1. Dan says

    Did Russell seriously make that analogy? “If you met a black guy, you’d say ‘I met a black guy’, but if you met a white guy you wouldn’t bother to specify because you’d assume he was white”. That is messed up. And it’s even more insulting because I’m pretty sure the caller was black. I mean, I can give Russell the benefit of the doubt and assume he just made a poor analogy that he wouldn’t normally make, but it’s still extremely cringeworthy.

  2. taintedbloop says

    So im assuming this title of the post was a mistake and meant to say #932, and I just wanted to say that the recording really kind of stinks because of the skipping and looks like it was recorded from the stream itself and not from the source camera as it should be.. if the show is recorded using the streaming source there is always going to be lag and annoying buffering and stuff..its really horrible, I hope you get all this sorted out soon, and I hope you get the real phone lines working again, because if you only start accepting skype calls, the show is really going to go down the tubes in my opinion, because practically no theists will call..I know this post is pretty negative but its just because I really like the show and hope that everything gets back to “normal” like it was before in the studio..

  3. calvin_0 says

    If this is going to be permanent, you guys should upgrade the internet connection… there is a lot of breaking up since you guys move to this new location… it’s especially bad in this episode…

  4. says

    Thanks for the show.

    The video is really jumpy. I realise you have moved and all that, but is there a version that’s less jumpy? Or is this just me?

  5. MrFungus420 says

    Does anybody else feel like they’re watching the death throws of The Atheist Experience?

    Going online seems to mean no more theists callers. It seems like the only people that will go out of their way to find and interact with TAE are the fans of the show. And, listening to a radio show that is just “preaching to the choir” is simply boring.

    Hopefully, you’ll end up back at the TV studio. Without it, TAE is probably dead.

  6. Wiktor says

    Why didnt you edit first 5 minutes of the episode in youtube? And isn’t it 932’nd episode?

  7. Brent Pollard says

    Is anyone else noticing that since you went skype he episodes on youtube are very frustrating to watch, they continually break up. 🙁

  8. Callinectes says

    I notice that the Youtube video occasionally glitches and cuts out, most likely the winds of the Internet affecting the original live feed, but the mp3 of the show does not, I assume because it was recorded locally. It’s extra work, but if possible it might be a good idea to use the local audio for the video upload so we don’t miss what is being said.

  9. walter says

    I must admit I listen to the podcast mostly. However, after the kinks are worked out, I think this will be better than the TV studio. Thanks to everyone for this ALL VOLUNTEER activity! I dug out one of the early (real early) shows where people were sitting around a table somewhere, figuring stuff out. Be proud, guys and gals.

    Links to this site and the livestream on the YouTube description would be appreciated (and maybe help marketing?). Also, do you advertise the address of your new digs?

  10. Narf says


    Also, do you advertise the address of your new digs?

    I can’t imagine so. The crazier sorts of Christians often have access to rocks. I’m sure it’s publicly listed, somewhere, but I don’t think they go out of the way to tell everyone where they are.

  11. Mike113 says

    Where is the mp3 for #932? The audio at YouTube is terrible. Usually the mp3 is listed in the archive before the video link.

  12. says

    Just want to express how disappointing the new format is.

    I think everyone would agree that the best part of the Atheist Experience was the theist callers. And a large chunk of theist callers were from the surrounding Austin area who, sadly, will no longer see the show on TV and be prompted to call. The barrier to entry for theist callers is simply too high now. The new show seems to be more of an atheist circle jerk (I already have the non-Prophets for this(love the non-Prophets)).

    That’s all. Take care.

  13. Carson says

    I think this should be labeled as show #932. I also had trouble hearing a lot of the questions when watching the episode on youtube, it seems really glitchy. Plus the end was cut off.

    I have another tip that might help the show flow a bit better with the new setup: When wrapping up a call with someone, generally you guys always do some closing remarks, and it starts to become obvious that a call is nearing its end. When this happens, you guys often run into the awkward situation of not knowing what to talk about while waiting for the next caller to come through. To remedy this, I would suggest you take a moment before answering the final question or presenting your final thoughts to get the next call started (and muted) so that you can go straight to it. You could even silently notify the tech team of which caller you’d like to take next, using a chat message from the tablet or laptop you’re using to see the list of callers.

    I’d imagine this will become more seamless with practice, but I thought I’d try to pass these tips along in case they help.

  14. Narf says

    Maybe download the Podcast, sync it up with the video on YouTube, with the YouTube audio muted, and listen to it that way?

  15. Glen Hill says

    I have watched three of the episodes of The Atheist Experience since they moved to the new studio, and I am sorry to complain, but the feed from YouTube is horrendously bad. Picture and sound keep stopping and starting, making it very hard to watch or hear smoothly. No other YouTube vids do this for me, so it’s not my computer or server, I believe. What is the cause of this, and can you fix it soon? Thanks.

  16. Robert, not Bob says

    I generally just listen to the podcast (as background, with a blog, Civilization, Kerbal Space Program, and maybe Red Dwarf or Blackadder; I like to multitask…). The mp3 option is up now, I’ll use that.

  17. Narf says

    They did one of those a few years ago, Jasper.  I can’t remember exactly which broadcast medium they used for it, though.

  18. mando says

    Come on guys, it takes like 3 hours to resolve connection/audio issues. You guys need to man up and updgrade all your equipment. If you staff is not technologically-savy then UPGRADE YOUR STAFF. Man, so irritating listening to a show that has great conversation and is diluted with horrible audio.

  19. Lotta Joy says

    I can’t SEE IT!!! I guess I’ll have to wait a week to see if it shows up on Youtube.

  20. says

    At 43:00 Thank you for making a straw man argument, Martin. Nobody ever said that because of Islam Muslims ought to kill everybody who is not a Muslim. Not even the right wing nutjobs like Pamela Geller making that argument. The problem with Islam is that the life of the prophet Muhammad gives a very explicit role model on how to react to external and internal threats and the model is to react with violence to any such threats. Unbelievers, blasphemers and apostates are free to be killed, according to the Koran and the Hadith. Luckily, only the most extreme Islamic countries implement what is taught in those books, but even in the West (like the USA and Europe) Muslims overwhelmingly support Sharia laws.

    For example, Muslims reacting violently to cartoons is the direct result of Islam. The goals of ISIS are the direct result of the teachings of the Koran and the Hadith and the life of Muhammad (the goals being to create a Muslim caliphate with Sharia law, much like Muhammad did in the 7th century). That is the argument. Not that because of Islam all Muslims are murderous psychopaths who want to kill everybody who is not a Muslim.

    You lived in Dubai, what is the law in United Arab Emirates for blasphemers and foreigners who interfere with Muslims practicing Islam? Hint, it’s usually prison time up to 10 years. And the United Arab Emirates are one of the more liberal Islamic states.

  21. Homer says

    In the episode, you mentioned a science fiction book called “The Fourth Dimension” or something like that. I was listening on my commute home and didn’t have any way to take notes, and now I can’t find the reference without listening to the whole thing again. I thought the book might be an interesting read, and wanted to see if I could locate it. Could you repeat the name and author in the comments?

  22. Ivan Allan says

    I love the new digs… as the public access was frustrating to the max. Particularly when they truncated the show to 60 minutes. Plus which the 1st caller’s audio was a 100% improvement of the PA audio.

    I am hoping this is permanent and will only get better with time… as it is already a big improvement.

  23. Hippycow says

    Lotta, are you talking about the episode? You can find it in several formats from the archive page on the Atheist-Experience web site.

  24. Chinthamani says

    I would love to write some bilious hate-mail to Russell about Bitcoin, but would you kindly first inform me whether you are for it or against it?

  25. walter says

    Thanks, Hippycow, I had forgetten about that link. I went to check out 1997! Hey AXP folks, Is there going to be a 20th anniversary party coming up in a couple of years? I need to start making plans….

  26. Narf says

    Good to see you on Aron’s new blog, by the way, MS.  Going a little ballistic there? 😀

  27. Monocle Smile says

    Dude. I kind of expected it, given the amount of traffic through Patheos, but few things get me riled up more than people who 1) attack positions someone doesn’t hold and 2) defend positions they don’t hold as if they do. That “physics professor” is probably a faker to some extent, but he’s trying really hard and pushing all of my hot buttons.

  28. Narf says

    I’d have taken a completely different tack, myself.

    Okay, say you are a physics professor, as you say you are.  Why should I care?  I know many professors who hold the most batshit insane opinions of things, both inside and outside of their fields.  That’s why the scientific consensus is important.

    For anyone who starts talking about his/her qualifications, my immediate response is, “Don’t give a damn.  Present your argument and get ready to explain why I should take your premises seriously.”

  29. Monocle Smile says

    Yeah, I think that might be my problem…well, more like the other guy’s problem, but something I could control. I typically insert snarky remarks if someone puffs themselves up and says something unbelievably stupid, but then they latch on to the snark and ignore the important parts of the discussion.
    Eh, but most of the time, I feel like the people who latch onto that stuff instead of the actual topic of discussion aren’t worth the effort of discussion in the first place.

  30. Narf says

    Well, duh.  I’m certainly not saying that the guy was actually worth engaging.  Good lord, no.

  31. Monocle Smile says

    Whoa, I just finished Chris’ call in episode 933 and I REALLY REALLY want there to be an open thread.

  32. Tom Horwat says

    I was going to comment on the AE video #933, with Jen and Matt, this homepage seems out of sync with recent episodes that are broadcast on youtube, why aren’t they uploaded onto this site simultaneously?

  33. Narf says

    @21 – mistert800

    The call quality is a bit off-putting at times. Is there another more reliable VOIP service you could use instead of Skype?

    I think the bigger issue is ubiquity.  Sure, there might be a higher quality VOIP service that will work better.  Of course most I know of are very expensive, corporate solutions.  Even if they could find a better free client, though, there’s the question of whether other people would use it.  People already use Skype.  People will use Skype.

    Calls of slightly dodgy quality are better than a show devoid of callers, because they exclusively switched over to a VOIP client that no one uses.

  34. Narf says

    @9 – Steven Garrard

    Actually Narf, the atheist experience website says “for a couple of months”.

    Ah, thanks.  I should have looked that up myself, shouldn’t I have?  Thank you for enabling my laziness.  😀

  35. Narf says

    @6 – MrFungus420 & @17 – Atheist Friend
    You guys are thinking of episodes from something like 6 or 7 years back, before they even took out-of-state callers.  Almost all of the theistic callers that they’ve gotten for the last 4 or 5 years have not been locals.  Those sorts of callers will still be able to call in with Skype.  Considering the call quality that we get from some callers who use cell phones (as I would have to do, since I haven’t had a landline in years), the flakiness of Skype is sometimes an improvement.

    Once they get the technical glitches sorted out, I don’t think there will be any impact on the show, since it hasn’t been as you guys described for the past several years.

    Also, MrFungus, you might want to get that looked at.  Lamisil, man.

  36. Monocle Smile says

    I still don’t find Greenwood worth addressing. He just repeats the standard apologist arguments about the bible being amazingly accurate historically, which only means he’s done zero actual research on the topic.
    At least he admits that believers don’t arrive at god beliefs by way of reason. He doesn’t seem to understand, just like Comfort and Cameron, that this is our biggest indictment of religion rather than a strength.

  37. Narf says

    I still want to get him to admit that he was being deceitful when he pasted that definition out of Merriam Webster.  I don’t think that’s going to happen, though.