Embrace Your Inner Skeptic: The videos

Part 1 is the talk:

Part 2 is Q&A:

For a transcript of this talk, see:

  1. Amazing news!
  2. Nobody loves a critic
  3. Why skepticism is healthy
  4. What about religion?
  5. Evaluating information in the internet age
  6. Is Skepticism Right For YOU?
  7. Some advice on community building


  1. EnlightenmentLiberal says

    I watched it. Don’t worry too much about accidental gaffes (“glad that the daughter died”). You did good.

  2. Conversion Tube says

    Have read the blog posts before the video was uploaded, I watched the question and answer period only. Enjoyed it thoroughly.

  3. corwyn says

    It is very hard to hear the questions; next time it might help to repeat or summarize the question before answering. Thanks.


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