Some recent and future Russell related events

As I mentioned on the show, I’ll be doing a talk in Abilene next month. Here are the details I have so far. The event is being hosted by the Abilene Atheist Alliance. It will happen on Saturday, July 26, at 1:30 PM. It will take place at the Abilene Public Library Auditorium located at 202 Cedar St., Abilene TX, 79601. The room can seat up to 140 people, Christians are expected to show up, so your presence is welcome and appreciated.

Last night I followed in Martin’s footsteps and appeared on the new video chat show, Atheist Analysis. We had fun despite some early problems centered around me having an extra window open like a fool. 🙂

Before doing Atheist Analysis, I also did some Twitch streaming. What I really wanted to do was make myself finish watching the debate between Matt and Sye, so I picked Diablo 3: Reaper Of Souls as a game that doesn’t require much thinking, and streamed myself playing while watching and commenting on this video. I had a lot of fun, got a pretty good audience chatting about the experience, and encouraged people to tweet with hashtag #ReaperOfSyes. A couple actually did, but it was mainly a joke.

It’s split up into three videos because of the way that it’s recorded, but I may jam them together into one big YouTube movie later. Unfortunately if you want to actually watch the game and play with play casinodames games, you will have to skip to the third video. A glitch caused the video screen to stay locked on a menu for some reason, so it looks incorrectly as if I’m just clicking on static buttons for 40 minutes. But the Sye video and my talking head are fine, so feel free to go throw the whole thing if you just want an alternate take on the debate.

Part 1 (5 minute intro)

Watch live video from rglasser27 on TwitchTV

Part 2 (40 minutes of debate commentary with not much visible gameplay)

Watch live video from rglasser27 on TwitchTV

Part 3 (The other 80 minutes with everything working.)

Watch live video from rglasser27 on TwitchTV


  1. Monocle Smile says

    I sympathize. That debate made me want to slaughter legions of deformed monsters as well.

  2. Mark Massingill says

    That was one of the worst debates ever and I kept hoping Matt could hang up on Sye. Kudos to Matt for keeping his calm despite Sye’s manner, I never could have done so myself. If I were still a Christian, I think watching that debate would have made me begin questioning my beliefs but thankfully I did that 25 years ago and came to my senses back then. I can’t blame you for not wanting to finish watching it, it was a struggle for me but I kept hoping for Matt to go into tirade mode and tell Sye just how much of a nut he was so I hung in there. The question and answer section near the end did have some funny moments though.

  3. serena says

    Not to toot my own horn, but this is pretty much how every twitch stream I broadcast goes. I’ve been stuffing AXP and any good lectures/documentaries into the corner and my viewers and I enjoy both! Multitasking at its finest, watching 2 streams in one, hah. Officially, it’s against twitch rules to stream non-gaming content, so I have no idea how harshly they’d fight me about it if they did, but my rationalization is that the main focus of the stream is indeed the game.

  4. Monocle Smile says

    Sye’s whole position is a total rejection of pragmatism.

    Someone needs to just punch him in the face HARD. If he reacts emotionally at all, then clearly at some level he follows pragmatism and he doesn’t actually believe his own bullshit.

  5. xscd says

    To me, this is Sye in a nutshell–

    “I know with certainty that God exists.”

    Yet, everyone else knows that what he is really saying is: “I believe with conviction that God exists.”

    No amount of conviction can create truth or reality.

    We know what we have evidence for. We know with certainty what we have overwhelmingly convincing evidence for. Sye has neither.

  6. says

    Sye’s second round about two soda bottles debating… I swear he just read that verbatim from somewhere else. Soda and brains aren’t comparable any more than soda and computers.. and yet we’re fine with computers analyzing reality.

    That’s because soda doesn’t compute.

  7. Monocle Smile says

    I think that’s a form of composition fallacy. “Both soda and human beings (well, human brains) are both matter, so therefore they behave in exactly the same manner.”

  8. kkehno says

    I think someone used that soda argument against Hitchens on some debate. sye stealed that argument pretty much word for word

  9. says

    Suppose there was a reality where organisms with brains and senses were moving around, doing their stuff. Suppose their brains and senses weren’t perfectly accurate, and they couldn’t philosophically justify that they weren’t brains in a vat… that they couldn’t justify their basic perceptual presuppositions. Also, this reality has no god to fix the problem.

    Sye’s argument would have these people falsely concluding that a god exists, because the scenario meets his criteria. He gives no method for validating the conclusion… so the group of people in the secular universe above can’t tell the difference.

  10. Matt Gerrans says

    That’s why I enjoyed the Atheist Analysis (in Russell’s first link above) even more than the debate. Sye with his idiotic and arrogant claim to infallibility is just as annoying to fellow Christians as it is to rational thinkers.

    And why doesn’t anybody ever tell Sye to stop interrupting? I can see being polite, but if someone interrupts that much, someone should tell him to shut the hell up while others are talking. I guess his parents drilled him with Christian indoctrination (thus instilling his absolute certainty via repetition), but didn’t teach him any manners.

  11. says

    Alright, finally through the thing.

    It’s usually a good tactic to allow the opponent enough rope to hang themselves. Sye installed his own rope-making factory on-stage, and is tilling and planting soil out back for hemp crops.

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