Open (late) thread for episode #852

Many apologies for the delay in getting this up. The HD capture completely failed this week, for some reason. Not only did we only get a standard def capture, it wasn’t even properly formatted in 16:9. This one required extra work in post, especially to boost the sound, which still isn’t great. Anyway, talk amongst yourselves, as usual.


  1. Matt Gerrans says

    Kind of funny that Sye is worried about being treated fairly, when his whole game is based on not arguing fairly. It is just as well, since he is a waste of time, though it would be pretty fun to see Matt hang up on his ass.

  2. Muz says

    Indeed, I think Pre-supps judge a fair debate with them by whether or not you had any disagreement with them at all. If you even think you’ve got a counter argument, you obviously didn’t understand what they were saying. You can even repeat back to them what they said and whey will say “That’s not what I said. But you have basis for even thinking, so nyah. Did I mention that you have no basis for anything? Coz you don’t. You should just admit defeat and that you actually believed in god all along in order to just have this conversation. That would be the intellectually honest thing to do”

  3. Muz says

    Ray’s pretty exhausting. But we expected that.. Perhaps just as exhausting is the format of contemporary commercial radio that has to reintroduce everything every couple of minutes. Literally every few minutes. It’s amazing they’ve got time for anything else.

  4. Hairy Chris, blah blah blah etc says

    To be honest, after Matt’s description of the conversation on the show I’ll avoid this like the plague!

  5. Steven Walker says

    Wow, that was so much worse than I had anticipated. Good job to Matt for calling him out at the end.

  6. says

    At 13:00, Ray says ex-Xian Matt didn’t know the Lord and had a “false conversion” since according to the Holy Bible, God says everybody already knows He exists, and those who publicly deny it are only denying what deep down they really know. So those who say “there is no God” are only signing their death warrants, per Ray and the Bible.
    And in response to Matt’s question about discerning ‘true’ religious visions from psychotic delusions, Ray uses the same logically fallacy, except against fellow believers who do something of which Ray doesn’t approve (such as shooting someone in the head in the name of God): if they did such an act, Ray gets to disassociate them from his camp.
    Whether it’s used against atheists or believers alike, Ray’s entire schtick boils down to playing various permutations of the “No True Scotsman” fallacy, a dynamic used by Jesus when he said, “you shall know them by their fruit”.

  7. AhmNee says

    I watched the debate “Is Church Harmful” with Sye, Eric Hovind, David Silverman and a few others and Sye is beyond infuriating. His cheap tactic of saying if someone admits they can be wrong they can’t ever say anything about anything and trying to cut them out of the conversation totally had me standing up and yelling at my computer screen. His presupposition that enamors him so is complete circular reasoning.

    “God has revealed to me that what he tells me is true because god says it’s true.” (Paraphrasing)

    Stupid, hypocritical, arrogant son of an evolved monkey. And I swear Eric brought him along for that debate simply to re-argue the point that Greg said they’d just argued ad nauseum the previous time.

    Here’s the link in case you’re not familiar with the debate.

  8. Grif says

    Usually, the description for a video is written up while the video itself is uploading to Youtube. The link that the video will be up at is given during the uploading process. TAE probably used this fact to make sure that both the Youtube link and FTB link were active, even though the video had not finished uploading.

  9. xscd says

    Caller Dale from Longmont, Colorado, seemed to have a healthy (over)dose of self-importance, indicating he had his own personal and of course only correct interpretation of the Bible and Christianity, and said that “he understood” that a person might have previously called The Atheist Experience show and mentioned that they were a member of “the church of Dale.” (Neither Matt D. nor Jenn P. could remember such a caller.) Crestfallen (or so it seemed to me from his voice) Dale launched into lots of avoiding-any-real-point-at-all kind of stuff,like he was fishing for recognition of some kind, and then when Matt became a little frustrated, Dale said that whether Matt hung up on him or not was “entirely Matt’s choice,” as though it were a dare that might cause Matt to consider whether he might be about to cut a flow of special information that only Dale could offer. Matt hung up anyway, of course, so I guess we’ll never know just how special Dale was, or is, or thinks himself to be.

    Anyway, enjoyed the show.

  10. Sponge says

    It’s amazing how Jen can say “race is a social construct” and “distinct ethnic groups” in almost the same breath.

  11. xscd says

    “Race is a social construct” — We are all genetically just minor variations of the same species, homo sapiens.
    “Distinct ethnic groups” — There are cultural distinctions between us.

  12. Matzo Ball Soup says

    Wait, doesn’t God deceive Abraham when he tells him to sacrifice Isaac? It’s just not true that God is incapable of deception!

  13. says

    Amazing how? They’re both social constructs. One is an idea that there are inherent types of people based almost solely on what you look like and the other is based on a bunch of other stuff (culture, society, geography, including ancestry, which does indicate what you look like to an extent). Ethnicity is far more rich way of describing groups of people than race, but I agree that it can be used to unfairly discriminate against specific groups. Also, any generalization used to make assumptions about any one individual in a group is not using the concept correctly.