Resources for Ex-Muslim Atheists?

More and more, we receive comments, questions or requests for help or advice from ex-Muslim atheists who are living in Muslim nations, or within Muslim communities/families abroad. As someone with no experience in the Muslim community, I feel inept, and sometimes even worried, trying to offer help or support in situations that are well beyond what I might normally hear from ex-Christian atheists in letters to TAE. The following is an example, but we have received much worse.

I am wondering if TAE might have viewers who are aware of resources or familiar with Muslim situations, sufficiently to provide better advice or help than the folks at TAE might be able to supply? While this thread uses this request specifically, I would ask that anyone who knows of a resource that could be helpful to any ex-Muslim atheists, please post it here. I would like to potentially build a thread that serves this section of our community, due to the, often dangerous, situations described. Thank you, in advance for your help with this. And here is the latest letter:

I am an Iraqi Atheist. I have witness loss of friends due to suicide bombing in Iraq, and have been displaced and forced to leave Iraq for a year due to my previous beliefs.

After becoming an atheist, one of the things I decided to do is exposing religion. My main goal is that if someone saw a criticism of Islam he would spend time defending it, rather than blowing himself up and killing innocent people.

I would like to know what would be the best way to achieve such a goal? Right now I am converting articles criticizing Islam to videos and posting them to youtube. However, some of these get mass flagged.

I don’t feel I am doing enough, and don’t know what should be done next. I was thinking of creating videos like you guys where I appear talking about religion, but I will have to go back to Iraq in the next few months, which places me in danger. In addition I fear for my family.

What is your recommendation?


  1. Amir Zaidi says

    Making videos in which he appears talking about religion when he is planning to return to Iraq is a singularly bad idea. I wonder if he is familiar with websites like the following. There might be more that are better suited for the Arabic speaking people. While at these websites, I became aware of the need felt by some of the visitors as well as the initiators, monitors and the like to remain anonymous. In fact some seem to have taken considerable precautions. He might seek advice from these persons.

    ارتقائے فہم و دانش , Rationalist Society of Pakistan, ATHEISM VS. ISLAM… (DEBATE)

  2. Laura Lou says

    I agree that he should stay anonymous. In some Islamic areas, execution is a condoned punishment for apostasy. So while I commend his desire to advocate publicly, I’m not sure if it’s worth the genuine risk to his or his family’s safety.

  3. Khalid says

    He could look at channels on youtube like “the jinn and tonic show” or AlyAly channels, مصري ملحد, the orientalist, klingschor and others. The various ex-muslim councils groups on facebook, the forums of the Ex-musim council of britain is full of informative posts as well.
    The books by Ibn Warraq is a good ressource as well. There is also the Skeptic’s annotated Quran website,
    As for making non -anonymous atheist videos while still planning to return and live in Iraq, I think that is quite a suicidal idea, and even if he isnt planning to return there personally, he should take the situation of his family into consideration as well as they could be targetted by extremists in retaliation.
    Hope this helps.

  4. bambam says

    When making videos criticising Islam, it is better to not show your face or let your real voice come through. Those more familiar with how Islam operates, knows that there’s no such thing as paranoia when it comes to your safety while criticising Islam.

    Unfortunately YouTube is not a great forum because videos can easily be flagged and creating new channels to upload the material again can be time consuming. Do not under any circumstance, use any of your real details either when creating such accounts.

    I would recommend by contributing to online sources that aren’t likely to be flagged down, such as a Wiki page from skeptics of religion.

  5. Bicarbonate says

    Stay safe!!

    Keep yourself anonymous on Youtube and cover your tracks so that people can’t hack in and find out personal info or your IP address. And, if and when you learn how to do that, please come back here and let us all know how that’s done because I need to do it too!