2014 ACA Annual Bat Cruise – Tickets on sale now!

You may have seen the prior post at this blog announcing the 2014 ACA Annual Bat Cruise specifics. At that time tickets were not yet on sale, but we now have our order form up at the ACA web page. Visit the page/form for details and costs.

Keep in mind, since it’s a cruise, space is limited. Once we sell out, that’s all the seating we have available. The boat has a capacity we cannot exceed.

Just to offer a quick summary of the event, we are pleased to have two guest lecturers, author and historian Richard Carrier, and the man behind “The Atheist Book” project, Chris Johnson. Both will be presenting at our regular lecture venue, between 1:15 – 4:00 PM, prior to joining us on the cruise. The lectures are free with purchase of cruise tickets.

Visit the prior blog article or the ACA web page for more information and details for the event. And don’t delay your ticket purchase if you’re planning on joining us in September!


  1. Misha C says

    I went to the products page to buy tickets online, got an invoice emailed to me and was on the page to print the invoice & pay via PayPal and my browser crashed! Am I doomed to only being able to mail a check in now or can I still send via PayPal the amount I was going to pay and note an invoice number somehow? OR should I just disregard the first invoice and get a second one and go through that process??

    Thanks to anybody who can help me out! I missed out last year and really want to go this year.

  2. John Iacoletti says

    Hi Misha. You can just do a new transaction. Alternatively, if you already have a Paypal account you can just send the fee (in your case for 4 adults it’s $123.89 including the Paypal fee) directly to paypal@atheist-community.org

    Thanks! John