness and success in the future.

  21. Jeff Martin says

    Thank you Martin.

    The years of service you have put into atheist community is greatly appreciated. In this finite life we have we should all strive for making ones own life as enjoyable as possible while striving to make the world a better place. You public advocacy using reasoned arguments has doubtless influenced many people in improving their lives. Martin, you have created a legacy to be proud of. Good fortune in your life going forward.

  22. steve73 says

    I’m really sorry to see you go, Martin. I also love it when you’re on an episode. But I can certainly understand. Thank you for all that you’ve done for the world. You have been a meaningful and positive influence on many, many lives; mine included. I wish you the very best in everything you do.

    – Steve in Lakeland, Florida

  23. Kybx says

    But Martin! I’ll miss everything about you (that I know of). I’ll miss your thoughts and your delightful way of presenting them. I’ll watch you in archives! ; ) I thank you for your contributions and, with great fondness, I wish you the best of the rest.