Open thread: Non-Prophets 12.3

It’s up! This week on The Non-Prophets:

Note: Yes, there are some audio problems. Seems that you can hear the people in the control room talking for the first few minutes. This is not an equipment issue, it’s user error. We have new crew and none of us have done shows in nearly a year, so expect some hiccups as we remember how to do this.

Also: If you get 2/3 of the way through the podcast and it suddenly ends, delete the file and download it again. It should be fixed now.


  1. Felipe says

    Nonsense! I expect excellency from my free entertainment!

    And I’ve got it. Great as usual, dudes.

  2. Walter says

    I was confused when Russel started talking about ‘the election’ the the Mormon visitors. Time warp?

  3. says

    Regarding Mormonism and polygamy:
    A while back I met some Mormon missionaries and, not knowing much about Mormonism, decided to take them up on their offer to talk. I met with them repeatedly for over a month and even attended their service and discussion groups.

    It was my experience that polygamy simply isn’t talked about. It it’s ever brought up, it’s dismissed with “well, that was a unique set of circumstances and we don’t do that anymore.” Any reference to Joseph Smith’s marital status always deals with his wife (singular) Emma. Unless you press them, they won’t talk about it and I very much doubt they talk about it internally.

    Also, the idea that the internet is full of “anti-Mormon propaganda” is one I encountered too. As is often the case with churches, they appear to be encouraged to seek answers from their superiors inside the hierarchy, not to rely on outside source. I’m not surprised if many Mormons are unaware of the details of their founder’s actions. Unless they’re particularly inquisitive, they’d never encounter it.

  4. says

    I’m only about 15 minutes in (I save podcasts for my commute.) I was going to send a note about the talking at the beginning just in case you guys weren’t aware. It’s free. The quality is a lot better than what I pay for. Besides, it’s content I care about.