Open thread for #20.12: Matt and Tracie

Matt and Tracie discuss different ways in which people justify their treatment of others within authoritarian systems, such as, but not exclusively religious systems, and how people who wear the same label sometimes justify opposite actions in the name of systems represented under those same labels.

Episode 20.10: Matt and Martin

Nice show today, although my mic was still messed up. I’m starting to wonder if I simply function as a damping field for all of the studio’s electronics. My light even went out about a minute before the show. Ah, well. Apart from that, I enjoyed our first caller, a Christian with whom we had a fruitful discussion, in which Matt made himself understood as to why personal testimonials about life-changing results are still no measure by which we can conclude anything about the truth of Christianity’s supernatural claims.

Also, here’s the Presuppositionalism Panel Discussion video that Matt talked about participating in.