Open thread on FtBCon panel: God is Love? Relationships in a Godless World

Beth Presswood will be on the upcoming live broadcast in 25 minutes, 4 PM Central. She is joined by  Anti-Intellect, Jamila Bey, James Croft, Ania Bula and Miri Mogilevsky.

Panel page is here:

Chat room continues to be here:


  1. Max Entropy says

    I enjoyed the Critical Thinking and Thinking Rationally About Climate Change panels.
    The Sex & Skepticism, God Is Love, and Skepticon panels were crap.
    The Right Way To Be Wrong and Atheism Is Not Enough panels were somewhere in between.

  2. unfogged says

    I saw the Critical Thinking, Evangelical Atheism, Creationism, and God Is Love sessions. All had something of interest. I would have liked more specifics in the Creationism one and the God Is Love session I think would have been better with another male viewpoint being expressed. It was still worthwhile, just a little unbalanced. Beth should have dragged Matt into the room!