Atheist Community of Austin board election this Sunday

Hey Austin locals, our annual elections will be taking place this Sunday at 1:00 PM CT at the ACA Freethought Library, 1507 West Koenig Lane in Austin. Any member in good standing may attend the election meeting and vote on board members. If your membership has lapsed, you may renew at the meeting and vote.

Here is a statement our current president Jen Peeples made on our official Facebook group earlier this week:

After much consideration, I have decided not to run for the board this year. This was a difficult decision, because I’ve had the pleasure of serving with an amazing group of people on the current ACA Board of Directors. We’ve been able to get a lot done, and although we’ve had some disagreements, they’ve been constructive, and the organization is better for it. The ACA Board is not an echo chamber, and that’s a good thing.

My reasons for not continuing on the board are entirely related to competing demands on my time. Without getting into more detail than anyone needs or wants, I have a number of things going on right now, both personally and professionally, and I just don’t feel like I can give the ACA the time and attention it deserves. Being the ACA President really is just like running a small corporation. I’ve fallen far short of what I’d hoped to do as President, and when I consider what I have ahead of me in the coming year, well….I need to step back and not be the roadblock.

So, I’m passing the reins to Russell, who will run for President in the election on Sunday. Tracie Harris has graciously agreed to run for Vice President. They’ll both be phenomenal in their new roles.

I’ll still be around as an admin in this group and in the other ACA groups and pages, engaging in spirited debate and swatting the occasional troll. You’ll still see me on the TV show, and who knows, maybe I’ll even (finally) make an appearance on the Non-Prophets.

I’m currently running unopposed, although if you would like to show up and vie for that position, or any other board seat, please feel free. See you Sunday!


  1. Arun says

    Good to hear you are running for the post. I am curious about organisational matters of atheist communities in USA. Are they a loose unregistered associations with vague membership rules and regulations or very strict and strong unions?

  2. Russell Glasser says


    More the former. The ACA is a non-profit organization that does a variety of things; mostly it functions as a social organization as well as (more and more) a media outlet. We host regular in person events, and some of those events synergize with announcements on the show. Lots of group members are mainly interested in being involved with the shows and nothing else; but some people only show up in person to lectures, or when we have a big event like the annual bat cruise.

    Over the years the ACA has developed a bunch of rules and bylaws to handle the complexities of growing bigger. We’ve had a few generous donations in the past, which is why we’ve been able to buy our own building and convert it into a studio. If you’re interested, this is the “constitution,” although I think this version is out of date.