1. Tim G says

    The caller was talking about a conversation he had with his girlfriend’s family, whose members were religious. The screen capture came just after the caller mentioned being given some of Lee Strobel’s books.

  2. says

    If Tim @4 is correct on the time, I think I verbally let out an “Uggg.” at that moment myself. (I listen to the podcast version, so I couldn’t see the hosts’ reactions.)

  3. fwtbc says

    Martin, could you please add appropriate alt text to the image and/or post?

    I was able to figure out what the picture was from the comments, but this post would’ve really sucked if they hadn’t been there for context.

  4. says

    That’s beautiful.

    On a slightly off topic note – is everyone getting the ‘Puritan Hard Drive’ ads constantly? Is it just so that religionists can claim to have a PHD?

  5. Draconaes says

    I could be wrong, but I think fwtbc was talking about a situation where the image cannot be viewed, for any reason. In such a case, alt text would be useful for determining what the post was about.

  6. says

    Fair – however…. The post is visual. ‘Matt and Jen facepalm’, doesn’t convey the full force of the image. I do, however, apologise to any sight-impaired individuals, if my comment was offensive.

  7. Matt Gerrans says

    I don’t know why the “nothing but the natural exists” claim is hard to defend. It seems like it could be true by definition. If something exists, it is natural (unless you want to exclude things we’ve made, but that would be “manufactured” as opposed to “supernatural”). If something in the universe does exist that is magical (besides the pretty magical forces we know of and the “magic” of quantum physics etc., which seem pretty magical in their own right), then it is really natural. So, if it turns out that genies, leprechauns, unicorns, ghosts, djinns, Yahweh, Jesus and Mo are all real magical beings, then they are natural, aren’t they?

    It seems like “supernatural” is actually just an oxymoron, another of those invented “paradoxes” of the religious genre. If something is “outside” or “above” nature, then what does it mean for it to “exist?”

  8. b. - Order of Lagomorpha says

    Heading off to watch the show now, but if you guys can do that on ice, I think we have a new event for the Winter Olympics–Synchronized Facepalm. 🙂

  9. Narf says

    I haven’t had that one specifically, but I get ads for all sorts of nutty, fundamentalist-Christian stuff. I spend too much time on religion sites, checking what the nuts are up to.

    Oh, and the Morons Mormons seem utterly determined to convert me.

  10. KsDevil says

    “Lee Strobel fan? Really?” Might be a better one. Or ‘Not Lee Strobel, again”.
    But that might get some traffic on his site. Not sure if that would b e a good thing or a bad thing. At least he admits to being an apologist.

  11. KsDevil says

    Yes, the College Professor father of his girlfriend. Makes you wonder what the students might be going through. National Enquirer 101?

  12. fwtbc says

    It may be a visual post, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t at least be made accessible to blind/vision impaired readers. The alt text of “Image of Matt and Jen simultaneously facepalming in response to something stupid a caller said” would at least allow screenreader users to know what they were missing. In this case, it was lucky that the comments were enlightening, but often the comments consist of little more than “haha” type responses that don’t give any indication of what the image is or why it’s funny, and people like me just find themselves left in the dark in just another way.

    Using a screenreader, this is essentially what the post gets read as:

    An iconic moment…

    by Martin Wagner

    Captured in time.

    Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 9.42.47 AM

    Posted in: Uncategorized

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    So, yeah. Those extra 10 seconds to add alt text or a caption would go a long way for users like myself, of which I’m not the only one.

  13. EnlightenmentLiberal says

    Really? I wish I could have a chance to engage with some Mormon missionaries. I never get the opportunity, and I would feel both weird and contrary to the image of atheists which I want to present if I were to stroll down to the local Mormon church just to argue.

  14. Matt Gerrans says

    And if they were informed, they’d know they can buy bigger usb hard drives at a fraction of that price. There’s also this new thing called “the internet” that has a search function. No joke.

  15. DataCable says

    Can’t decide whether or not this beats out Matt & Jeff’s perfectly synchronized “YOU’RE A SOLIPSIST?”

  16. says

    Here’s news which might un-palm your faces.

    I missed it at the time as I don’t read the daily fail. I do, however, get old copies donated to use as animal bedding which led me to spot this story from the 5th of Jan.

    It’s good to see that we in the UK, a country with a state sponsored religion, continue to pull it’s teeth.

    The actual paper copy had a quote from a bishop stating that if you take away the idea of sin then there’s nothing left – pretty good description of religion, really…

  17. says

    Seems I can’t reply directly to your post ‘fwtbc’, so here it is.

    My initial post was meant to be a joke – it was a comment on the fact that the image sums up a lot of what TAE tv show has been about over the years.

    My response to Draconaes included an apology to sight impaired individuals who may have been offended by my comment. I fully support and am entirely behind anything which helps to spread the message to as many people as possible.

    I’m sorry that you misunderstood my point, and more importantly – I’m sorry if it caused offense.

  18. escuerd says

    If you’re interested, try ordering your free copy of the Book of Mormon from the LDS Church. They’ll want contact information, and will then call to ask if you’d like to talk to “representatives in your area” (that is, if they don’t just come knocking on your door, assuming your home address is the same as your mailing address).

    I got me a copy back when I was living in a dorm. They called about sending people to talk to me a few times per week until I started consistently telling any unfamiliar voice that called and asked for me by name that I had moved. They were pretty persistent, but I’m not sure if that’s still true when you actually talk to their representatives (who I suspected, but never confirmed, would be a pair of missionaries).