Texas “Merry Christmas Bill”

I got quoted at length by a RawStory.com blogger looking for a reaction to the Texas legislature’s latest salvo in the War On Christmas. It was not the most diplomatic interview I’ve ever given. 🙂



  1. Lord Narf says

    Nice. I love the call-back to the article about the call with the child-rape proponent.

  2. Cuttlefish says

    I think this might officially be the earliest in the year that the War On Christmas has ever started.

  3. changerofbits says

    Well, it’s probably not something that the average Christian who is ignorant of church-state separation is going even understand, but I like it. Ridiculing can be effective tool.

  4. changerofbits says

    I’m not sure if the Texas legislature ever left their trench. Or, maybe they left a shell chambered in the artillery from last year and the capital cleaning crew accidentally pulled the trigger?

  5. John Kruger says

    Ah yes. What would Texas politics be without hollow and pointless shows of religious devotion that shore up the ignorant and otherwise largely unconditional support of the religious right voting base.

    I dream of the day when acts like that cause more harm than good to a Texas politician’s career. Sadly, I fear a lot of stubborn old religious people are going to have to die off or leave Texas before there is even a chance for that , there is just no way to change some people’s minds.

  6. unfogged says

    Texas: almost as big a joke as South Carolina.

    I like the Huffington Post article about the bill…

    But while the legislation specifies that schools may not constitutionally favor one religion over another, the bill is named for only one religion — Christmas.

    When did ‘Christmas’ become the name of a religion?

    Perry spokesman Josh Havens told The Huffington Post, “This bill is about the freedom of religion, not freedom from religion, and Gov. Perry supports it.”

    Maybe someday they’ll understand that the two are the same.

  7. says

    Some years back one of my work friends belonged to an organization that was set up by Jews to work as temps or subs so that Christians could have Christmas and Easter holidays off to spend with their families. I thought that was nice. But they found it aggravating that in spite of the fact that there were way more Christians around, they could find hardly any volunteers to return the favor during the Jewish holidays. And that’s Christianity for you in a nutshell, at least as practiced in America today. All butt-hurt if everything doesn’t cater to their religion, even if the only time they practice that religion is when there’s a free mean or some presents involved, but completely ignorant of anyone else’s practices or holidays and not at all willing to help out people, even when those very people just helped them out six months ago.

  8. Marlon says

    For the last few years, my response to “Merry Christmas” has been either “Mary Steenburgen!”, “Mary Tyler Moore!”, or “Mary, Queen of Scots!”
    I get a lot of puzzled looks.

  9. Jim Houston says

    I guess if you say “Merry Christmas” often enough, your fertilizer plants don’t explode.

  10. says

    Well, they have to keep up with the fact that Christmas marketing starts earlier and earlier every year. If I might intrude on your bailiwick just a bit….

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas
    In the shopping malls.
    It’s the 25th of July
    There’s only five months to buy
    You’d better hurry, Santa’s on his way!

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas
    And it should be a sin.
    But the pre- pre-Christmas sales
    Have never been known to fail
    To bring shoppers in.

  11. Rex Archer says

    Been giving Ray Comfort’s FB page the truth lately,but he hasn’t banned me yet…Wondering wtf is up with that?

  12. Rex Archer says

    Maybe he can’t refute my evidence…
    “If evolution isn’t true,then why do we need new & better medicines for sicknesses?If the flu virus didn’t evolve,we’d only need the first one discovered.It adapts & changes,”evolves”,to the vaccinations to it.Wake up,or sleep in silence…”
    That is what I posted there…

  13. unfogged says

    I should hope so. Where I’m from the word ‘merry’ and the name ‘Mary’ (and the verb ‘marry’ for that matter) sound very different. Mary Christmas would sound as odd as Merry Tyler Moore or Marry, Queen of Scots.

  14. Lord Narf says

    I dunno. I’d expect most apologists to pull out the macro/micro bullshit, in response to that. Although, I’m not sure Ray accepts enough of evolution to even allow for macro-evolution.

  15. Rex Archer says

    That is the ultimate weak argument…Although I realize they don’t see it like that.

  16. Lord Narf says

    Yeah, it’s pretty idiotic. I know the micro/macro people are out there, but I’ve only run into it once or twice, myself. Almost every Christian I’ve talked to either completely denies biological evolution or is an old-earth creationist.

    I’d love to know where they even get this idea from. Evolution within boundaries …
    Really? What’s the mechanism you’ve discovered which prevents a species from crossing one of those boundaries?

  17. says

    It was first used by biologists in the 1920’s. They were merely terms of reference for time scales; macro being geological time scale and micro being that of a smaller scale, say a human lifetime. Which really, itself is still quite vague, which is why even then it wasn’t often used.