We get email: And they call us censorious bullies?

So this rando pops up and he’s all like “Waaahrgarbl!”

For those of you who cannot read screengrabs, this says "I'm angry and stupid and my mother never gave me any hugs."

For those of you who cannot read screengrabs, this says “I’m angry and stupid and my mother never gave me any hugs.”

I am intrigued by the notion of a self-styled champion of free expression telling us whom we are and are not allowed to associate with.

Perhaps he can enlighten us with more rational discourse.

Dude wrote back and he was all “You’re not the people I thought you were.” Good!

As Jen noted on Facebook: “We are not your gods. We don’t claim to love you, nor do we necessarily want a personal relationship with you. Most importantly, we don’t hate all the same people you do. If you like the show, great! If you don’t, don’t watch it. It really is that simple.”


  1. says

    I’m told the new extra heavy duty irony meters are almost ready for delivery. The old pre-EG standard issue ones just aren’t strong enough anymore.

  2. haitied says

    Just so bad. You know what? To make up for the staggering loss of viewership I’ll watch twice as hard.

  3. Al Dente says

    Free expression only goes one way. The free expressioneer (fe) may say anything, express any opinion, and may associate with anyone. Everyone else must listen to the fe, agree wholeheartedly with with fe, not offer the slightest criticism to the fe’s opinions, and only associate with people acceptable to the fe. Anything else is bullying the fe.

  4. Anthony K says

    I will have no choice but to consider you enemies of free expression and rational discourse.

    I wish I could be an Enemy of Free Expression and Rational Discourse, but I have so little time these days. I suppose I’ll have to be content with my current title: Minor Impediment to Topical Conversation.

  5. L.Long says

    Yes I have been reading various blogs and comments about FTB & PZ.
    Unfortunately for the poster shown above, FREE THOUGHT also means free to not read, listen to, or allow your comments. And PZ’s statements may have been getting others pissed at him and so at you be association.
    But YOU are not PZ and he is not you.
    If the poster cannot understand that then S/He/IT is not worth paying much attention to.
    We are all people here and so occasionally we may say something someone wont like, big deal, grow up and deal.
    I personally never mistook any one at the ACA as PZ, and think you are doing a bangup job, keep doing so.

  6. says

    For people who really can’t read screengrabs, it’s an e-mail addressed to media@atheist-community.org with the subject Free Thought Blogs saying:

    This message was sent via the contact form on the ACA website:

    If the ACA continues to associate with “FreeThoughtBlogs” and PZ Myers, I will have no choice but to consider you enemies of free expression and rational discourse.

  7. Muz says

    If you won’t give up your free expression without any rational discourse, I will have no choice but to consider you enemies of free expression and rational discourse…

  8. says

    So, basically, an Association Fallacy from someone who wants rational discourse? Maybe I should stop using the roads because there are also people who use the roads who are bad people?

    If that basic fallacy wasn’t bad enough… and association with what, exactly? A bunch of people exercising their free speech rights, and (most of the time) engaging in rational discourse? People who won’t sit down and shut up when screamed at by the opposition? Yes, that’s vewwy anti-free-expression.

  9. says

    Not surprising, I can personally attest that most people on FTB are enemies of free expression and rational discourse, something I previously thought was exaggeration.
    Just look at the latest Russell Glasser video regarding social media and his despicably disingenuous comments about the con artist(in the full sense of the word) Anita Sarkeesian.

  10. says

    Funny to hear Angry Dudebros make the “con artist” accusation against Anita, because of course, whether you agree with her opinions or not, she is actually using the Kickstarter money she raised to, you know, make videos.

    On the other hand, a bunch of Angry Dudebros who decided to counter Anita with their own “Tropes vs Men” series raised $3000 on IndieGogo — and promptly pocketed the money and disappeared.

    Fascinating, the way Angry Dudebros always project their most awful traits, isn’t it?

    I think Dr. Nerdlove has Igor here pegged.

  11. m0fa says

    The author of the email is exercising his/her freedom of expression. The author is not telling you and your peeps who you are allowed to associate with. The author is saying that if you continue to associate with a particular individual and a particular blog space then they (the author) will think differently of you. That is all. They have the freedom to express themselves and you have the freedom to ignore them. The author is not demanding anything of you, not trying to curb your freedoms to think and act as you want, in fact the statement they have sent you is a RHETORICAL STATEMENT. The fact that you have missed this points to the possibility that the author has hit a nerve with you. To turn Jen’s words around back onto her :”Most importantly, you must understand that all your viewers don’t like or hate all the same people you do. If you like your viewer’s emails great! If you don’t just ignore them (as opposed to making a blog post out of them and misrepresenting what is said in them). It is really that simple.”

  12. says

    Uh, yeah, Einstein, all this had in fact occurred to us.

    Doesn’t mean we don’t reserve the right to ridicule people who act like entitled fools in email. We post and criticize foolish things theists write to us all the time, and atheists shouldn’t think they’re exempt. Telling us you think we’re “enemies of free expression and rational discourse” just because we associate with those you don’t approve of is deeply foolish indeed.

    Freedom of expression does not guarantee freedom from criticism.

  13. says

    But Martin, m0fa would rather you just ignore them, you know, just shut up about it. Why do you insist on pointing out that their stated basis for not liking you is absurd and most likely just a parroting of thunderfoot’s opinion?

  14. Cat Rancher says

    The “I hate PZ” has become like the rebel flag to me. A person flying it or saying it did me the courtesy of putting a “I’m a goofy jerk/racist” on themselves.

  15. Tony! The Immorally Inferior Queer Shoop! says

    1–Here on Earth-1, freethought is defined as:

    a philosophical viewpoint that holds opinions should be formed on the basis of logic, reason, and empiricism, rather than authority, tradition, or other dogmas.

    I am thinking you are from Earth-3.

    2–You may find yourself in situations where other human beings are around. I strongly advise you never refer to a human being as “it”.

    3–there are several ways to handle people saying something you do not like.
    Getting angry is one way to deal with comments of that nature. So is verbally eviscerating them. Your comment about “growing up” and “dealing with it” imply that you think others should handle these situations as you do. Sorry to tell you, that is not the case. Also, failure to operate by your standards does not make someone less of an adult.