Open thread on AXP #827, with guest, Rob Poole, MB BS, FRCPsych

I’ve embedded a number of links below, and I would urge you to explore them. I initially had included far more quoted material, but the post became too long, and I finally decided that links and brevity were best. However, the linked information is highly relevant. Most of the links are to summaries or small items I think you can investigate without too much time lost—so please review them if this topic interests you.

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Proving light exists to a blind man


How would you respond to a Christian who says “Just like light cannot be proven to a blind man, God must be experienced to believe.”?

I feel like I’ve already addressed this question before, at least on the show, but I can’t find it on the blog. When I googled the question, I found many, many examples of Christians asking this question as if it were a knock down argument. It’s not, so here we go.

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Trolling level: ICELANDER!

So this is phenomenal.

Some churches in Iceland invited Franklin Graham to speak at an event there. Now, take into account that in countries not named The United States of America (or Russia, I guess), the kind of Level 9000 evangelism Graham markets — rife with arch-conservative homophobia — tends to be a minority rather than majority viewpoint. Which means that the majority of Icelanders, upon learning that a celebrity God-bothering homophobe was about to pollute their shores, were less than pleased. So how did they respond?

By reserving hundreds upon hundreds of the event’s free tickets, with absolutely no intention of using them, that’s how! The idea is to present Graham with a nearly-empty arena for his blathering idiocy.

That. Is. Epic! But what would you expect from a group of folks who invented something as thoroughly metal as the edda? I think you deserve to compose a new one for this. Well played!

(HT to my friend Amy Angela on FB for this epicosity.)

Right ways and wrong ways

Addendum: The Tumblr discussed herein, “More Will Be Named,” has been deleted as I wrote this. So I guess the general point of this whole post has been vindicated, or something. Well, I wrote this thing, so I’ll leave it up, because the point still applies generally.

Have you heard? Harassment is back in the discourse. Oh frabjous day.

With the recent reveal by Karen Stollznow discussing the harassment she faced during her time with CFI on the part of one of its highest-tier figures, Ben Radford, to today’s followup by Carrie Poppy corroborating Stollznow’s claims and adding that they were trivialized and dismissed by JREF, the message is once again out there: the godless, skeptical community is not yet a Safe Space for its women, even its women respected for their activism. [Read more…]