FTBCon schedule posted

It’s just three days away. Check here to see all the panels and speakers that you can “attend” for free!

For those looking to focus on people associated with The Atheist Experience and the ACA, here’s a quick summary:

  • Saturday 12:00pm: “Evangelical Atheism”, with Russell Glasser, Jamila Bey, and Vyckie Garrison
  • Saturday 10:00pm: “Video Games, Religion, and Morality”, with Tauriq Moosa, Avicenna, Ashley F. Miller, Brianne Bilyeu, Russell Glasser and Jason Thibeault
  • Saturday 4:00pm: “God is Love? Relationships in a Godless World” with Beth Presswood, “Anti-Intellect,” Jamila Bey, James Croft, Ania Bula and Miri Mogilevsky
  • Sunday 12:00pm: “Female Protagonists in Video Games” with Lynnea Glasser, Rebecca Watson, Ashley F. Miller, Brianne Bilyeu, Avicenna and Jason Thibeault

Please check out the Facebook page and website for more info!


  1. says

    You can see all the tweets to #FTBCon sans misogynist drivel by following these Tweeps ->
    Miri Hashspam List

    Unfortunately no point subscribing to the list as Twitter does not show retweets from list members and all the #FTBCon tweets worth reading will be retweeted by these accounts… Discovered as part of the fun of trying to remove hashspam. So you need to follow all six accounts I’m afraid, they do all follow back 😉

    “Uberfeminist” has already threatened to spam the hash to me on Twitter, having tried to read xyr blog on multiple occasions I can confirm with a 99% confidence interval you will be missing nothing by having “Uber” filtered.

  2. Russell Glasser says

    Ah yes, the omnipresent Twitter hashtag spammers, as I discussed in this post. If people like “uberfeminist” have a point to make, I certainly can’t make heads or tails of it. As far as I can tell, the message is either “All conferences suck” or “Having a productive conversation on Twitter about any conference sucks.” If that’s the message, I can certainly see why it’s so important to promote that message by sitting on Twitter all day posting about the sucky conference.

  3. says

    Is Twitter going to go the way of YouTube comments? You’d think they could monitor and shutdown folks that are really spamming. Even automatically, there have to be some heuristics that mark the spammers from the other normal users, just give them a pop up that you have to wait 1 minute to post the next thing after doing >5 in the last minute (the Arab spring protesters could still get their message across). If you want to be able to send more tweets, provide an address and credit card to link you to meat space.

  4. John Kruger says

    These are US Central time zone times, I am guessing?

    Also, is there a “I have never used Google hangouts before in my life” helpful page for this conference somewhere?

  5. Russell Glasser says

    I don’t believe that you will have to use Hangouts. When we’ve recorded them in the past, they’ve just gone straight to a YouTube link which can be streamed live.

  6. Lord Narf says

    Well, you’re helping the other lazy people, too. Getting the information into as many fora as possible isn’t a bad thing. You know that if you asked the question, other people had the question and didn’t ask.

    … unless it’s a really insane question, in which case, it could just be you.