Fake YouTube account, fake contest

Some rather pitiful attention seeker, using the YouTube username “HelpImSick”, has renamed his channel to “Matthew Dillahunty.” He is currently stealing and reposting ACA videos, and under several videos he has included this description:

May 1st-31st Contest for 2013:

Give a coherent explanation that God exists, that could actually almost convince me that God is true:

I will reward the person with 2500$ for the most convincing argument, and I will announce the winner on the 31st.

The 2500$ is not fake, it is for the most convincing argument, and I will announce the winner on the 31st. Opposed to the Creationist contest, I actually have an open mind.

…Then he goes on to provide all the usual ACA contact info and links.

The $2500 is absolutely fake. There is no contest. Neither Matt nor the ACA would throw that kind of money around in any case, nor would we fake a prize as a lame publicity stunt, just so we could claim that there is no winner and keep the money. Matt’s real YouTube account is SansDeity.

It is laughable when creationists put up prize money. The difference between that and the James Randi challenge is that JREF deals with concrete claims that can be verified through scientific testing with mutually agreed on conditions for victory. Similar creationist “challenges” such as Kent Hovind’s, set up some vague, unspecific condition (“prove to me that evolution is true!”) and set themselves, or close associates with no transparency, as the judge of these subjective conditions.

This “Matthew” is making a similar same offer with his imaginary money that he claims is not fake. Actually, he’s stating it is for “the most convincing argument,” which — while subjective — doesn’t leave a lot of wiggle room for saying that there’s no winner. So far, we’ve only received one email from some gullible person who thought the offer was real. His argument was terrible; I’d sum it up as “our perception of the world is imperfect, therefore there could be things we don’t perceive, therefore God exists.” But I guess under the stated rules he’d win. If there was any money. Which, again, there isn’t, because it would be a pointless exercise.

Now fake Matthew is responding to the charges of being fake by saying:

No morons please. Yes, I am the REAL Matt Dillahunty. It’s been a headache with illiterate people whom are saying that I do not have 2,500$ or a contest. I am happy to hear your reasoning for God, but if you call or email me about the credibility of the contest, I will remove your chance permanently. I am good at memorizing your voice, and your bad grammar, so it is quite easy to revoke your chances. Call or Email, unless you’re one of these persistent numb nut Creationists. It is the same logical reasoning used for God, that a lot of idiots use, to try and twist my established event.

Matt wouldn’t call people idiots for exercising reasonable skepticism. I wouldn’t either. This is a tone deaf parody.

The account has been reported by Matt and Atheist Experience, so hopefully it will be taken care of. In the meantime, feel free to link this post if you hear anyone claim the prize is real.

Update: The impersonator has sort of identified himself, see comments below.


  1. Michael29 says

    I sent this fake Matt a message and he said
    “My Facebook was hi-jacked.
    I’m dealing with getting it back, so kindly stop being ill.

    It is none of your business, but I am dealing with Facebook. It is just coincidental that this happened. So stop spreading the lies, if it is not fueled by religious hate.”

  2. says

    @Michael29: LOL to that reply you got…so I guess our TAE page on Facebook has also been “hijacked,” and now our official blog? And I guess the long-time Matt Youtube account at SansDiety is also no longer under his control? And I’m guessing someone has also misappropriated my own user name here at FTB to post as me to mock the fake channel?

  3. Jason Rebelato says

    Clearly this loser knew he was going to get busted pretty quick so this is all just attention seeking. As I deal with all other trolls, I will personally ignore this moron and he/she will soon go away.

  4. gshelley says

    The sentence structure is very odd, I suspect English is not this person’s fisrt language

  5. Trebuchet says

    Would that be the 31st of April on which he’ll be announcing the winner? Might have a long wait.

  6. Michael29 says

    I think nobody would be bothered about this if it weren’t for the 2500$ “contest”

  7. says

    The person/people who are doing this know that this is the age of CONSPIRACIES are everywhere. Long after this is debunkerd there will be idiots out there that will assume TAE and MATT did this as either a stunt or recognized they were bested and ran off tail between legs. The individual(s) who did this is clever–however–is there something illegal here? Impersonating others and taking over identities and such? Not sure what that could fall under but–is there a way to find out who this person is and nab them for this BS?

    Also–how desperate do you have to be to do this–we must be winning the battle for sure.

  8. Lord Narf says

    Oh, sure, there are many types of fraud that this would fall under. Defamation of character. It certainly qualifies as one of these.

    Good luck prosecuting it, though. It’s probably some asshole in another country, anyway.

  9. Kazim says

    The guy who did this has more or less identified himself. He sent me a private message telling me to look at his Google+ post, linked here:

    It turns out that the message he’s demanding we respond to is the one reproduced here:

    So basically it appears to be an inept blackmail job: answer my email and acknowledge my great insights, or I shall punish you by continuing to impersonate Matt.

    Mystifying, really. Being called out as a fraud, and having everyone make fun of you, does not give you some sort of “leverage.”

  10. Lord Narf says

    Oh, for Christ sake. Really? This is how he demonstrates his commitment to converting Matt?

  11. Kazim says

    Actually, I’m now having second thoughts. I think maybe fake MD could be trolling by reposting the message that was on the blog.

  12. skeptico says

    It’s been a headache with illiterate people whom are saying…

    And later:

    I am good at memorizing your voice, and your bad grammar,

    Memorizing it and then repeating it, apparently.

  13. Lord Narf says

    He memorizes all of their voices and then immediately recognizes any of dozens of people, who may be doing an accent?

  14. says

    I know right–my head hurt just reading his crap. Anyone familiar with Matt’s writing style knows he would only structure sentences like that if he were undergoing some kind of seizure.

  15. Arnold says

    Why some people have so much trust in a supernatural being that is an absolute nitwit in communicating to his supposed self created beings. Even kids talk to their own dolls, all kids and all of their dolls, not just one of them!