Foundation Beyond Belief OKC relief efforts

Dale McGowan’s organization, Foundation Beyond Belief, runs a Humanist Crisis Response program. In the wake of yesterday’s massive tornado in Oklahoma, they are currently collecting money for Operation USA and the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. Can you pitch in a few bucks?


  1. changerofbits says

    My preemptive apologies (know that this comes with love from someone who has mistakenly commented to many an online forum), but we all need some levity after seeing the elementary schools that were torn to shreds yesterday, even if it is at our own expense:

  2. says

    I can’t stop thinking about the kids (not that losing adults is a lesser loss) but, I have school age kids–how does anyone deal with that…?

  3. changerofbits says

    We’ve got one 3 1/2 and one more on the way this summer. No need to qualify your feelings, the tragedy of death is inversely proportional to age. Fuck old people (myself included) if there’s a zero sum where kids have to die.

  4. says

    You know, I was just saying the same thing to my hubby. Funny how things shift and change–even media reporting–depending on who gets in harms way.

  5. says

    Wel, lthe way I see it, if I had a choice, I’d rather drop off before my kids do–I have seen so much of life and they are just beginning

  6. Crystal says

    I can’t stop thinking about the children either. For some reason, when bad things happen to children, it really bothers me. Probably because they are so young and innocent. I agree that I would rather die than mine or any other child. I have two children who are school age, so I understand how you feel Alicia.

  7. rilian says

    My aunt’s house was destroyed, while she was in it. But she’s fine. It’s a miracle! No one in *my* family died. Just like 6 of my cousin’s classmates. Thank g0d.

    Not to be mean to the people who died. But it makes me feel a little gross when my family is so happy that we are all ok, yet other people are not ok.

  8. says

    Thanks Crystal…I get afraid people will take my sentiments the wrong way. I recognize that all life is precious–but there is something about the innocent being smitten that haunts us. Which is why it bothers me that so many are practically saying “Thank god MY kid didn’t die”, I mean, what a horrid thing to say in the face of so much loss. I’d be devastated hearing this–like “So, why DID mine die? What did I do to upset god or deserve this?” Not a nice mental place to put people in.