Very happy to be of assistance, sir!

The douche parade continues. We get email…

Thanks, so much for much, for blocking me from The Atheist Experience Facebook page. I really enjoyed your You Tube channel and the Facebook page. If this is how you treat your own people. WOW! I am glad I never donated any money to your fucked up causes. Once again thank you, Martin. I will still be an Atheist…believe it or not, that is much, much bigger than you!

The letter is from this guy, who saw fit to give us a load of shit, and tell us we were being “religious,” for sponsoring a family for the holiday season. Because helping those in need is a “fucked up cause,” clearly.

I don't...HAVE FUN! With your Christian Holiday! I don't celebrate Easter or Halloween either! But, asking us to SPONSOR someone is over the top. Like I said, pick another Holiday. As for your TEXAS tdradition, who gives a shit!

To paraphrase Matt, I am not sure what makes fellows like Mr. Jones think he is one of “our own people” simply because he came to the same, obvious conclusion about the easiest question in the world.

Meanwhile, if anyone wants to do something really fucked up and help a struggling family, click here for details.

Bob Jones…hey, aren’t you the guy who founded that Christian university?


  1. Narf says

    I always wonder at stuff like this. He’s basically insulting you for living up to a standard that you constantly espouse. I’ve heard time and time again: let’s keep the good things that religious people do and get rid of the bad things.

    Getting rid of all of the Jesus nonsense and the excessive consumerism of the Christmas season, we’re left with a period in which people are encouraged to be nice to each other and give to people in need. I think it’s sad that we confine that to certain seasons, but let’s keep what cultural prods we can, which encourage us to do it when we will do it.

    This guy seems like the sort to discourage doing anything during the month of December, because Christians have laid claim to it. Fuck that. They don’t get to have more than 8% of the year, in which we aren’t allowed to do anything, for fear of aping them in some way … plus whatever percentage we would lose to other Christian holidays.

  2. mond says

    I love christmas.

    Lots of time off from work.
    Lots of food and drink.
    Spending time with friends and family.
    Gift giving (and receiving).

    If that makes me a bad atheist then at least I will be a happy bad atheist.

  3. Mark Massingill says

    Apparently simply trying to help other people is a crime in his eyes if done in conjunction with the celebration of the birth of one who would become a human sacrifice. I can well understand his decision not to celebrate these holidays, yet his vitriol is ridiculous. There is nothing wrong with helping our fellow man. Many people choose to see Christmas as a Christian holiday and to simply celebrate it as a time for being with family and giving gifts of love. I cannot understand his anger and hatred at you for simply attempting to bring a family in need some joy during this time. I always celebrated Christmas and gave my children gifts. I didn’t want them to be ridiculed at school or to feel I loved them any less than parents who celebrated the holiday as a Christian tradition. I did however tell them it was a time for family, not a time to celebrate the birth of a fictional character.

    I’d have blocked him as well. I think you guys do great work and hold to your beliefs. Helping others at this time is promoting that Atheists are good people who don’t condemn others solely off their beliefs. I thought that was one of your basic tenets, to promote positive Atheism. Well, some Atheists are good people anyway, I doubt I’d consider Mr. Jones to be one of them.

    Jones should be ashamed of himself. I too am an Atheist yet I would not consider him to be ‘one of us’. I would not want such hatred and bigotry anywhere near me or mine at any time of year.

    Keep up the good work guys, and deal with the morons who espouse such stupidity as you see fit.

  4. says

    I’m already doing something fucked up and helping another struggling family for the holidays. I’ll probably even go as far as to actually celebrate Christmas with my Christian family members and eat lots of awesome food… just to piss off Bob Jones.

  5. says

    Also, for anyone who might think I’m “bullying” this man, this wasn’t an isolated comment. This was a lengthy tirade thread where he just got more and more outraged that we would bend over for religion in this way. I mean, damn.

  6. says

    If we didn’t happen to have a holiday, particularly in middle of the darkest, most depressing time of year, where we could celebrate/etc, we should invent it.

    I have no problem stealing an existing holiday from the Christians. It’s not like they created it, anyway. Halloween barely has any religion anymore in it, too. As it should be.

  7. L.Long says

    Xmas is a lot of things to a lot of people and VERY little of it has anything to do with Cheeses.
    They stole the holiday because NO ONE was going to stop celebrating the winter solstice for jesus, so they put jesus into the holiday. It don’t take much imagination to go from ‘the rebirth of the Sun’ to ‘the rebirth of the Sun God’ to ‘the rebirth of the Son of god’ to understand what the xtians and others have done. Xmas is about as christian as Easter or any other xtian holiday. Meaning it aint!!!

  8. says

    Mr Jones might have expressed himself more gently, but I don’t think his point is at all outrageous. He appears to be in favor of helping others, but doesn’t want such help to be associated with (and credit being ascribed to) Christianity, If that’s what he intended to say, I agree.

    How about helping on the 363 days that aren’t Christmas or Easter? Or, if that’s too much for this gang, how about on Bertrand Russell’s birthday?

  9. Monocle Smile says

    His point is pretty outrageous.

    We shouldn’t refuse to help people just because some idiots might associate our actions with religious occasions. The holidays are opportune times to help our fellow man, which is the real “reason for the season.” Furthermore, this offers us the chance to CORRECT THEM on why we do these things.

  10. says

    No one can possibly associate doing charity on Christmas with Christianity. Christmas has become a cultural celebration and highly secularized. This guy had other comments that we should never help ANY Christians anyway because they believe we’re going to hell.

  11. Matzo Ball Soup says

    Well, the thing is, “it is at this time of the rolling year that their need is most keenly felt”* — they celebrate Christmas, whether or not they believe in God, and this is one situation where I for one really don’t care.

    *as the guy from the charity says to Scrooge in that one movie (and maybe the original book)

  12. Danny/wwjudasdo says

    I’m not happy when the “needy” make a list of toys their children want for Christmas or any holiday. Up the ages a few years on these children and what would they be asking for? Here’s ‘a hint, they’re not cheap “toys”. We can only wonder what responses this blog would get if you posted that list. I’m all for charity and giving to those in need regardless of the “season”, but what this guy needs is a box of condoms. IMHO. I do understand why Mr.Jones was blocked and rightly so. My suggestion would be a permanent link or ads for secular charities TAE endorses.

  13. says

    Someone should tell this narrow-minded atheist that just because an atheist helps someone during the x-mas season doesn’t mean their supporting x-mas or any of the dogma that goes with it. I’ve even help at a church one time as a volunteer in helping the less fortunate and guess what I’m still an atheist.

    I would have to agree with Narf that as an atheist I do not need a reason or season to be compassionate and kind, just a desire to be good.

    P.S. Even though I’m an atheist, I will still will on occasion will read the bible and go to church. So does that
    make me a hypocrite or does that mean it gives me a fresh perspective in being objective?

  14. Narf says

    Hell, I go to Pentecostal churches, from time to time, although admittedly, it’s for different reasons than yours.

  15. Monocle Smile says

    Hot girls? Hot girls. Churches are full of beautiful women, which is both the best and worst thing.

  16. Corwyn says

    So if they deliver the presents on the 23rd or 24th, everything is cool?

    Given that people (corporations) seem to want to start the ‘holiday season’ in September*. It is getting pretty hard to find some other time. * – Christmas decorations appeared in a local store *before* Halloween decorations did. Explain that, please?

  17. Corwyn says

    And it wasn’t ever a totally christian holiday. Christians stole the holiday from other religions. We’re just stealing it back.

  18. says

    Fuck you Danny.

    Does the idea that some poor kids might want (or even possibly get! GASP!) some nice toys once in their lives bother you? I suppose that you think that happiness should only be for those lucky enough to be able to afford it.

  19. AhmNee says

    Did Halloween ever really have any religion in it? Other than calling it a “Holy Day”? It always seemed to me just a superstition holiday.

  20. AhmNee says

    Why do you assume women? Are pentecostal churches as filled with repressed homosexuals, that could use help coming out of a closet or two, as the catholics or evangelicals?

  21. Lana says

    Honestly Danny, a few years ago I may have been in the same boat as this family they are helping out, if not for a supportive extended family living nearby. The condom comment wasn’t really necessary. Sometimes unplanned pregnancies happen in spite of your best efforts to prevent them.

  22. Lana says

    My high school AP English teacher gave us an interesting lecture on Halloween. She said that it had its origins in pagan festivals symbolizing the end of autumn and the beginning of the dark season. It was believed that the veil between the living and the dead was at its thinnest that night. There are still places that have death festivals around that time of year.

  23. AhmNee says

    To be fair, my statement unintentionally assumed all homosexuals as male, so I’ll be in the seat next to you in sensitivity class.

  24. Danny/wwjudasdo says

    To answer your question, no it doesn’t bother me that children want or receive toys. Happiness is affordable to all. Toys not so much. We give and give and give our children what they want and when we can’t they suffer and I’m the asshole. Sounds about right. “Fuck you”? Ah, you got me bro! Good one.

  25. Danny/wwjudasdo says

    Lana, I was in that boat a few times as a child and I made it to shore empty handed. When I looked back at the sea most of the children were crying and when they made it to shore I let them know how great life is without the toys, We have each other and somehow we forget. Could I refuse a child a toy? Of course not. Could I refuse an adult asking for toys for his kids? Yes. Now that I look back I agree with you. The condom comment was unnecessary. I would only add that a best effort would actually avoid pregnancy. Thanks for your reply.

  26. Janice Foster says

    I just want to thank Bob for helping to perpetuate the stereotype that atheists are all antisocial, heartless misanthropes.

  27. Danny/wwjudasdo says

    I read the killermartini article and I mut say I don’t feel any different although it was interesting. The author seems to have some drive and integrity. There’s a difference between charity and “I’ve spent my money, can I have some of yours?” I don’t participate in the latter so I guess I am an asshole. Hmm …

  28. doublereed says

    I have no idea why you think you deserve respect when you throw out lines like “but what this guy needs is a box of condoms.”


  29. says

    If I go to church it’s not because of the”Hot girls”, because my wife would kill me. However she does get mad at me when I start laughing at how ridiculous and insane some of these Christians act, which I guess isn’t being very respectful. So I would suggest if you are in church try bitting your lip because sometime it’s hilarious the kind of crap these theists actually believe is true.

  30. Narf says

    Not my primary consideration, no. To soften the traditional sentiment, “Don’t sleep with the crazy.” While there could be some hot girls who might be unbelievers, forced to attend by their parents, they would almost certainly be too young for me to chase after them. The believing congregation-members would not be great prospective lovers, since the last thing I need is someone who speaks in tongues, during orgasm. That might creep out even me.

    You’d be correct in your statement about women, though. I’m abnormally straight. I take your statement as my interest in the Pentecostal congregants, which would be only the women, not a global statement about any guys’ interest.

    To clarify my earlier statement, it’s mostly just for pure entertainment. I find some of the extreme versions of Christianity to be quite funny.

  31. Danny/wwjudasdo says

    To be sure no respect was asked for nor in this context do I require it from you. I’ve noticed quite a lot of name calling on this blog from those who disagree with each other. Is that how it’s done here? “Fuck you”, “asshole”, “idiot”. Is the respect you speak of? Let me give it a try. Fuck you asshole you’re an idiot! Hmm… I don’t feel any better, I’ve addressed nothing and I’ve lost some respect for myself. Weird…

  32. will says

    we all have hearts… (p.s. they’re pumping blood right now…) hopefully that is… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    anti-social… due to having to deal with never being able to have RATIONAL conversations with a vast majority of other humans…(might as well be having a conversation with a pigeon)…

    misanthropes… well to dislike our own species is the very beginning to making it better for all… if you cannot comprehend the faults in our (bad animal behaviour) then how else are we going to be able to reduce that so our future as a species can live in an environment that would be conducive to Mutual success… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  33. will says

    came back just so to clarify…

    my reply wasnt directed at you per se… as my reply is of a satirical nature (in continuation of what you wrote ๐Ÿ˜‰

    since i (if sensed correctly) your satire…

    as my reply was in jest to ANYONE (like bob) who would say such things… ๐Ÿ˜‰