I believe this is what you call an “own goal”

So I’m guessing that when the Republicans threw a diva fit and shut the government down, they were hoping it would hurt Obama and the Democrats…but weren’t expecting it to hurt their own most ardent supporters as well.


  1. says

    More than the Democrats will be harmed by the end of it and yet they will point fingers and say, “if the Dems had did everything we wanted no one would have got hurt…” They will spin it like a black widow in a web…

  2. L.Long says

    I would say that the US congress is described as a full blown clusterphuck!!
    But it is NOT!!!
    The full blown clusterphuck are the Ahole re-puke-ian voters that put those dimwitted idiots into office then made it clear that they support their dimwitted idiot decisions!!!!!
    And that goes for the dimwitted Demoncrat voters as well.
    We are getting exactly what the dimwitted american voters wanted…enjoy!!!!
    Its nice to thick that it is the 1% Aholes causing this but looking at the red states you can see that the voters are the problem and yes TOO MANY voted according to their religious BS rather then using any real intelligence. Hopefully they will enjoy their results, they now have even less insurance, less financial aid, less real education, and no way to get any, and no jobs.
    Can’t get bread? Let them eat prayers!

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    Yes, I got so much shit for voting third party, “Your vote didn’t count” they say but my comeback is, until more people do what I did, we will always have to pick the lesser of two evils…

  4. Al Dente says

    Alicia, vote for anyone you want. Just don’t whine when the greater of the two evils get into power because of people like you. Deal?

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    Hey, that is the risk you will take standing up for a principle, but it is that fear that holds us back…we will never enact real change if we let fear be the impetuous for attempting to do so.

  6. Corwyn says

    Is it time for me to brag about helping to elect an independent to the senate? 🙂

    Vote for that third party, people. It is the only way they will learn.

  7. says

    Thank you and a resounding high five–we get what we get cause we won’t stand up to the status quo. For years, I didn’t vote for the very reason that I didn’t think it should be an eenie, minnie, miney, mo contest. I would admit this only to hear “Well, you can’t complain”, then when I started seeing strong third party candidiates emerge,I began to vote for them as matter of principle. Still, I get, “You can’t complain. Well then, maybe I should go back to not voting at all.

  8. vgerdj says

    when I vote third party, my vote does ‘count’, to the person I voted for. With their logic, the either or option, only if the candidate wins does the vote ‘count’. And, Al Dente, why should I vote for any evil? And I can complain about it, that’s how things change. If you think being a sheeple is the way to go, OK; but in order to change the status quo, you do have to do something different.

  9. stever says

    For several election cycles now, I’ve been half-seriously proposing a final option on the ballot: “May you all be dipped in lukewarm sewage and hung out to dry!” I haven’t decided what should be done of Lukewarm Sewage gets a majority.

    Yes, I realize that in a Presidential election, you can’t vote for the candidate, but for a slate of Electors who have agreed to vote for your candidate. That’s a bit of hallowed nonsense that used to make sense (when the news traveled at the speed of a man on horseback), but it’s made no sense since the industrial revolution.

    OK, my proposed language was a little over-the-top, but how about “I Abstain?” That would make it unnecessary to pick one of the kooky “third parties” that serve only to dilute the “Neither of you” vote.

  10. L.Long says

    I agree with Alicia that voting independent or 3rd party is best, and I argued with myself for some time before deciding on Obama. And although he seems to have tried to do well, he has been blocked repeatedly by the racist bigots that are doing everything they can to stop him. Next election will be another nasty one and making a decision will be difficult as this one had a black running and in the next it will be a woman, another group of people the re-puke-ians hate. So if the democrat wins again all we can look forward to is another 4yrs of re-puke-ians doing everything they can to make her fail. So it may be better to vote 3rd party, but they are at this point also women, same problem. A no win situation.

  11. says

    Oh, the theocrats are already trying to stack the deck in their favor, calling for stricter voting measures and repealing old laws that gave blacks the protections when they needed and desired to vote. What they fail to realize is that they are also huritng thier own base with these tactics as well. Indeed, I hope it all back fires as they tend to have this “burn it all down” philosophy that ends up with everyone getting cinged.

  12. Aaroninmelbourne says

    All this talk of voting in Independents…

    We’ve recently had an election here in Australia… you might have heard. We voted out our first female and atheist Prime Minister in favour of a fundie loon known by the nickname “the Mad Monk” who went to seminary school (oh, how I wish I were making this up). There’s already talk of him being Australia’s version of “George W Bush” (and no, not in a good way) but there is a silver lining to this story.

    During our election we had two big election victories in the House of Representatives (our Federal Parliament’s lower house). The first is that in the Seat of Melbourne, a minor party, the Greens, kept the seat. This was despite a dirty deal by the two major parties swapping preferences with each other to try to cut the Greens candidate out. Not only didn’t it work, he maintained his majority.

    The second even more exciting result was in the Seat of Indi. It was a safe seat for the Liberal Party (our conservative party). In fact, the seat was only in the hands of Labor (the liberal party… I know, confusing till you realize they’re both pretty much the same now) once in the 110-somthing year history of the seat, and that was only because the sitting Liberal member forgot to nominate in time. Here’s where it gets interesting: disenfranchised community members who were unimpressed with the performance of the sitting member started a grassroots movement Independent candidacy. They actually had the support structure in place prior to finding a candidate. They asked people, and eventually Cathy McGowan agreed to be the Independent candidate. The grassroots support network of something like 500 people electioneered along with Cathy. In the previous election, the sitting member Sophie Mirabella was elected on 59 percent of the two-party preferred vote and the seat was considered safe as safe can be. However, grassroots campaigning not only had a huge impact sending Mirabella’s own support staff into a panic (one of them sending out an embarrassing “we need to do more” email to her supporters) but despite all the catcalls of “a vote for the Independent is a vote for Labor!” and the “a third-party vote is a wasted vote!”, Cathy McGowan won the seat, turning it from a safe seat into a marginal. This is a victory because the way it works for us is that marginal seats are the ones that get money invested in them. Splashing cash into infrastructure and services in safe seats is considered a waste by the two major parties.

    The lesson from our election is clear: a vote for a third party threatens the cosiness of the two-party system. It introduces other voices. It demonstrates that not everyone is happy with an “either or” choice. There’s nothing about expanding the sphere out of two-party preferred that causes problems for anyone other than politicians. That’s got to be a good thing.

  13. Burt says

    The government shutdown is essentially a case of a small minority of Republicans (attempting to capitalize on the hastert rule) throwing a temper tantrum in which they’re taking their bat and going home. Obamacare was made a LAW in 2010. The house and senate passed it, Obama voted on it, the supreme court upheld its constitutionality, Obama was re-elected in 2012, and despite over 40 attempts to repeal it, to no avail. 800,000 people are not working for a while so that these idiot congressman can attempt to make a point, while not losing a second’s pay thanks to the 27th amendment. And yes, this is to blame on idiot Republicans, who don’t realize that Obamacare will go through anyway, that 80% of it’s funding doesn’t come from this budget.

    Also, Alicia is awesome. I love and agree with her comments.

  14. Deesse23 says

    Al Dente: it is not Alicias fault / vote who put one of the evils into office,ergo she cant be made responsible.
    If voting AGAINST somethinh would be possible then you could make soemone accountable for NOT voting against, but otherwise….ridiculous.
    I am usually not voting at all, and get the same $hit here (germany) that i would be responsible for Angela Merkele re-election. The people who vote for here are responsible for her, i didnt, and so i am not, plain and simple.

    Imo the argument is LAUGHABLE that pople who did NOT VOTE FOR sometihng are responsible for its consequences, just because a lot of other *sheep* didnt realize that we areent FORCED to vote. If i see nobody willing / being able to represent me properly, i simple dont vote him/her. I dont vote for lesser evils!

    Votes are like $. .Its MINE, and I decide what to do: If there is nothing worth buying, then i dont waste my $/vote. And i am NOT to be held accountable if others buy crappy jeans wit their money.

  15. says

    Exactly! How could someone be responsible if they’re neutral and objective? I would have to say that it’s these biased Christian supporters that are the ones’ who are responsible. If I don’t like what’s on the plate then I don’t eat, but it doesn’t mean I hate the cook. It means I don’t like the choice that’s given me, it doesn’t mean I’m responsible for what’s on the plate. There is a difference between a choice and just an alternative.

    As far as non-essential personal goes; what about congress themselves? I grow tired of their negligence.

  16. Corwyn says

    Wouldn’t you rather we be two parties away from communism?

    Really though there is nothing inherent in communism that says it needs to be run with a single party, it is more an economic system than a political one. You could have a communistic democracy just as easily. Or a capitalistic single party system for that matter.

  17. Corwyn says

    “OK, my proposed language was a little over-the-top, but how about “I Abstain?” That would make it unnecessary to pick one of the kooky “third parties” that serve only to dilute the “Neither of you” vote.”

    ‘I abstain’, unless it does something like nullifying an election, is mathematically worse than picking a third party, even if only at random.

    Did I mention that my state has a third party senator? Got 53% of the vote as well.

  18. L.Long says

    That’s my main reason to go into the 3rd party direction. Not that they are BETTER then the other two, it just sends a message -If enough people do it too- that we are fed up with the both of them. But it will depend on the Re-Puke-ian candidate. If he (no re-puke-ian will be a woman) is a Perry sort of nutjob then I may be forced to go Demoncrat again to insure he does not get in. So I’m hoping that the re-Puke-ian is somewhat moderate so I can go with the 3rd party or Independent I would vote for the I-Vt guy (Bernie Sanders) in a microsec, but he may be too smart to run.

  19. vgerdj says

    I always thought that a communist state had to have only one party, to keep the revolution on path. If there were more than one party, all would still have to be communist, as to keep the revolution on path. And since the revolution is an ongoing struggle, there is no room for dissent.

  20. says

    Why shucks there Burt, I do declare that latter statement just brought out the Southern Belle in me, *bats eyelashes* 😉 LOL

  21. says

    I wish there was a system we could set up so we can dismantle the current paradigm and start from the ground up. Would never happen but–dare to dream….

  22. MrTrex says

    Always being the skeptic, I like to try to stay informed on any major decisions I make. Unfortunately when it comes to lib/con politics, I seem to have major difficulties distilling truth from all of the information that is available on the internet. There always seems to be a left or right slant on news and stats that I have been able to find. Are there any sites that anyone can recommend that give the TRUTH about these matters? I’m tired of hearing Obama fanboys v haters. I just want to know exactly why I should/shouldn’t support him. I am a legal permanent resident, hence I don’t have the ability to vote, but that task is not enviable. I would have a tough time choosing between the shiniest of two turds anyways. For a while there I was a huge Ron Paul supporter, and while I agree with MANY of his ideas and policies, I just can’t stand the fact that he is so ardently christian.

  23. Tawn says

    I agree with Deesse. If Alicia had refused to vote, the argument would be valid, but she did actually use her vote to oppose both parties. If anything AlDente, it is your position which is more damaging. youll never overcome a two party system with a population thinking that way.

  24. KsDevil says

    I would think that the current Congressional situation would have redeemed your decision to vote third party. A response like “This is what you got when you didn’t vote for a third party so don’t tell me my vote was wasted’

  25. mike says

    @Al Dente

    Hey if she’s an american citizen and she voted, then she can whine all she wants about the politicians in charge, even rant and rave if necessary!