What Russell thinks about Christmas

Hello, everyone. I’m putting my name in the post title just so it is totally clear that this is my point of view and I am not speaking for anyone else.

On Sunday’s show, someone asked me what I thought about Christmas, and I answered off the cuff. Since then we’ve received a few emails both for and against celebrating Christmas, and in line with something I predicted, Beth isn’t happy to hear that I’m bad mouthing Christmas. As I’m in a position of disagreeing with a good friend, I’m going to clear up what I think now.

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Very happy to be of assistance, sir!

The douche parade continues. We get email…

Thanks, so much for much, for blocking me from The Atheist Experience Facebook page. I really enjoyed your You Tube channel and the Facebook page. If this is how you treat your own people. WOW! I am glad I never donated any money to your fucked up causes. Once again thank you, Martin. I will still be an Atheist…believe it or not, that is much, much bigger than you!

The letter is from this guy, who saw fit to give us a load of shit, and tell us we were being “religious,” for sponsoring a family for the holiday season. Because helping those in need is a “fucked up cause,” clearly.

I don't...HAVE FUN! With your Christian Holiday! I don't celebrate Easter or Halloween either! But, asking us to SPONSOR someone is over the top. Like I said, pick another Holiday. As for your TEXAS tdradition, who gives a shit!

To paraphrase Matt, I am not sure what makes fellows like Mr. Jones think he is one of “our own people” simply because he came to the same, obvious conclusion about the easiest question in the world.

Meanwhile, if anyone wants to do something really fucked up and help a struggling family, click here for details.

Bob Jones…hey, aren’t you the guy who founded that Christian university?

Open thread on episode #841

Russell and Don discussed Christianity’s lies, and the modern propaganda evangelists use to win converts. Have at it.

Addendum: Oh, for fuck’s sake. What is it with entitled, whiny-ass little pipsqueaks this morning? We have a couple of them stuck in moderation, having tantrums and throwing all their toys out of the pram because WAAAAH WHY AREN’T YOUTUBE COMMENTS ENABLED WAAHAAAAAHHHH MOMMY THEY’RE CENSORING ME FREEZE PEACH BWAHHAAAHHH!

Jesus H, grow up.

Pictured: Someone complaining about our comment policy.

Pictured: Someone complaining about our comment policy.

For the douche demanding we explain ourselves, we fucking have, asshole, at length, and in English. It’s right there in Number 3 on this list, and if you’re too lazy and stupid to read the very blog you’re posting your petulant rants to, then don’t expect your hand held in Grown-Up World. And no, moderation is not a “new” policy with us. We were doing it way back when this blog was hosted at Blogspot. With the sheer number of douchetadpoles swimming the fetid swamps of the Internet, common-sense moderation is the least one should expect in terms of proper care and feeding of a sane and healthy blog. And yet even here, on the dreaded FTB (where we seek to tyrannize your mind!), you only go into moderation if you’re a) a first-time commenter (to make sure you aren’t a spammer), or b) if your comment has two or more links (to make sure you aren’t a spammer). That’s about it as far as moderation goes.

Of course, if you write a comment just to throw a shit-fit that we suck because we don’t allow comments the way you think we should, well — it’s remarkable how easily that can turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy, isn’t it?

This addendum is brought to you by “It’s Monday morning, it’s raining, and I have literally no fucks to give.”

Pictured: Me on a Monday.

Pictured: Me on a Monday.

ACA bringing holiday cheer to a local family

Among the many things about atheists that scare Christians, the idea that we might actually be decent people who believe in giving the less fortunate a leg up in tough times appears to be a big one. How else to explain the angry refusal by the Spartanburg (SC) Soup Kitchen, a Christian “charity,” to allow members of an atheist organization to volunteer? “They can set up across the street from the Soup Kitchen,” raved its director Lou Landrum in a display of Christian Love™ that no doubt had the Baby Jesus brimming with pride. “They can have the devil there with them, but they better not come across the street.”

Perhaps they’re worried we’d upset the little narrative they’re trying to sell, that you need God to be “good.” Funny how they always tend to score an own goal whenever they try to clear the playing field of “opposition.”

Anyway, the ACA is sponsoring a local family in need this holiday season through Foundation Communities, because down here, we wage the War on Christmas™ (← inclusion of Fox News IP under Fair Use) with caring. So there. Below are some details of our sponsored family, and you may click this magical Hypertext of +1 Empathy For Your Fellow Man to reach our Donations page if you’d like to assist. Please add a note stating your donation is for the holiday charity.

Our family:

Javier—Age 31, “My children are my priority for gifts I don’t always have work. My priority is paying bills and I don’t have money to buy gifts of a Christmas meal.”

Ad—Age 29, Wants a blender, plates, and kitchen supplies.

A—Age 7, wants legos, a skateboard, and games

I—Age 6, wants barbies, a toy table and chairs

N—Age 2, wants dolls and musical toys.

All about YouTube channels

Many of you have been asking about a dispute that has arisen between The Atheist Experience crew and a YouTube channel owner named Steve Mills. I’d like to take a moment to clear up what happened and why the contention came up.

First, just to get this out of the way: Yes, I did send Steve a letter, under the official Atheist Experience channel account, asking him to stop reposting entire episodes of the show. This was after multiple attempts to get in touch with him in a much friendlier context, and after he’d closed off various methods of communication, and Jen Peeples (one of our cohosts, and the current president of the Atheist Community of Austin) had received some ugly messages when she tried to post the requests in his comments sections. In short, I brought up a copyright violation, only after other means of getting in touch had clearly failed.


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Open thread on episode #839

I apologize for the delay in getting this thread posted, gang. I suppose as I was co-host it was down to me, and I just flaked.

The morality question is one I have always found bizarre that Christians want to turn into tis profoundly difficult and inexplicable concept without bringing a deity into the mix. The thing is, when you back them up against the wall, you find (as I think I did in my line of questioning one caller) that they do not really, deep down, believe that it is impossible for them to understand differences between right and wrong unless they are constantly accompanied by a God, holding their hands like lost children, and telling them at each and every instance “This is right” or “This is wrong.”

And yet everything they have been taught to believe insists that they cling to that narrative. So cling to it they do, even after it has been shown to be entirely unnecessary.

I also wish they’d look up what “objective” means. If morality is based on the edicts of a deity, then it’s not objective.

Feisty show, anyway.

Raising atheists redux

Here’s an email we received about raising kids while atheist with an unsupportive family.

I am a fan of the show. Like so many other atheist i grew up in a very religious household, my mother is an evangelical Christian and performs in gospel music groups, she has been seen on gospel music television, and has performed all over the united states, there are several evangelical pastors in my family that is centered around a church that is owned and operated by members of my family, (Uncles, Mother, Cousins etc) I was the first Atheist to “come out” in my family and in the years that have followed there has been at least one other who credits me as an inspiration to be honest about her beliefs, there are a few others of the younger generation that have secretly confessed to me they share the same beliefs that i do but are afraid to admit this to their parents for fear of being rejected.

(More below.)

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Evolution question


Hello, I am from Dallas and I go to a southern baptist school. Recently I had a project in my Logic and World Views class were I had to debate with another classmate on a controversial topic in today’s society, I choose the existence of god because I am an atheist and I wanted to try to convince my classmates that there is not supernatural being. After my debate my schools head master asked me “since evolution proposes that the fittest will survive and the week will die off, is it a good thing if a bigger boy was beating up a small boy?” I responded with no and said that his question was not relevant. But what is the right answer to this question or is there one?  Thought you could help,  Thanks!

Reply below.

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