So we thought, we have this new building and all, let’s use it!

And reviving a certain long-dormant podcast that we all missed seemed just the thing.

We were dead. But we got better.

We were dead. But we got better.

Yes, beginning August 7, The Non-Prophets returns with a biweekly schedule on the first and third Wednesdays of each month. Jeff Dee returns to the host’s chair, with Denis Loubet and Russell Glasser in support, with occasional participation by Martin Wagner (dat’s me!). The first episode will be pre-recorded as the show finds its feet again, but after that it should be going out live. And it will be a pure podcast this time, no Google+ hangouts. So it’s very much back to the old days.


  1. zTerris says

    Great news! I’ve kept the feed in my iTunes for almost a year. Looking forward to the new episodes.

  2. Matrim says

    This is fair news indeed! NP was my favorite podcast and I was sad to see it go. Any reason why Matt isn’t going to be a regular? Just too busy?

  3. Max Entropy says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. After watching some of FTBcon over the weekend the comparison occurred to me that even the “worst” episode of Non-Prophets was better than the best of any of the panels that I saw. Thank you.

  4. John Kruger says

    Good stuff. Keep a regular schedule with timely podcast posts and awesomeness will ensue as it always has.

    It being a more or less public building, not just Matt’s house, is there any opportunity for a “live studio audience” to observe?

  5. says

    NPR is pretty damn awesome, but, to me at least, it’s not fair to compare them apples to apples. When has NPR addressed chronic pain? Where was the discussion of Ann Coulter’s latest book/article at FTBcon? 🙂

  6. says

    Well, unlike the Atheist Experience, where there’s at least the zany spontaneity of live callers to run with, NPR is just going to be a handful of us sitting around a table talking, so I don’t see much that a live audience would get out of it that they wouldn’t get just listening over earbuds. There will be studio audience capacity when we start doing television out of the place, but it won’t be quite as good as it is at ChannelAustin (mainly due to badly limited parking).

  7. Lord Narf says

    Say, they’re going up on Stitcher, like The Atheist Experience, right? You should put Godless bitches on there, too.

  8. Lord Narf says

    Sometimes, God answers prayers with a “No,” as he clearly did for many Christians in the Austin area.

  9. stubby says

    That is great! I have almost caught up on the old episodes and I would have really missed the show.

  10. says

    Also, I wouldn’t want a live studio audience to mess up the “some folks just chatting about random news and topics related to atheism” dynamic. That’s what endears GB and NPR to me and something you don’t get much of from the other podcasts in the genre.

  11. hcdfanatic83 says

    This. Is. Awesome.

    (Any chance that Matt will be on occasionally? Or maybe Shilling?)

  12. Lord Narf says

    You do realize how many people are gleefully visualizing you being tortured right now, right?

  13. Lord Narf says

    Awwwwww, no Shilling? I think he’s my favorite of the old voices. He always said provocative things and backed them up, which made me think … and I could always relate to his general misanthropy.

  14. see_the_galaxy says

    I think we have too much purely negative, destructive criticism of this sort lately. We need to work harder to stop the Great Atheist Pissing Match. A lot of us are spending a lot more time flinging dung at each other than we are dealing with the fundamentalist threat to our freedom.

  15. hcdfanatic83 says

    and I could always relate to his general misanthropy.

    Just what I thought.

    Anyway, the show will be awesome with or without Matt/Shilling.

  16. Lord Narf says

    Yup, awesome show, no matter the lineup, as long as we’ve got at least some continuity with the old cast … and we’ve got that. It’ll be good to hear more out of Jeff again, too. I remember the old shows, waaaaaaaaaay back, when he was a regular.

    Wonder what Martin will bring to the table, in this format. I remember that the gorilla episodes he did were the usual NPR goodness, but I’m having difficulties remembering specific differences in style, since there were only a couple of them, and they were so long ago.

  17. MrTrex says

    Ahhhh! So frickin awesome! I had downloaded every episode of NPR at one point (might still be lurking around one of my harddrives somewhere) As much as I love TAE and GB, there’s something special about NPR that I missed so much. VERY excited to hear this news. *Gets beers ready for asshat drinking game*

  18. James McMullen says

    And it’s about damn time! How dare you people have lives and other commitments beyond your duty to entertain me! I’ll expect the first subject discussed to be your apology for makin me wait like this.

    And if you really care about your duty, I expect you’ll be employing a Time Vortex or some such so you can get a few episodes ahead so I have plenty to download. C’mon now, snap to it!

  19. Lord Narf says

    … I expect you’ll be employing a Time Vortex or some such …

    I’ll loan them mine.

  20. James McMullen says

    Thanks, Narf. Really, it doesn’t have to be a Vortex per se. Any time machine or temporal warp or whatever would do, just so long as I can get five or six episodes cued up on the ol’ iPod by the time of my road trip next weekend so’s I got something to listen to besides Classic Rock stations, Praise FM or Limbaugh.

  21. Lord Narf says

    I’ve got a Time “Nipple” Twister 2026 model.

    Hmm, you’ve got to watch this model, though. I didn’t get the Heisenberg Compensator upgrade. The last time I used it for more than a few seconds, I accidentally turned Falwell into a Christian, and that set the movement back a few decades. The last thing we need is Russel doing the Limbaugh show, as you drive through the middle of nowhere.

    Sounds like you’ll have the same sort of radio choices that I have, driving through South Carolina to Atlanta.

  22. Jon Lynn says

    After lurking on this blog for many months, I have decided that this would be an excellent opportunity for a first post.

    HOORAY! Non Prophets!

  23. Karl says

    I am so happy to hear this. Especially that it is to be wednesdays. Too many podcasts update on weekends, and by wednesday, I have listened to them all. (Well all the ones I subscribe to anyway) Yay for midweek updates!

  24. Sunday Afternoon says

    Great to have the NP podcast refresh on my phone with the latest episode!

    As you said, you’re working out the bugs in the move from Dillahunty International Studios. One comment: most of the time it sounded as if you were all too far from the microphone(s). I’m no sound engineer, but I’m guessing this was the effect of echos from the walls rather than you actually being miles from the mikes.

  25. PJ says

    Hated Shilling. It was like inviting a troll to shit all over the show on a regular basis.
    He always took contrarian positions and, unlike the other hosts, was totally inflexible in the face of all argument.

  26. Lord Narf says

    That’s exactly why I liked him. You need someone to challenge your stances and make you think about them, from time to time. I recall a few times when he came around a bit on a position, though.

    Anyway, he’s out of the lineup, so it’s not an issue, either way.