Trolling level: ICELANDER!

So this is phenomenal.

Some churches in Iceland invited Franklin Graham to speak at an event there. Now, take into account that in countries not named The United States of America (or Russia, I guess), the kind of Level 9000 evangelism Graham markets — rife with arch-conservative homophobia — tends to be a minority rather than majority viewpoint. Which means that the majority of Icelanders, upon learning that a celebrity God-bothering homophobe was about to pollute their shores, were less than pleased. So how did they respond?

By reserving hundreds upon hundreds of the event’s free tickets, with absolutely no intention of using them, that’s how! The idea is to present Graham with a nearly-empty arena for his blathering idiocy.

That. Is. Epic! But what would you expect from a group of folks who invented something as thoroughly metal as the edda? I think you deserve to compose a new one for this. Well played!

(HT to my friend Amy Angela on FB for this epicosity.)


  1. OverlappingMagisteria says

    I assume that if Graham finds out, he will just make tickets optional: anyone who shows up can come in until they’re full (the event was free anyway.)

    If this happens, the trolling will have to take on a much higher level of dedication: Have a bunch of trolls show up for the events, but as soon as Graham gets on stage, everyone gets up and leaves. Still leaves him with an empty audience.

  2. chris lowe says

    Strange there would be a group from there that would invite this fanatic in the first place. What a withering response to such a self important and self righteous demagogue. Good on you fellow citizens of Bjork! The Lord moves in mysterious ways indeed.

  3. Scr... Archivist says

    I knew that a lot of Icelanders believed in elves. Who knew they could also impersonate trolls?

  4. F [is for failure to emerge] says

    That is truly epic. Nearly as epic as having two continental plates and a mid-ocean ridge.

  5. says

    Exactly, the cat seems out of the bag now (google has a batch of media hits now). Maybe the next time this comes up we should refer to the fungelical zombie lover by reversing the letters in their name: Protest Nilknarf Maharg by reserving free tickets!

    But, while the thought of him showing up to an empty venue, with at least one troll with a video camera, would have been very wonderful, let’s not forget that there is a gap of time between the event being sold out and them finding out:

    (Random acolyte runs into Franklin’s office, tries to catch breath)
    acolyte: Sir, you’ll never believe this, the event in Iceland just sold out!
    Franklin: The Lord be praised, let the collection plates be full! Bring in the comfort committee and a case of champagne!
    (several days later, acolyte walks slowly into Franklin’s office with a look of anxious fear, Franklin quickly zips up pants, his sexting moment interrupted)
    acolyte: Sir, have you checked your email?
    (Franklin clicks a couple of times, scans the monitor)
    Franklin: (mumbles) Bring in the whipping committee, there… Will… Be… HELL… TO… PAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!
    (acolyte ducks out of the door as a chair flies overhead)

  6. says

    But you know what–this news fallsfresh on the heels of the fantastic news that the creationist museum is *gasp* not able to make ends meet. Not surprising since the only visitors it recieves are atheists there to mock it LOL WE ARE WINNING folks… Thank Cod (misspelling intentional).

  7. says

    As someone who worked in box office for awhile I admire the plan but see the flaw. Since the event is free, they will simply let in people from the stand-by queue to fill the empty seats at show time. Granted I don’t know what the laws governing such things are in Iceland but this is how things would be done here. Still I can’t imagine that Franklin Graham’s version of Christianism is going to go over very well in Iceland. He doesn’t have his father’s finesse of sugar-coating the racism, sexism and anti-semitism. (See: The Nixon Tapes for examples of all of those)

  8. stubby says

    This was a great idea with poor execution, imo. They left Graham with an easy out of playing the victim card and the ability to avoid any embarrassment by not going. If they had kept the lid on this and Graham took the stage with a mostly empty audience, that would have been epic trolling. Still, props to Iceland for standing up to bigotry.

  9. M can help you with that. says

    Just don’t make me re-watch that scene where Björk and Matthew Barney eat each other’s legs…

  10. says

    I know right, HUMAN BEHAVIOR alone would make Iceland safe from mockery until 2030, even in spite of that whole date a crazy Rapper thing….annn-n-n-d beating up a reporter 😉 LOL!

  11. Hairy Chris, blah blah blah etc says

    I wonder how big the venue is?

    Iceland has a smaller population overall than Anaheim, CA and I’m not sure what the relevant stats wrt Iceland’s evangelical numbers. I’m not sure what the Icelandic national church is like, but if it is similar to those in mainland Scandinavia then it will be conservative (as in sober and traditional) and not really lending itself to Graham-level stupidity.

    It’s not like they can bus in any ringers that easily either!

  12. Hairy Chris, blah blah blah etc says

    I think that the point I am trying to make is that his audience could be very limited even leaving the amusing trollery out of it.

    One thing that may improve the trolling even more would be for ticket holders to turn up, but to walk out once he gets on the stage!

  13. EnlightenmentLiberal says

    Am I the only one who sees maybe a parallel between this and some recent shenanigans by some christians in the US to try and get some public-ish place to revoke permission for an atheist group to use their premises? (It’s somewhere on FtB.)

    I feel uneasy about these tactics being used by us. Purposefully disrupting an event like this is … distasteful.

    PS: But hey, if they wanted to stand outside and protest, no problem here.

  14. Puckoon2002 says

    I prefer to use the Sir Terry Pratchett term “gods”… From his Discworld series of books, Small Gods being one for this. As he puts it, “On the Discworld gods are not so much worshiped, as blamed.”