Speaking of Godless Perverts…

Greta Christina noticed that I had posted an email last week with “Godless Perverts” in the title — as a reference to one of many attempted insults tossed out by one of our commenters. That post had little to do with Greta Christina’s regular meetup group, which is actually called “Godless Perverts,” so that seemed to have caused some confusion.

But hey, being Godless is fun! Perversion can, apparently, also be fun! So since some of you might might actually like to look into these events, the following is a guest post from Greta.

As one of the hosts/ organizers of the Godless Perverts event that was discussed here a few days ago, I feel like I should explain what exactly that’s about.

The Godless Perverts are actually based in San Francisco, not Lawrence, KS. We host readings/performance events, social gatherings, and panel discussions looking at sex and sexuality from an atheist perspective: looking at the intersection of sex and sexuality with atheism, skepticism, materialism, science, etc., as well as looking at religion and sexuality from an atheist perspective.

In April, we took the show on the road for the first time, and hosted a Godless Perverts Story Hour event at the Reasonfest conference in Lawrence. The name was chosen (a) to be funny and entertaining, and (b) as part of reclaiming the words “godless” and “pervert” — both of which get used as marginalizing words, to marginalize atheists and sexual minorities (kinky people, poly people, LGBT people, etc.).

All of which makes it seem somewhat stuffy, so I’ll assure you that it isn’t: the Godless Perverts Story Hour readings/ performance events can get pretty wild. Good times. And I’m still scratching my head over the idea that our existence proves that atheism is unfalsifiable. m-/


Also as a reminder, Greta’s sexy new book, Bending, is available now in many convenient formats!


  1. changerofbits says

    Kudos on the effort to reclaim pervert, Greta!

    I’m an atheist and I don’t think babies should be eaten.
    I’m a feminist and I don’t think boys should be castrated.
    I’m a pervert and I don’t think children should be raped.

    Oh the irony that the Vatican has been demonstrably complicit in the latter two straw men. If we only lived in a world where all Priests, Bishops, Cardinals and Popes were good, salt of the earth, atheist, feminist perverts…

  2. spookyone says

    Leave it to Greta to get her panties in a twist over the use of two innocent English language words. I thought it was perfectly clear that in Kansas at the conference some people were calling themselves “godless perverts” and not that her group was “based” there.

  3. nurseingrid says

    spookyone, Greta was AT the conference in Kansas. She co-hosted a Godless Perverts event at that conference. It was not just “some people calling themselves” that.

  4. joachim says

    Greta has written about tips for profitable sex working.

    Having to sell you own body is slavery.

    And the exploitation of women.

    Greta should be ashamed.

    They had a “Godless Perverts Hour’ at the ‘Reasonfest’ in Lawrence KS. They thought they were being so cute and clever, but a lot of students were disgusted and laughing AT them, not WITH them.

    Face it. Deal with it. It was a loss.

  5. Lord Narf says

    A lot of people will laugh at anything we do. We’re in a country that’s 80% Christian and is so stuck up that most Europeans can’t get their heads wrapped around our social taboos. The only way to change things is to get out there, let them laugh at us and get it out of their system.

    Prostitution is worse because it’s illegal. It is a lot like slavery, in many cases, because prostitutes can’t get recognition like many other skilled professionals. They end up victims of human trafficking and other problems. Attitudes like yours help perpetuate the problems.

  6. joachim says

    Its legal in place like Vegas, but selling your own body is simply exploitation of women.

    Your excuses don’t change that.

    Next thing you know, atheists will be arguing for selling body parts like kidneys and hearts to the highest bidder.

    If you want to call yourselves Godless Perverts…go for it!

  7. Lord Narf says

    Some women feel differently. So, please justify your assertion.

    Besides, there’s a big difference between renting out your body and often providing some sort of emotional support, like a therapist … and permanently selling off your internal organs. That’s one of the worst slippery-slope arguments I’ve ever heard.

    Are you seriously saying that you think there’s some sort of link that’s going to lead from legalized prostitution to selling body parts? You’re being absurd, because you’ve got nothing but a bald assertion.