Russell speaking at UTexas this Wednesday

This Wednesday, September 9, I’ll be giving my “Embrace your Inner Skeptic!” talk for the Secular Student Alliance at University of Texas at Austin. It’s going be in WAG 420 from 5:00-6:00 PM. There will be a Q&A session afterwards, and maybe some other activity.

(If you want to attend, maybe don’t watch the video first, or you’ll hear it twice.)


  1. Mouna says

    Hello guys, love the show. It confirmed my atheism and my wife’s. I was raised catholic and my wife strict Muslim.i was born and raised in Poland and she was born in Morocco. We are pleased with everything you do on the show for the free thought movement. Please never stop.
    Today I’m contacting you for the first time but hope to speak to you guys more in the future. What prompted me to leave this note is a video I stumbled onto last night on you tube. It’s titled ” one hour compilation of how Islam is ruining Europe and…”. I have seen many atheist videos but this one is most disturbing to both of us. It seems that the world is loosing the battle to Islam. These idiots have an agenda to take over the world. My wife says this is said in their holly book that that is what they must do. Please discuss this on your show. Atheist experience reaches a lot of people around the world so I thought it would be best if you guys took this on. We are not on any social media but after seeing this video we just might get seriously involved. The world needs to be aware of how serious this issue is. I am shaken to the core. The violence, rape, Muslim propaganda goes unchallenged in Europe and if anyone speaks out, they get in trouble. It seems to me that there will be worldwide bloodshed over this. We are on board with Sam Harris that Islam is underestimated and not fully understood. We agree that we need to stand up to Islam and be more aggressive before it comes down to bloodshed and the final take over. I think their agenda is nearly fulfilled. Really scary stuff. Luckily we live in Canada and can still speak out freely but parts of Europe completely Muslim with shariah law in full swing.
    Thank you in advance keep up the good work.
    Feel free to reply to us but I’m sure you will here from us again.
    I am just a little preoccupied with my one year old this moment. Real quick comment for today but we want to get involved!