Mission Control Texas

Over the last year or so, The Atheist Experience has been the subject of a German documentary. The documentary, Mission Control Texas, is about religion in America, and especially Texas. It’s a study of contrasts as you can see from the trailer, below. They focused on our show, I think, because we are one of the few places where honest discussion happens about religion on the air.

The documentary is done and they are showing it in at least one film festival in Germany and it will be aired on German television in the coming months. If we ever find out how to buy it, we’ll post something here on the blog. For now, enjoy their great trailer.


  1. deesse23 says

    Long time spectator of your show here in Germany. I am SO gonna watch that documentary.

    Thanks for the info!

  2. Hippycow says

    I was expecting it in German subtitles or dubbing. Did they do the whole thing in English, or is this just an English trailer?

    And seriously, where do they do that Jesus guy on the cross thing? Is that some Easter stunt or year round? I wonder if that pays the same as the guys on the street with the mattress store signs. Except that you get better tips for looking pathetic.

    It is child abuse to “teach” (foist) this twisted stuff onto children. Then they turn around and ask how you can have morality without religion.

  3. Callinectes says

    Oh wow. That’s the first time I’ve seen the PATV studio. I was surprised, the production values on the show you broadcast look like they’d have to be done in much more expensive digs than that.

  4. Elu Sive says

    I want to buy this documentary! On Dvd, digital download whatever. Charge a 100$ and I will pay! That is how much I want to see it. I so hope they make it available to the rest of us not living in Germany.

  5. Narf says

    @4 – Callinectes
    I’m not sure what you mean.  I take it you’ve never been inside of a television studio?  Things are usually pretty bare-bones, outside of the recording area.  It looks a lot like the ones I’ve seen around here … a bit more polished, if anything.  Everything is done in black, to prevent the various screens and other lights from reflecting off of stuff and shining up onto the recording area.

  6. cbp44 says

    This is in regards to that Irish caller who said his brother got off of alcohol when he found Jesus. I used to be a drug addict and an alcoholic when I was a Christian until I became an Atheist. A large part of this was actually because of the teachings of Christianity. I am gay and was taught to detest myself, so I did. I expected to have no positive future and that I’d never have a chance to find someone to love and build a life with. I was not and still am not interested in women. So for Christians that may want to say to me, “you could have found a lovely Christian woman to love and build a life with” please don’t. First of all, to bring another person and possibly children into a loveless marriage would not be a positive thing to do. And second, like I said, I have never found women attractive, only men. I cannot change my sexual interests by “just trying it” or by prayer or through some kind of therapy. Believe me, I have tried them all, a lot and it only lead me to suicide attempts when I was 16, 18 and 21. I was never molested or sexually assaulted as a child like some of you may want to claim must have happened for me to be gay. My parents are still happily married, my father was very involved in my life when I was young (e.g. he coached my soccer team) and my mom is not overly doting, like some of you also claim must be the case if I am gay. If you won’t believe the science proving that it is innate, you should at least listen to an actual gay person telling you their life and how they feel (and practically all gay people will tell you what I am telling you now).

    So, I started using drugs in high school to cope with the shame and stigma religion foisted on me. Thankfully, since I started actually studying Christianity and the reasons people believe it, I have become an Atheist. I realized that basing my beliefs on unproven claims isn’t a good way to gain truth. I have rejected Christianity because it makes no sense and I no longer view being gay as some terrible thing, I haven’t used drugs again, I am able to drink moderately with friends and I’m soon to be engaged to the man of my dreams. I’m not even lying about this as some kind of a joke to make fun of the caller who talked about his brother finding Jesus and then stopped drinking. This is completely true… but like Russel and Martin said, this isn’t proof that there is no god, just like it isn’t proof when it happens the other way around. So stop making that argument. Please. And more importantly, stop hating gay people. As Jesus supposedly said in Matthew 7:16 “by their fruit you will recognize them” and the fruit of your terrible teachings is gay children killing themselves and becoming addicted to drugs. This is evidenced not only by my anecdote, but by the high suicide and drug addiction rate among gay youth and the subsequent drop in those numbers in families where the parents celebrate and affirm their children’s relationships. You are wrong. You have caused unfathomable damage in the lives of children. You are the real danger to children. Deal with it. And fix it!

  7. Feno says

    As the 3SAT streaming offer has expired a long time ago and some people asked for a DVD regardless of the price, there is a webshop offering the DVD for about 23.25$ including international S&H but excluding possible import tariffs and fees. As to their FAQ Paypal is accepted thus excluding fees for international transfers your bank may charge…


    I hope somebody may find this helpful. I’m neither connected to the filmmakers, the shop nor am I profitting from any sales. I just looked for a way myself to see this and i’m not aware of any other legal channel to see it right now.