Texas Right to Life demonstrates more of the fraud of Christianity

In today’s Austin Statesman, PolitiFact Texas fact checks a claim made by Texas Right to Life concerning an informal poll they did on the University of Texas campus. (Note: the article should appear later on the PolitiFact Texas web site.) Texas Right to Life made a claim that University of Texas Students “signed a petition seeking the legal right to abort newborn babies up to five-years-old.” Yes, that’s right: “aborting” infants, otherwise known as infanticide.

Sadly, Politifact Texas had to rate the lurid claim as half true. In their poll, Texas Right to Life approached students to “sign a petition,” concerning women’s rights and not being terribly honest about the true contents of the poll. Many student signed thinking it was about empowering women. The “poll” apparently involved exactly 30 students, 12 of whom were tricked into signing it. Those that understood the true nature of the poll where aghast. When asked later, one student was shocked at what she had signed. “Had I fully understood the actual position of the organizer was advancing, there is absolutely no way I ever would have signed the petition.”

Let’s take an inventory of what we can learn from this. First, it’s relatively easy to trick busy distracted students. Next, Texas Right to Life will most assuredly use this bogus “poll” to trick donors into giving them money. Without a doubt, they will use that money to tell more lies to advance their cause. A similar group has already raised money inflating abortion statistics in Austin. Deception is the order of the day.

When an organization or a cause uses lies as their main technique, we can be pretty sure that their cause is not noble. If they had good reasons for the petitions, those would be enough to carry the water. But lying is a kind of acknowledgement that they know they have nothing of substance to support their position. Furthermore, they have concluded that people are stupid enough to be easily manipulated. Sadly, that might be true for their “base,” conservative Christians. Texas Right to Life and other Christian groups are just using this knowledge to their advantage. To the extent their technique works, they have correctly surmised the situation.

The main reason women have abortions is that they have gotten pregnant but are not financially able to support a child. Yet, there’s not a single Christian group that I know of willing to address this core issue and fund the raising of a child through college. They want other people to foot that expense. Meanwhile, Christian churches rake in billions a year tax free and with little to no accountability.

Christians could pray to their god to end abortion. Jesus is quoted in Matt 7:7 as saying, “Ask, and it will be given you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For every one who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.” The atheist site, “Why Won’t God Heal Amputees?”, does a great job of exposing the fraud of prayer. The simple answer is that they know that prayer is a failure and a waste of time. While Jesus never excused his god for non-performance, Christians will gladly do so, saying “God works in mysterious ways,” or some other lame rationalization. My left shoe also answers all prayer, except when it doesn’t. We all know there is no god that can do the things the Bible claims.

Christian leaders could lower abortion rates by threatening their flock with hell, but that’s a proven failure. According to the Guttmacher Institute, 37% of those seeking abortions are Protestants and 28% identify as Catholic. Those are pretty high numbers, given that at least some of the respondents would likely lie due embarrassment over their obvious hypocrisy. Browbeating isn’t working and Christian leaders know it. They have instead gone after those who perform abortions, effectively admitting that there is little they can do to control their flocks. Nothing in Christendom is more powerful than the US Government, it seems.

Sadly, even government restrictions on abortion are also a proven failure. Restituting abortions has only proven to make abortions less safe. Abortion restrictions don’t have a big impact on the number of abortions performed. The main purpose of this has been to prove to the world that Christians are just thugs who don’t care at all about the people involved, but who are happy to co-opt the power of state to make poor women risk losing their jobs traveling great distances on multiple days, only to have a trans-vaginal ultrasound and be told she’s a murderer. I don’t see any Christian groups stepping up and taking responsibility for this dickishness.

The most obvious way of reducing abortions is to increase contraceptive use and education, but Christens have worked overtime against these obvious and proven techniques. They have worked overtime to close down Planned Parenthood, an organization that has actually prevented more abortions than any Christian organization has ever done. Christians strive to replace family planning with women being sexually subservient to their husbands and having as many children as “God will bless them with.” But make no mistake, the Churches won’t take any responsibility for the cost of their upbringing. If “God will provide” were true, churches could just get reimbursement. Everybody knows that’s a lie.

Instead, money should flow the other way. Those children should be indoctrinated in the faith to become future tithers. The Christian attitude is that if children grow up poor and ignorant, it’s not a bad thing as they can more easily be “brought to Christ” later in life when they’re better able to contribute to the Church. Invest in them when they’re down through faith-based initiatives funded by the taxpayer and then cash in later.

There’s another fraud under the surface. Christian leaders have convinced their flocks that they are inherently evil “wretches” needing to be saved by Jesus. It’s the old con of breaking your leg to sell you a crutch. But the doctrine of original sin has all of humanity tainted in such a way that anyone who does not give their life to God and ask for redemption from Jesus will burn eternally in hell. This might be great motivation for gullible adults, but what about unimplanted or aborted embryos? Presumably, they too are inherently evil and are unable to submit to the “be saved” con. What becomes of them in the Christian fantasy? If they get a free pass to heaven, then abortion is a moral good. If they go to hell, they’ll be tortured forever by a monstrous Christian god. Either way, the doctrine of original sin is exposed as a fraud. Christian leaders don’t want their flocks to think about this dilemma, so the leaders have chosen a different tact. They have changed the subject and claimed that human life is sacred. This is a lie, of course, if you just look at the actions of Christians. Witch burning, auto de fe, the Crusades, persecution of Jews, and intra-Christian holy wars, prove that human life is fungible for Christian power. I would wager that Christianity has the highest kill rate of any religion. The idea that human life is sacred is just another Christian lie.

The more one learns about Christianity, the more one realizes it’s lies all the way down, with some manipulation and thuggery to add spice. So, of course the Texas Right to Life organization uses lies and manipulation as their go-to tactic. Those are the primary tools of a fraudulent religion. But we, as a society can do better. We could take away tax exemptions from organizations when they commit such frauds. We could tax churches to pay for the unwanted children their bogus policies create, and we can call “bullshit” on the stupidity of it all.


  1. says

    Great article.

    I am a little surprised to hear your comments about Planned Parenthood though. Here in Canada, at least where I live, they have a nasty history of acting just like other pro-life group. They act super supportive, right up until they get the woman alone in their office, then proceed to bombard them with abortion horror stories, gruesome photos of supposedly aborted fetuses and various other guilt and shame tactics. If they truly are different in Texas, then I’m happily surprised to hear it.

  2. Matthew White says

    Killing a 5-year-old wouldn’t be infanticide. A 5-year-old isn’t an infant, or even a toddler. They can walk and talk, count, and usually read and write.

    There are some philosophers who argue that the killing of some newly born infants could be morally acceptable, but I’ve never heard of any saying killing a 5-year-old is fine.

  3. busterggi says

    Abortion up til the age of five? Why not – its biblically acceptable to stone children to death.

  4. prochoice says

    YES, do it.
    My lawyer tells me, that German (a form of Latin) law does not allow it. She thinks that nations where the gov was stupid enough to sign a concordate would better try to get rid of their concordates (the vaticanlobby calls them “forever”) than a living and suffering being can get damage or even the now-young generation education or health funding.
    My data: born 1956, unwanted/out of wedlock, abuse family, PTSS, never had a career, needed all my strengh to fight off rapists and therefore becoming prey to the still-existing abortionforbidding law. Now at risk to die a long and painful religiously prescribed death, because still existing euthanasia-forbidding law and endangering the fact that Germany got rid of its suicide-forbidding law somewhere in the 1970ies.
    If the English-speaking or Scandinavian countries have enough of their common law-systems left, citizens shöuld try.

  5. L.Long says

    ALL religions LIE!!!!
    Some would say they are not lying but just believe something firmly. To this I call BS!!!!
    If I believe firmly that John is a rapist, and I say so, and cannot show evidence for this then I am a liar!
    If I believe firmly that jesus will let me into heaven and keep my mouth shut, then I have a faith or belief,
    once I try to convince others of this I AM A LIAR!! as I DON’T KNOW anything.
    So when the Liars4jesus say anything about abortion I am pretty sure they lie.

  6. Narf says

    @1 – wordsgood
    Are you sure it’s the exact same name? For that matter, are you sure that they’re affiliated with the American Planned Parenthood organization? It wouldn’t be the first time that a conservative, fundie group went in stealth mode to suck people in and then deceive them. Orwellian names are business as usual, for religious organizations.

  7. Narf says

    @2 – Matthew White

    Killing a 5-year-old wouldn’t be infanticide. A 5-year-old isn’t an infant, or even a toddler. They can walk and talk, count, and usually read and write.

    Well, it said up to 5. That would include infants, anyway.

    There are some philosophers who argue that the killing of some newly born infants could be morally acceptable, but I’ve never heard of any saying killing a 5-year-old is fine.

    Of course there are those who say it’s fine. Haven’t you read the Bible? 😀

  8. corwyn says

    Killing a 5-year old might be infanticide, but I don’t see how ‘aborting’ one is. An abortion as a medical procedure can not be performed on a 5 year old child (at least in the same way as on a fetus, perhaps in the same way as on a mother). There is no surrounding womb to be removing them from.

    If one is going to claim that an abortion implies a murder, it is important to keep that distinction present in people’s mind. It is not simply another word for murder. Otherwise, it will slip too easily into one of those ‘allowed’ forms of murder.

  9. busterggi says

    Is this the same Texas that prefers to execute a man found guilty even though the evidence has been shown to be wrong/manufactured/withheld rather than not punish someone (anyone) for a crime?

  10. chris lowe says

    It is an evangelical’s duty to “spread the Word”. No wonder your laws are breaching Jefferson’s wall of separation. They would like to do away with it completely. Not surprisingly they can’t take “fuck off” for an answer.

  11. jbkbmz says

    Christianity is false. The Joy of Satan website shows this. Gives lots of FREE Power Meditation techniques.
    The Book Your Church Doesn’t Want You To Read.
    The True Authorship of The New Testament.
    Bible Myths.
    Cool Books.
    Joy of Satan site shows just how false Christianity really is.
    Christians attack every religious system out of their belief system as being the ‘devil’. “He that blasphemes the Holy Ghost has no forgiveness for this sin.” “Because they said He had an unclean spirit.”
    No atonement for the christians. They’re damned.
    Christians hate buddhists, hindus, kuindalini, yoga, E’T, Star Wars, the Force, Psychics, the Paranormal. They call it all the devil.
    E A Koetting has great rituals in his Become A living God site. maybe we can hex any christians that abuse us.

  12. says

    Wordsgood, are you sure you’re not confusing Planned Parenthood with Pregnancy Crisis Centres?

    I’m pretty sure Wordsgood is doing exactly that. I’ve never heard of any Planned Parenthood in Canada doing that, but there are a number of Crisis Pregnancy Centres which do loads of advertising (on bus stop shelters for instance) and they do all the usual deceptions we see in such facilities in the states.

  13. Golgafrinchan Captain says

    The more one learns about Christianity, the more one realizes it’s lies all the way down,…

    Huh, I thought it was turtles. “Lies” makes a whole lot more sense, though.

  14. Blue says

    Planned Parenthood Toronto sponsors a page listing places to obtain abortions, and Planned Parenthood Ottowa’s front page has info/supportive statements about violence against sex workers, STDs, safer sex and violence against women. Prolifers as a rule don’t show any concern about the safety of prostitutes or teenagers or women in general, so I’m going to say that PP Canada shares PP US’s philosophies and Wordsmith is confused.

    No thread up for yesterday’s show, but you guys did a great job with the MRA and the libertarian. The MRA kept trying to say that just because most powerful people are men doesn’t mean that they’re not feminists, and that the fact that more women vote than men must mean that those men that women elect are feminists. Of course the flip side of that is that not all women are feminists, and that the electorate does not run on sheer numbers. I could vote for anyone and my vote would not come close to being counted becase of gerrymandering and the electoral council. As an indicator of real societal attitudes and the real power base business and media are way more enlightening. The Sony emails were a nice window into the boy’s club of the corporate world.

  15. Narf says

    @16 – Max Entropy
    Ah, so these are the people who can answer, “Yes,” when asked the question, “Were you there?”

  16. Narf says

    @17 – Blue

    … and that the fact that more women vote than men must mean that those men that women elect are feminists.

    Yup, take the current federal congress, both Senate and House. Full of feminists.

  17. says


    Of course the flip side of that is that not all women are feminists, and that the electorate does not run on sheer numbers.

    We have women who votes for Republicans who then take away abortion rights, block pro-women legislation, etc. That’s more like Stockholm syndrome. That’s where I don’t get the guy’s position. The end result of equal rights is what feminism is after, not simply having women voting against their own interests.

  18. officalvillageidiot says

    South Australia led the way in the 1970’s under the then Premier Don Dunstan in Pro Choice for women and while the Christian Fundamentalist stamp their feet and spit & hiss and threaten people with hell, Womens Rights are here to stay. The Christians as a group are rapidly dwindling in number and as they lose relevance in Australian Society and they know it, they try and just shout even louder – But no one is listening. Australia is Officially an AGNOSTIC NATION according to the last Australian Federal Govt. Census

  19. Narf says

    @21 – grumpyoldfart
    Well, in their defense, that one was specifically worded to trigger our brains’ auto-correct feature and turn it into something that makes more sense within the given context. Our branis hvae a lot of atuo-coercrt faetreus that mkae sesne of fuekcd up senentecs lkie tihs one.

  20. Pierce R. Butler says

    I would wager that Christianity has the highest kill rate of any religion.

    A question that merits some research – more than I have time for, but surely some numbers await us somewhere out there. I suspect the biggest problems involve defining categories and portioning motives – how many points does the church get for each fatality if the perps &/or victims shout the name of God in their battlecries?

    Considering how the conquistadors and their contemporaries got to hitchhike on the era of European global expansion, Team Jesus may indeed have the most notches in their tallysticks. But a more materialistic analysis suggests that theological disagreements have inspired much less conflict than, ahem, redistribution of resources.

    Promises of a luxurious afterlife, otoh, seem to work pretty well in boosting morale among The Troops™, so on the ground where the bullet meets the skull perhaps we should count all wars as Holy Wars®.

  21. officalvillageidiot says

    Didn’t Texas execute someone with the mental of 8 or 9 back in the late 90’s plus remember up until the 19 century the UK routinely executed children even 7 year olds, that was back under Good Christian Governance

  22. officalvillageidiot says

    Australia has compulsory voting for all over 18, (Prisoners & Insane excluded) if the US had the same I think you would see a totally different Political Scene. Americans should demand the same for all Citizens as voting is just not only a Right it is a Responsibility that must be exercised.

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