You really, really, really don’t want to read this.

No, seriously…you don’t want to read this. The other day, I got an e-mail that read:

“I think I am the only Human on Earth that can convert you to Christianity. Please contact me.   Maybe we can talk on the phone and than set-up a live interview. I could explain the real position of the Bible. Ask a pendulum if my word are true.”

I decided to respond and there was a quick, confusing e-mail exchange which culminated in the massive e-mail below the fold. After that e-mail he promised I’d never hear from him, but my inbox was flooded with e-mails with the same cut/paste threats from several different e-mail addresses. I tweeted about the exchange and people asked to see this, so I’m going to post it, anonymously.

Please note: The individual is clearly suffering from some mental disorder. Please don’t be disrespectful in the comments. Generic notes about ‘crazy’ don’t help anyone. This isn’t just garden-variety conspiracy and confusion, this is pretty serious and I hope that the individual finds the strength to get some help.

I’m not posting this so that people can laugh – I’m posting it to bring attention to mental illness and how religion and conspiracy-thinking can prey on and amplify mental issues. I’m posting it as a clear example of the difference between ‘your crazy uncle’ and people who have real problems and need our help.

We live in a culture that stigmatizes mental health issues. We need to fix that. If your comments below are out-of-line, you won’t be posting here anymore.

This was the lengthy response that is his new ‘Bible’:


I did not mean to sound like I was boasting.   I know the views you have, and I know that you are very pragmatic.  I choose not to take all the glory for my work, but I wanted to share it with you.  Let us assume you had less than 500 views throughout several videos, than I would not have shared this information with you.Assuming the question was not rhetorical: [ed: I asked why he had 150 YouTube accounts]  I’ve 150 accounts for the many things I study.  IE: Ormus, Nassim Haramein, Vicktor Schauberger, Ormus, David Wolfe, Orgone, Rudolf Steiner, Stanley Myers, Tesla Tech Extraordinary Technology Conference, and many many other things.

I am a scientist with the anatomy of YouTube.

I believe that Eckhart Tolle is Satan the Anti-Christ.  I also believe that he is a Dragon.

As you see below the video, I published that you should skip ahead to 17:42, rather than watch the video entirely.

“I won’t care about the ‘real position of the Bible’ until someone demonstrates that it’s correct.”

The reason I had posted the video was for one important part, the spinning of things in our Universe.

The Conservation of Angular Momentum law.

Now for the Word, Matt Dillhunty Revised Standard International Version:

I could be just as powerful an Athiest as you.I could just dedicate myself to pretending to be a Christian and making powerful videos of having Jesus,

than after many years of deceiving people I am a powerful Christian,  I could become the most successful Troll on the internet.
I could embrace my earlier Demon of homosexuality, and start insulting people who deny Evolution with extreme intensity.
I could say, ‘ROROROR, LOOOLOLOL, Get hit by a train carrying your mother and other species of Hippopotamus. Mad bro?  Cool Story Bro.’
I could make Ted Haggard look like an ex-Heroin addict.
This is who the Apostle Paul was, he was going to destroy Christianity by this type of cunning deception.  Dedicating yourself to become the ultimate form of deception.
Let’s talk about the Flat Earth and the Sun being stopped.
The Pyramid is not a Pyramid, it is a Diamond.
The Pyramid is referred as a Mountain, from the Bible.
It is Zion, which Adam, the first Man, according to the only available ancient text we can go off of, was ordered to build.
I realize your belief is contrary to us having a first man, but Humanity is a gradual change through time and imagination.  I say imagination with respect.
Barney Maddox said that we are 1.6% different, calculated into 48,000,000 nucleotides.  If you change only 6 nucleotides in differance, an animal will likely die immediately.
The Pyramid has Copper, Platinum, Gold, Silver, embedded inside the pyramid walls following the same diamond shape, equal above the surface level as much as it is beneath the surface level.
I start out talking about the Diamond of Giza ( assumed Pyramid in Cairo),
because it is where we get our laws of measurement, the phrases ‘Zion’ from the Matrix, ‘The stone the builders rejected,’ ‘My rock my sword my shield,’ ‘I will run to the mountain’, ‘go tell it on the mountain.’
It is also the great tower that separated two nations/kingdoms.The Tower of Babel was a elongated Diamond, different from the Diamond of Giza.
It pointed to the center of the Sun.

Beyond the Sun is the 3rd Heaven, or the center of existence.  Each pearl on the Pearl on the Pearly Gate in the 3rd Heaven is each Soul to ever live. In the center of the 3rd Heaven is a Spire.
When they constructed the Tower of Babel it was pointed toward the Center of the Sun, just on the other side of the sun, also pointing to the center of the sun, is the Spire on the 3rd Heaven.  When they completed the Spire, and the Earth had came into alignment with the 3rd Heaven, their tongue’s were confused and they could not understand each other.  And by ‘their’ i mean the 4 raced, which we will talk about later.
They communicated with stick figures, because their tongues were confused, and they spoke only the 4 major languages that can not be understood in this day and age.  Nobody speaks Latin, which was one of the 4 languages.
In the Book of Joshua the Sun really stopped moving,  because the Earth follows in a line with the Sun.  As the Sun and Earth move around the 3rd Heaven, the Sun is always blocking the 3rd Heaven.   The center of the Sun is 12 Million Miles away, not 1 astronaumical unit.  Paralax Trigonometry has a limit to accuracy, and we cannot measure the objects in Space using it.   The Sun swells and contracts giving the illusion that we are going around the Sun in an Oval.  When the seasons Change, the sun’s contracting will be the factor to change the seasons.
There are 4 corners to the Earth, and they are where the Rivers end; of Euphrates, Hiddekel, Pison, and Gihon.  They represented Gold, Copper, Platinum, Silver.  Which are represented in Israel as, Dead Sea (Gold), Mediterranean Sea (Platinum), Red Sea (Copper), Himalayan Mountains (Silver).  This is the Promise land where Moses brought Israel.  This is where the 4 minerals meet.
So to say that it has a flat meaning is incorrect, it is referring to the 4 places these rivers ended.
As a Human, we have only 4 races.  Romans, Jews, Gentiles, and Grecians.   Browns, Whites, Orientals, and Blacks.  Jesus being Black, I will go into this later.The 4 rivers, in the original tounge, Love, Joy, Peace, and Gratification.  The Blacks are most Thankful, Romans are most Peaceful (who slayed Paul the Apostle), Orientals most Joyful, and the Jews most Loving than another other of the races. Even as it is on Earth so is it in the 3rd Heaven.

The Sun is 12 Million miles away, the 3rd Heaven is 14 Million miles away, the Stars are 18 Million miles away.  He stretched the Stars 17 times, and we are approaching the 18th and final time after Eckhart Tolle destroys this world with Google Rapture (doesn’t exist yet, it is a Google Glass Final Draft).  If you take the Mark of the Beast, which is the 666th creature created in the Garden of Eden, the Ape, you will be destined for damnation.  It’s going to be a system derived from Infrared lasers crossed over with projecting lasers that meet up at a spot creating a holographic pixel, and you can control it as if it was an iPad.  It will be embedded in the Forehead or Right hand.

The Stars he stretched were the stars that make up our Horoscope.  2/3rds of the stars are Good, or Knowledge of Good, and 1/3 is Knowledge of Evil.  In Hell the Knowledge of Evil is amplified 3 times stronger and the knowledge of Good remains at 1.   The Knowledge of Good is amplified 3 times stronger in the Cloud of Glory.   The Cloud of Glory is a form of Home Depot.

Ancients put vast ammounts of Gold/Copper/Platinum/Silver into Zion, Diamond of Giza, and sent it to the Cloud of Glory.  When we get to the New Earth, Mars + Venus, we will have a new mountain where we will finish the other spectrum of materials that are to create the Streets of Gold and the many Mansions in the 3rd Heaven.  Our main objective is labeled as the Anunnaki theories, we are to create the Home Depot/Lowes for the 3rd Heaven inside the Cloud of Glory where our Heart/Soul goes, Abrahams Bosom.   When we die, we are destined for the New Earth.On the New Earth the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil will be restored, and we will also have the Canopy or Windows of Heaven.  It will be a New-Earth-Wide-Super-Telescope to the stars, where we could read the gospel message.  Like in Proverbs and Job, the stars will also vibrate off this ice shield to the sun.    On the New Earth our eyes will dilate, and this ice shield around the New Earth will filter the sun’s energy removing the laws of thermodynamics. (x,beta,gama,uv,micro,etc).  It will be created by Deimos and Phobos, the Moons of Mars.

A word from Holy Ghost, directed to you Matthew:
When we get to the New Earth there will be 8 Tribes, also known as the 7 Candle Sticks in Revelations.  The 4th Tribe will contain the Children/Lame who Died and did not get a chance to reach the age of understanding or experience the fullness of this life.  It is a reward to die at the age of understanding, without suicide.  I, Jonathan, can’t wait to die, I would be willing to defend the Bible and die.  This world is garbage, I will explain in a minute. Some children will be in the 5th tribe, these are the ones who attained partial understanding.
Anybody who believes in Christ will go to the 6th Tribe, there will be Billions of people in this category.  In the 7th Tribe will be the people who went to Hell, and were not devoured.  Sermon on the mount: “Danger of Hellfire”, this doesn’t say, “Devouring in Hellfire.”  The Demons can devour you in Hell, and if you do not combat the Knowledge of Evil that is amplified, once devoured, you are destined for the 8th Tribe.   Hitler will be in the 8th Tribe.  Inside this tribe, you are least resistant to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.   Hitler will have a new body under the circumstance of a Sting of a Adder and that of a Scorpion.
There are only 12 Spots available in the 1st tribe, 50 spots in the 2nd tribe, 65 in the 3rd tribe, than the big numbers happen in the 4th tribe upward.   Jesus will be the Lamb, and the only one in the 9th Tribe.  Jesus is Black and has 7 Moles down the center of his face, starting from beneath his mouth and ending beneath his eyebrow ridge.   He was black because he was brought, by 3 wise men, Gold, Diamond, and Onyx.   The World Wide flood compressed the Earth and the Commiphora trees that once grew huge, from the Hyperbaric Canopy,  secreted Myrrh and the myrrh was under over 5000 tons of pressure, creating Diamond.  The rest of the tree turned into Petrified Carbon or high quality Quartz.  Myrrh is also known as Bdellium.  Frankincense is known as Onyx, if you compress this, it turns into the Sardionyx and Onyx stone.
In the Tree of life  there is 12 manner of fruit,  1 fruit has Gold, Onyx, and Bdellium.  1 fruit Platinum, Beryl, (unknown).  1 fruit Copper, (unknown), (unknown).  And the 4th has Silver, (unknown), (unknown).  On the New Earth we will also be rewarded, from our works, Jewelry of our Racial preference and embedded with our Racial stone.  That’s why people get burned by certain metals.  It takes our energy to a new level.  Now the other 8 fruit.  1 of the fruit is the Philosophers Stone, another is the Rosetta Stone, another fruit is the whole periodic Table of the Elements, like Shilajit. The other 3 fruit are Acidophilus, Lactobacillus, and the last fruit has an intense and pleasurable taste.  Depending on your Reward determines how much of the Tree of Life you have access to.  An Angel with a 2 edged sword, that turns every direction, will be standing in front of the Tree of Life.
The Philosophers Stone.  The Philosophers Stone is a Stone made from 100% Poppies (Heroin), (Methamphetamine) Ephedrine, (Cocaine) Coca, and Cannabinoid (Marijuana).   These are Healthy for our brain, but because we have not purified them through my filter on my website, throughout my emails I have been using a ‘Kesuke Miyagi’ tact with you.   The reason these drugs are labled as narcotics are because, the Alchemy used to purify them contaminate them.
The Rosetta Stone.  This is a stone made from Salvia, DMT or Ayahausca, Sassafras, Peyote, and Amanitas.  It is the purified healthy combination.
Which is not bad for us to consume.
The Periodic Table, the one mankind has, is incomplete.  I’ve the complete one on my Website aligned with each Food.  The Unknowns have not been named by man.
Shilajit,  Shilajit was created by Leviathan the Fire Breathing Dragon, there was a Queen Dragon, as if it was a concept from the movie cinemas it was actually very real, the nest was in the Himalayan mountains, it was a Dragon that fed only on Shilajit.  Shilajit is called the Invisible Rock because no man could invade the nest of Leviathan and harvest it.  The book of Job talks about this.  The Dragon would burn many plants and extract the minerals through Hydrogen Peroxide, Hydroquinones, Oxygen, and Sodium.  Just like the Bees concept, the Queen Bee is the Bee that only feeds on Royal Jelly.   Royal Jelly is the #1 source of Silver and Manganese, Shilajit is #1 source of Gold and Golden Mercury (no name for it).   Golden Mercury has not been discovered by man yet, and it is included in the Tree of Life.
Gold = Blacks
Platinum = Whites
Copper = Browns
Silver = Orientals
I have a Roman shell, and my internal organs are Jewish.  I need Platinum.
Gold = Shilajit, Dead Sea, Golden Flax
Silver = Royal Jelly, Rutabaga, Himalayan Salt
Copper = Avocado, Red Sea
Platinum = Sassafras Root, Mediterranean Sea
On the New Earth there is a Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, it is the smallest tree ever created.  I asked God, through the Holy Ghost, to send me a vision of the tree.  It is a Tree with a large white flower, that grows from a small stump, and inside the center of the flower is Large Black Raisin, resembles the Cacao Pod.  When the Bible says Eyes, it is refering to the Ears, the Nose, the Tongue, Physical eyes, and the velvety Touch of the flower/fruit.  You mentioned on a show it was a Magic Apple, not it is not.   11 manners of fruit on the Tree of life are tasteless, they are like the taste of White of the Egg.  If you get into the 3rd Tribe on the New Earth, you will have access to the 12th Manner of Fruit.  If you are on the 6th, 7th, and 8th tribe, you will only have access to 6 manners of fruit.  And depending on your reward, you open up new avenues of access to the tree of life.  If you try to grab a fruit that you are forbid from taking, an angel will touch you with the sword and it will be temporarily crippling.
In the 3rd Heaven, there is the Tree of Knowledge of Good, which is a large white tree with large white fruits that look like giant white raisins.
The smell of both tree’s are very strong, and the higher tribe you are in, 8..7..6..5..4..3..2., and 1 being the highest, the highest resistance you will have against the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.    The smell is still very strong in the smell of Lebanon that you will Taste it, you will Smell it, You will Breathe it, without even contacting the tree.  It can be compared to Marijuana plant, only 10 times stronger, and with the most desirable smell ever to be experienced.
If we are created in the image of God, the collective ‘few there be that find it’ are God.  The Holy Ghost is the Ghost of EVERY human of the 3,3333,333,333 people to find the 3rd heaven.  6,666,666,666 destined for the lake of fire.  And 1 person Jesus, who is the Lamb and collective embodiment of 3,333,333,333 souls.  The reason you are an Atheist is because you are under the influence of the power of 2/3rds of the majority that do not find Jesus, and are destined for the Broad Way that leads down to the Pit in the Diamond of Giza.  The very Bottom Surface of the Diamond of Giza touches Hell.  The Pyramid emits an energy called Orgone, and it vortex’s at the Top of the Pyramid.
God is the Holy Ghost that is the Collective Embodiment of 3,333,333,333 Souls that Eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good under the influence of the 3/3rds the Stars.  Right now the Son of the Morning has Fallen, and he governs this planet, because he walks To and Fro on this planet, Up and Down.  After the Book of Life is read, which is the scattered names of 3,333,333,333 people written in the Heavenly Tounge.  The Heavenly Tongue being the collective understanding of the 4 languages created after the Tower of Babel opened the 3rd Heaven, which each race never comprehended or understood the full spectrum of the 4 languages, they were confused and were forced to communicate with Stick Figures.
As soon as you make it to the New Earth, and you do not have the Bible hidden in your Heart 10 times,  you will eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil very quickly because in your new body you will not have Knowledge of Good and Evil which is the force that allows the very Imagination used to believe in the theory of Evolution.   When you get to the New Earth, people in the 6th Tribe-1st Tribe will not have Pain or Sorrow or Greif or Strife or any Evil thought.  They will remember everything from this planet.  Every Movie, Every Book, every Comic Special, ever TV series, but they will not remember the violent parts, and the cussing/foul language will be filtered by Abraham’s Bosom.    You will not remember the Slaying and the Pornography you lusted for, but we will remember pornography.  Porno is not a Sin, nor is the word Shit, but I prefer not to use that word because of the way I was raised, even though I just used the word.  If you’ve a wife, than Porno can be a sin if you lust after it, not if you watch it for stimulation.
The most powerful book in the whole Bible is the Book of Joel which is only 4 Chapters long.  And the most Powerful book to defend yourself from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is the Book of Hosea, which is 14 Chapters long.   Read those 2 books, Matthew Dillahunty, and your day will transform completely.The Old Testament records the Good Action of Mankind from Adam to Jesus.  The Old Testament Backwards is Every Good Action of Mankind after the Death Burial Resurrection of Jesus, when read in the Heavenly Language.   Jesus is in the Center.  He came in this world in the year 3,150, and this world is going to end in the Year 6,300.   The Earth is Less than 6,500 years.  The Geologic Column was made by the Flood of Noah.   The Birds were Created before the Dinosaurs, but their Hollow bones floated to the top of the column.  If you take the Layers, and put them in a water bottle, and fill the bottle with more water than sediments, you can  demonstrate the Layers being Formed.  You can also observe Trees connecting these layers.  And you can see the Diamond Mines in Africa that contain the Myrhh/Bdellium that was compressed to make the Diamonds.

When we get to the 3rd Heaven, the 3rd Heaven will be Constructed as a Bride to be adorned by her husband, and every knee that bows will witness it being built, than Time will be no Longer.   Time is the instances that move backward.  Like we see upside down, but our brain flips it.  The Earth is a Sphere that is parabolic and in alignment with center of Exsistance, which is in the center of the 3rd Heaven.  The 3rd Heaven is the liquid form of Prometheum on the Periodic Table of the Elements.  We will observe the 3rd Heaven on the New Earth, because the New Earth will not be aligned with the Sun , it will revolve around the sun, whereas the Earth is in alignment with the sun.  Before the Flood, this Earth had a Canopy of Ice around it that was destroyed by our 2nd Moon we used to have.
The Bible states in Genesis Chapter 1.   “A lesser light to rule the night….”,  which means there was a 2nd Moon.  Because on a New Moon we have 18 Minerals coming from our tap water, and on a full moon we have 21 minerals coming from the tap water.  The Moon governs the levitation in our minerals.   The Mist in the Garden was caused by permanent Full Moon conditions.  When the Moon we have now was a New Moon, the 2nd Moon was a Full moon.   The 2nd Moon was smaller, but closer to the Earth.  It appeared the same size as the Sun and the current Moon.   The scripture did not say, “A variation lesser light to rule the night.”  It said, “A lesser light to rule the night, than he created the Stars also.”  The stars are thinner than a dollar bill, and are embedded in the walls of the universe.  There a 3 Spheres of Universe.   There is the Universe around the Earth, which contain 1/3rd the stars, there is Mars, which contains 1/3rd the stars, and than the 3rd heaven which contain 1/3rd the stars.   1/3rd of people will fall on this planet, 2/3rds will go to the cloud of glory, which is 7 layers.    And on the New Earth 1/3rd will eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and 1/3rd make up the few there be that find it.   The rest are going to the Lake of Fire for Eternity.  Eternity is the instance of the instance of Moments, like time was, but Eternity goes a different direction that is forwards.   When we get to the 3rd Heaven and the 3rd heaven is built before our eyes, and Jesus reads from the book of life, everyone is going to want in even the Devil himself.  Time will than be over, and we will be going Forwards.  Because right now we are going backwards in instances of moments called Time.  We are heading back to the 3rd Heaven, where everyone will meet and be chosen to either embrace their love for THIS WORLD or the love for the ETERNAL WORLD.
When Mars and Venus collide, they will form the New Earth, and the Diamond of Giza will align with the Diamond on the New Earth, and transfer the bodies of Hell into their New Bodies on the New Earth.   Whereas the people who had Salvation, which is the State of being Saved from Themselves, will have came using the Vehical called Paradise.    At the end of the 1000 year reign on the New Earth, Paradise will go to the 3rd Heaven, and the people in the 7th tribe who resisted Hell Fire, resisted the Tree of Knowledge of Good, will spend Eternity in Paradise.  Paradise will be the Audience of the people in the 3rd Heaven, and they will be among the 3,333,333,333 souls to find it.    So there is a MIDDLE to ETERNITY but it is  HARD.   Because around 8/10ths of the people on the New Earth who are in the 7th Tribe will fall and eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good.  There will be a couple Billions in the 8th tribe and a couple Billions in the 6th Tribe.
And Jesus will fade into the 3,333,333,333 people and cease to be in the form of 1 man.  Jesus is the collective group of creative souls that created this planet, and set everything in Motion.   They needed a Story, that’s why we are here.
They caused Eternity to go in Reverse, they Created us in the Image of God, because they needed a Beginning.  The Souls that make up the  Holy-Ghost were born from this Earth.   We all came from this Earth.Aborted Babies do not have souls.   Once a Baby exists the body of a Woman through Birth Pangs, the Baby has 7 Days before the Mark of the Cosmos infuses the Baby with a Soul.   A baby needs to be outside in the real world for 7 days to be branded with a Soul.   So all the babies who were aborted, died in their mother as miscarriages, these are empty capsules that have not been filled.  If a baby dies 6 days after it is born, the essence of that Soul will begin to enter the next baby that exits the womb of another woman anywhere in the world.  So it takes 7 days to become with a soul.   A baby that does not have a soul, who was not exposed to the cosmos for 7 days, is considered undeveloped in the Eyes of the Almighty who is the Collective Goodness of the 3.3 Billion who eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good in the 3rd Heaven.  That Ghost was so powerful, it exploded creating EVERYTHING in 7 literal 24 Hour periods.

God can relate to us using the Bible in such a small way.   Wait until you get to the 3rd Heaven, your imagination can create your own adventures.  The only thing you cannot create in the 3rd Heaven is another living soul.  The 3.3 Billion complete the full spectrum of vocal audio, and when everybody of that 3.3 Billion speaks at the same time, everything in the Universe obeys.    Also, there will be a New Son of the Morning in the 3rd Heaven, he hasn’t been created yet.  The Knowledge of Good is 2/3rds right now, wait until we restore the Stars the Devil dragged with his Tail.

And this is who God is, and this is why God did not have a God before him.
And this is why we are created in the image of God.

[Name Redacted]


  1. says

    I don’t come here to mock or call anyone crazy, either. However, I agree with you, Matt, that this person is suffering from a severe psychiatric disorder, and needs medication and therapy to treat it. From what I’ve studied about mental illness, this is classic “word salad” from an intelligent person suffering from schizophrenia or another similar psychotic disorder.

    It’s really tragic to see such reasoning and writing as this. I can’t help but think that someone of this level of intelligence, who was not suffering from mental illness, could be hugely productive, creative, and a substantial contributor to society who was respected and not mocked.

  2. says

    This is a really depressing read, this person’s decent into madness is palpable, He is sick and needs help but instead he was somehow influenced into whatever religion he believes himself to be part of. I found it really interesting how he tries to give excuses for why certain things aren’t sins (drugs, porn) likely because he has done them himself. Thanks for sharing Matt, I don’t envy you having to deal with these types of exchanges.

  3. says

    Man. Poor guy. I thought this was just going to be another one of our confused and overly confident Christian n00bs writing to us, with a heap of “brilliant” arguments he doesn’t realize we’ve heard a million times before. But I agree with everyone else: he’s off the deep end, and desperately needs treatment.

  4. Hannart says

    I am only a recent discoverer of conspiracy theorists (having believed the stereotype to be more exaggerated than it actually seems to be), and am starting to realise that theories anger me as almost as much as fundamentalist religion. Not purely because such beliefs in the face of so much evidence to the contrary are irrational and therefore largely a waste of time, but because how adding mystery to bullshit manages to dupe and manipulate the intelligence of people who could be pursuing something much more beneficial and healthier.

    But this, this is just…woah. So many different things mashed into a huge, confused mess. It really shows just how dangerous such things can be. I really hope this person finds some help.

  5. says

    Have you heard of the efforts to create a diagnosis for Religious Trauma Disorder? Religious beliefs like believing you are talking to an invisible being would otherwise be considered delusional. Religion gets a pass in the DSM IV, the catalog of mental illnesses, because it is a commonly held belief. RTD is more specific than just religious belief and is about the trauma suffered by being raised in a religion that is controlling and abusive.

  6. Gary Longsine says

    Matt, I see someone else already mentioned “word salad.” Don’t overlook the perfect example of it in the very first message to you, “Ask a pendulum if my word are true.” Sometimes it’s almost poetic, in small fragments like that.

    Wikipedia on Word Salad

  7. Frankus says

    Obviously there are scrambled connections going on in his brain. Whatever it is that causes us to see significance in events has gone out of control here. He makes meaning where there is none. Religious believers do this to a lesser extent. We would call him crazy because of the degree and extent of his ‘significant connections’, but they are not substantially different from the person who sees Jesus in toast or thinks God has a plan for us.

  8. says

    Ask a pendulum if my word are true

    Is “pendulum” here some kind of euphemism for type person, or does this person mean to literally find a pendulum, like a “lever”, and vocally ask it a question?

    It sounds like it could be some kind of Christian Idiosyncrasy… like when a Pope or priest waves around the smoking tea pot thing.

  9. gralgrathor says

    I didn’t read it. After the first 20 or 30 lines, that is. It’s quite obvious that this person uses his brain as a dump for whatever fanciful notion attracts his attention, with no filter or attempt at integration into a coherent and consistent model of reality.

    Two questions:

    What kind of mental disorder could produce such symptoms?


    Where do we draw the line between mild delusion and true mental disorder? How would be classified, as compared to this person?

  10. mooniekate says

    I consulted my pendulum. I couldn’t get a conclusive answer since my hands were shaking so badly from the laughing. I’ll try again with my magic 8-Ball and get back to you.

  11. Ricardo Costa says

    “Eckhart Tolle destroys this world with Google Rapture”

    “I have a Roman shell, and my internal organs are Jewish. I need Platinum.”

    “The Philosophers Stone is a Stone made from 100% Poppies (Heroin), (Methamphetamine) Ephedrine, (Cocaine) Coca, and Cannabinoid (Marijuana). These are Healthy for our brain, but because we have not purified them through my filter on my website, throughout my emails I have been using a ‘Kesuke Miyagi’ tact with you.”

    Delusional state, level over 9000.

  12. ruthstl says

    It is so hard to get help for mental illness, even if you have insurance. Most people as ill as this writer probably can’t afford to see anyone, and don’t receive care until the police become involved.

    Two years ago my daughter became suicidal. Despite having a major health insurance policy, it was a long wait to get a bed in a psychiatric ward. She was sent home after just 2 days, not enough time for her meds to stabilize her. She is OK now, but it really opened my eyes to how poor our care is for mental illness.

  13. says

    What kind of mental illness could produce those symptoms?

    Quite a few of the delusion inducing ones. But it’s likely not just mental illness. My experience as a nurse in my previous career showed me that people with religious delusions tend to have a very tight focus.
    This individual is clearly ranging far and wide.

    Tentative (and thus suspect) diagnosis?
    This is a person who has experienced some sort of horror or severe grief, and they have descended into a complex world which is almost totally divorced from plainly observable reality, thus protecting from a reality which they are apparently no longer able to comprehend or cope with.

    Not funny, tragic, and whoever they are I doubt they are in any way finding the peace they sought from delusion, which is why they engaged in this exchange.

  14. says

    How do people come up with that sort of thing? It’s bizarre.

    I don’t happen to think it requires mental illness to come up with a 20-questions-pendulum belief. On a basic level, I don’t believe religiosity requires mental illness at all.

    Because we’re powerful pattern-recognition engines with arms and legs, we’re susceptible to false-positives in pattern recognition – a.k.a. “superstition”. Superstition isn’t any more a mental illness than farting is a physical illness. It’s a byproduct of how our system works.

    With higher cognition, we can override and correct much of the problems our brains have in perception. It’s just that some people embrace, rather than regulate, that superstition.

  15. says

    If this “kind of thinking” is the result of untreated mental illness, then that just isn’t cool. There are believers who are sane but were simply raised to believe ridiculous things, and people who are really in trouble and need help. I’d say the “word salad” he communicates in is a serious indicator of mental imbalance.

  16. Houndentenor says

    It reads like John Nash’s delusions. Not quite as fanciful as Nash’s (he was a brilliant mathematician), but similar in connecting things that no sane person would find related. When I say this person needs help, I don’t say that to be mean or cruel. I say that in the same way that I would suggest someone with certain medical symptoms needs to see a doctor. I hope this person gets the help they need.

  17. TAnderson4 says

    Is Christianity a conspiracy? I think it is. I guess that makes me crazy for allowing myself to succumb to conspiracy thinking.

  18. John Kruger says

    Shocking. Scary. Depressing.

    I would be very careful interacting with this person, because it is really difficult to figure where Matt might fit into all these intense internal thoughts that have little grounding in reality. Other than the suggestion that he get help, just let him know you can’t follow everything he threw at Matt and cease communication gently. Hopefully Matt will not become a facet of the obsessions, like James Randi did for Marzuke. Back away slowly . . .

  19. says

    That wasn’t word salad – it was explained in an e-mail I didn’t quote. He was advocating for dowsing and divining via a pendulum as a way of connecting to truth. He specifically noted that grammar wasn’t his strong suit, and that by ‘word’ he was referring to his writing, in general. He calls it his ‘word’ because the Bible is called ‘the word’ of god. So this is The Word of X…use a pendulum to verify it.

  20. says

    And so you have to measure it against a very definite scale. The degree to which this person’s ideas are or will become a threat to himself or others.

    I know some people who are conspiracy theorists of the highest grade. They can spout every conspiracy, make up their own on how they tie together, and all the rest. But they’re benign other than their faulty thinking. They go to work, mow their grass — heck, they even (reluctantly) pay their taxes.

    Guys like this — I dunno. Once you’re on his radar screen, he might decide that you’re in the conspiracy against him. And might just decide he has to do something about it.

    I would make sure his identity is known to people who in the real world can protect you.

  21. Marin Marinov says

    How somebody can have the time and nerves to go through this? I started, then skip 20 lines, then skip again and again, and unpleasant – sick feeling arose in my stomach. Imagine if you are a psychiatrist and have to work with this individual. I think a group of medical qualified personal have to take this case.

  22. Lord Narf says

    Holy crap. I only made it about halfway through, before I shifted into skim mode. That’s … impressive, in a way.

    I dunno, is it something similar to what pot does to you, artificially making connections between things that aren’t connected in any rational sense? Is the kind of mental illness that leads to this sort of thing somehow like an internal, perpetual effect, similar to the effect of pot?

  23. Lord Narf says

    More than anything else, there’s no point in heaping abuse on this sort of guy. When you have an apologist making ignorant, factually-incorrect arguments that are otherwise coherent, it’s worth dissecting and mocking them. When it’s someone so far from a rational argument, like this guy is, there’s nothing to be gained from the abuse, and it just makes you look like an asshole to outsiders.

  24. Lord Narf says

    Err, it’s worth dissecting the apologist’s words and mocking them, not dissecting the person and mocking them. Little bit of a clarity problem there.

    Although, I can think of a few apologists …

  25. croquetplayer says

    Schizophrenia is my guess. And thanks for bringing this topic up. I think it’s a problem within the atheist community. All too often I encounter exchanges online in which atheists are arguing with someone like this, a person who is obviously mentally ill. I’m astonished at the lengths some people will go to in an attempt to score easy points. It’s cruel, nasty, and harmful to the unwell person. (I usually wade in to try to stop it, with varying degrees of success.) It should be pointed out that if you find yourself arguing with a person whose faculties are handicapped – you’re the idiot, not them. Mentally ill people deserve help and compassion, not pointless, upsetting arguments.

  26. changerofbits says

    Hopefully somebody is able to get this person some help. In addition to religion, the history channel is making it harder to spot real mental illness from shared “harmless” delusions.

  27. says

    I have a close friend who’s a very smart guy, but got way to heavily into drugs, particularly hallucinogens, in college. He usually came down on the weekends to the college I attended. One weekend he shows up saying he just recalled being raised by some cult, but the memory was removed from his mind until the time was right. He now lives on disability seventeen years later, after having been diagnosed with schizophrenia. Reading as much of the above as I could stand really gave me chills, as if it would have shown up in my email, it wouldn’t have surprised me at all. He doesn’t get to this extent often anymore unless he stops taking his medications, and/or starts doing drugs again. It’s depressing as all hell, as the guy finished college with a double major in four years and had tons of potential. Interestingly enough, while doing AA/NA several years ago, he got on a christian kick, and I used to get rambling text messages from him that were disturbingly similar to the above.

  28. says

    I rather doubt it. If this is schizophrenia we’re talking about then no amount of reasoning is likely to have much effect. It’s not a failure of reasoning that gets such a person to this point, it’s a matter of how their brain functions.

  29. Ian Vaughan says

    A remarkably good typist for one so unhinged. I didn’t read all of the transcript but I saw very few spelling nor grammatical errors in the passages I did read.
    The delusions do come across as schizophrenia to me, I used to work near a mental hospital and patients would often come into my shop and have the same type of “stream of consciousness” but fragmented rants, often centred around their own omnipotence and yet exhibiting a profound fear.
    I hope this person can get psychiatric help.

  30. Lord Narf says

    Pendulums are a classic divination method, dating back at least a couple thousand years, I think. You hold the thing, and the tiny motions of your stabilizer muscles will accumulate to cause it to move horizontally, vertically, or in a circle (clockwise or counterclockwise). People then apply significance to the different motions.

    I’ve heard some people use it as a means of supposedly talking to your subconscious and finding out what you really think. Others use it similarly to an Ouija board.

  31. says

    Schizophrenia? Possibly, you may well be right.
    But schizophrenics don’t usually care what other people think of their ideas during uncontrolled episodes, which this looks like, and this person seems to.
    I’m going to stick with my idea that this person is hiding from something they can’t cope with.
    I may be wrong, I admit that.

  32. Lord Narf says

    Yeah, I can’t imagine having to deal with this sort of thing, professionally. I guess the only thing to do is whack him with a good dose of anti-psychotics and hope. I’m fascinated by brain-malfunctions of various sorts, but being responsible for trying to fix a case like this? Oy.

  33. rensai says

    I’ve seen this before in a friend. Relating clearly mundane things with colors, and posting dozens of times which can either be a short sentence or paragraphs long. Making no great deal of sense but yet typing like they are so confident in every way. The only thing that saved my friend was family who helped him get some help for his condition, however I can only say that I hope this person has the same, because you’ll often see people go throughout their life with a mental illness without ever getting treatment for it because they’ve never had any support. It really helps, people.

  34. EnlightenmentLiberal - formerly codemonkey says

    Paralax Trigonometry has a limit to accuracy, and we cannot measure the objects in Space using it. The Sun swells and contracts giving the illusion that we are going around the Sun in an Oval. When the seasons Change, the sun’s contracting will be the factor to change the seasons.

    Well, this is one of the more easily falsified claims I’ve heard in a while. Just another case of what Dawkins calls “northern hemisphere chauvinism”.

    Devil’s advocate: “Obviously”, the top half of the sun swells up 1/2 cycle out of sync with the bottom half, so the northern hemisphere can be in winter at the same time that the southern hemisphere is in summer, etc.

    And that’s just the most immediately obviously wrong thing. Next I thought of: if his idea was true, we should expect to see differences in the orbits of the other planets. The current model of ellipses works out quite well, but if you make the Earth’s orbit into a circle, then I’m pretty sure that would force the other planets into have very interesting shapes for their orbits in order to match observations from Earth.

  35. Doug Hayden says


    Either this is just a incredibly dedicated Poe, or this poor person *is* really in need of help.

    I can hardly believe a person who considers this sensible could live independently….in fact, I kinda doubt it.

    Best wishes for whoever it is being both happy and able to reconcile his/her worldview with observed facts.

  36. EnlightenmentLiberal - formerly codemonkey says

    After having read more, especially the comments, I should take that post back, as this guy is obvious not rational. My bad.

  37. yognaught says

    Word salad does come to mind upon reading this, however it sometimes rises above that term to become something poetic. But it is clearly an example of a disordered mind. One that, at one time, probably was brilliant.

  38. Lord Narf says

    There were a few bits that jumped out at me, too. One of the bits that I noticed was his statement that no one speaks Latin. Actually, yes, I do. I don’t use it regularly, of course, but I know it. The freaking Catholic Church uses it.

    The sun swelling bit … well, this guy is a flat-earther. It kind of fits within that worldview. Obviously, this guy has never been across the equator, as many people have not. Hell, I know people who have never been out of the state they live in. As for the orbits of other planets … well hell, that’s just what the scientists tell us happens, and they’re obviously in on the conspiracy.

    I’m sure the Venusians experience seasons on the same cycle that we do. The Martians did, of course, until that little incident. Shame about what happened to their queen.

    There are other bits that almost make a kind of sense. I can see what he means about the pyramids being diamonds. It’s garbage, but I can see what he’s getting at. Perhaps it helps that I’ve read the Illuminatus! Trilogy. Man, that book’s a trip. It’s just scary that there are people who think it’s a true portrayal of reality.

  39. says

    I can see your POV, Matt. He honestly thinks he’s created an entirely new religious paradigm of perfect truth. While not word salad, it certainly strengthens the idea of him being psychotic.

  40. Lord Narf says

    Dude, at least let the fish out of the barrel, before you shoot at them. ^.^

    Or, to put it another way, what we’ve got here is a target-rich environment.

  41. Sue Millard says

    Sad. We had someone like this join a writing group online a couple of years back. All he could talk about – in an equally scrambled manner – was that scientists and priests were all worms that had come from other planets to take over the world. Nobody ever got a rational reply to anything they posted in response to his ramblings. He actually asked to be removed from the group after a few weeks, though, like you, I kept on getting private emails from him at huge length about his personal obsession, getting steadily more aggressive, until I stuck his address in the spamfilter, and presumably he gave up when I didn’t react after that.

  42. Lord Narf says

    *Please Ask Again Later*


    *Please Ask Again Later*


    *Please Ask …

    God dammit, this thing is waffling again.

  43. Totenkopf says

    I’m a forensic psychologist. Like others have mentioned, it is also my professional opinion from the brief analysis of what has been posted here that this person is schizophrenic. They are displaying the commonly-seen symptom of “delusions of grandeur”, as well as what is called “word salad.” Many people with this mental illness, as well as extreme forms of other mental illnesses, are frequently quite obsessive in their religious beliefs. Often these focus around themes of Christianity and Satanism.

  44. George Moungos says

    Whoa. I felt disturbed reading that. This guy is living in his own world based on his own rules. He is denying things like the Earth’s orbit and believes things like the pyramid extends into the ground as a pyramid and that the bottom touches hell. This is a fully fledged and fleshed out delusion here, he is literally living in his own universe. I agree with what Carey said in a reply to a comment earlier, I think this guy has suffered a tragedy that has brought on a psychotic break, he subscribing to a different reality and has created a religion of his own that is a mash of all different conspiracy theories and myths. When reality becomes unbearable, the mind disconnects from it… Scary stuff.

  45. DrewN says

    Religion is like a camouflage for mental illness. It’s sad. If he thought the underpants gnomes were controlling the universe, someone would have probably gotten him help a while ago.
    With religiously inspired mental problems most people would rather give the sufferer the benefit of the doubt rather then calling them on it. It’s like the old story “The emperors new suit”. Everyone can see that things aren’t right, but they’re afraid they may be the only one who can see it & that’s why they don’t speak up. Especially because (even non mentally ill) religious people tend to use metaphors about god talking to them, demons lurking around every corner & prayer directly changing things in reality.

    Even as crazy* as he is, the people close to him probably say to themselves “Uncle Bill? He takes his faith a bit seriously, but he’s just being a good god fearing Christian”

    *meaning mentally ill, not meant as a slur. I hope he gets help.

  46. changerofbits says

    The stories may be more similar that not. I didn’t catch this in my first skim through the text (just thought it was ancient knowledge ramblings), but this seems to directly indicate that the taking of hallucinogens may be the root cause:

    The Philosophers Stone. The Philosophers Stone is a Stone made from 100% Poppies (Heroin), (Methamphetamine) Ephedrine, (Cocaine) Coca, and Cannabinoid (Marijuana). These are Healthy for our brain, but because we have not purified them through my filter on my website, throughout my emails I have been using a ‘Kesuke Miyagi’ tact with you. The reason these drugs are labled as narcotics are because, the Alchemy used to purify them contaminate them.
    The Rosetta Stone. This is a stone made from Salvia, DMT or Ayahausca, Sassafras, Peyote, and Amanitas. It is the purified healthy combination.
    Which is not bad for us to consume.

    While Reagan’s War on Drugs has contributed NOTHING HELPFUL to this, the folk knowledge of which drugs were likely to lead to permanent brain damage/death was actually pretty well known during my pre-internet formative years (both a combination of what scientific data was available and the hard lessons learned that were paid by people succumbing to addictions/ODs/etc). It seems like a “no-brainer” to avoid stuff that would leave you with significantly less of a brain. I just don’t understand how more, clear, helpful information can be a bad thing when it comes to this. I would hope it’s getting better now that we have wikipedia.

  47. Ed says

    WTF very sad. He actually writes fairly well and has some knowledge of the periodic table as he says i.e. the metals, as well as some chemistry especially regarding drugs. But his knowledge of asstronomy is just a little off & then well if he wants to invent a new religion he has to tone it down just a few notches, don’t you think? Hopefully somebody who knows this guy will get him some serious psychiatric help.

  48. julian the apostate says

    Matt’s right. You really don’t want to read this. But you will want to read this instead. Hilarious.

  49. Lord Narf says

    Borderline nothing. He’s an extreme case of psychosis. Most people don’t realize all of the mild things that fall under the heading.

    I’m psychotic. I’m bipolar and obsessive-compulsive. Most people around me would never know, if I’m not at one of the extreme ends of the cycle, and if I’m not washing my hands, at that moment.

    Reminds me of the asshole psychiatrist who told my mother’s family that my maternal grandfather was a mild case of bipolar disorder, because he didn’t actually hallucinate and think he could jump off of buildings, when he was manic.
    He’d go around to garage sales and buy up all sorts of junk, because otherwise, someone else was going to get that great deal, though. And he’d tell dirty jokes and curse in front of my mother’s teachers, when she was in grade school, back in the late 50’s.
    My cousins also tell me of crazy things he did around them, while he was at the manic side of the cycle. Not abuse, just unhinged, out-of-control stuff.
    Then, when he was at the depressive end, he’d tell my grandmother to go get his rifle, so he could shoot himself.

    Turns out, with what we know now, he was probably one of the worst 1%. This guy is up there, worse than my grandfather was.

  50. jacobfromlost says

    This reminds me of one of those intense dreams you might sometimes have where your mind seems to be struggling with many different problems, and you think you’ve just cracked a solution (an epiphany!) to this that solves all of these problems at once…

    …and then you wake up and realize that none of those things were problems (because they weren’t even real, or made any sense separately), and that the solution you came up with wasn’t a solution either. In fact, nothing you were struggling with so intently in your dream moments before made any sense at all–it didn’t fit together in any rational way whatsoever.

    And it’s so very strange because it FELT so real, and the solution felt so right.

    And then after a few more minutes you can’t even remember the dream anymore.

    It must be awful to be stuck in that kind of mental space while awake, and not even be aware of it.

  51. snark^ says

    Are you sure it isn’t Robert Anton Wilson sharing his synopsis for the next Illuminatus! trilogy with you? Get thee to a publisher quick.

  52. Wassum says

    Wow, read most of it. Impressive syndrome. The person could do well writing a fantasy novel. So detailed.

  53. Lord Narf says

    Yeah, that’s why I made the comparison to pot usage. Apparently, coming down from pot is similar, as all of these profound connections between various ideas suddenly dissolve … or so I’ve heard from other people I know, who use pot.

  54. Roger says

    Seems like a form of aphasia to me. Possibly receptive aphasia as that has a high degree of “Word Salad” involved.

  55. elspeth says

    I’m no psychologist, but he strongly reminds me of the (just two) schizophrenics I have known.

    Yes, he should get help, and I hope he has some level of local help and support. Last I looked into this (decades ago) there was not a lot of long-term help available for harmless schizophrenics.

  56. Eli says

    My aunt has a type of Bipolar disorder and off meds, her manic episodes lead her to writing pages of stuff a lot like this, and as it has become worse she has become more and more focused on Religion and explaining some sort of truth to everyone. She really doesn’t come across as being mentally unstable when she’s not having a manic episode(which is most of the time) and up until recently most people thought she was fine, and just wrote off her strange ranting as her letting off steam etc. It doesn’t take schizophrenia to produce stuff like this. I am not guessing as to what this person’s specific issues are, I’m just saying it’s not necessarily an extremely mentally unstable/ill person who can come up with this kind of stuff.

  57. Ben says

    So where do you draw the line ?
    I completely agree that those with metal issues need assistance and should not be dumped upon – but at the same time, what if individuals like this dont believe they need assistance (and therefore continue to sprout their “wisdom”) ?
    It’s all ok if the people they speak to are like you…. but there is a risk involved if they run into another “border line” individual who they may actually manage to turn from harmless to hurtful….

  58. thecalmone says

    I had a second cousin (still alive in his eighties) who was diagnosed with something called “Religious Mania” and committed for a few months. This was in Australia in the 1960’s. Does that condition still exist in the textbooks/literature?

  59. eriktb says

    While this person is clearly mentally ill, I’ve always wondered where the line is drawn between “normal” religious belief and mental disorder as well as how you would define that line. I mean, this person is clearly out of touch with reality but what differentiates this person’s thoughts from someone who thinks there’s a sky wizard who cares deeply about everything little thing they do?

  60. gwen says

    When I did my inpatient psych rotation in nursing school, many years ago, one of the most common delusion was that either they were ‘Jesus’ or in some way ‘holy’. Christians read the story of Abraham’s sacrifice of his son God, and see a great story, when God relented at the last moment. But if Abraham down the street were to build a shrine in his front yard because ‘God’ ordered him to sacrifice his son, the neighbors would see no dissonance in calling the police to stop it. Nor would the police allow the ‘sacrifice’ because someone proclaims ‘God ordered it’. But, if this occurred, they would still go to church on Sunday, and read ‘inspirational’ passages from the bible, and see no connection.

  61. Lord Narf says

    Did she write things that were that disjointed and fractured, though? Manic people tend to get really intense and focused, and if they’re a bit assholish, they’ll often get a bit abusive, because everyone around them is so slow-thinking and stupid. It’s often the case that the person’s mind sharpens and accelerates, in addition to the general metabolic effects.

    When you get the most extreme fraction of 1% of course, anything goes. They can become delusional and almost hallucinatory.

  62. says

    Unfortunately, I know someone like this. He’s not this far gone I don’t think. But he has very serious ideas about Satan trying to rule the world with an army of giants and other out there ideas about the bible, history, the cosmos, and science. He’s honestly very intelligent otherwise and a perfectly normal and polite person.

    All I know to do is try and rationalize with him why the things he says are wrong, use the Socratic method, and introduce him to real science. He’s really good at making “what if’s” for why he could be right. It’s as if he’s too smart to see how crazy he’s being.

    If anyone has advice for how to stop my friend from becoming whoever this is, I’m all ears.

  63. Mark G. says

    Sure, he certainly appears to have some mental illness. I work at a forensic mental hospital (not as a clinician), and I have seen many patients who can ramble on forever. A significant number of delusions (anecdotal) are focused on religion, Very common, very disturbing. Government conspiracies seem very common, too. Not that religion causes the problem, but I think that staff’s validation of the overall and overreaching religious premise undermines some of the good that can be accomplished. Much of the time the best you can do is find the best cutting-edge medications. People suffering from something as severe as schizophrenia , however, are some that suffer the worst (even with the best medication). Often it is an achievement to come to a point where the patient recognizes that others don’t see the world the way they do, not that the delusions aren’t real. Funding for mental health, especially in adults, is never popular or a priority. 🙁

  64. Agustin says

    I just went through the whole text. My question for Matt is, how do you know he’s not just a very dedicated successful internet Troll? He even mentions the possibility at some point, which to me is a dead giveaway.

    Based on this text alone, I don’t see enough evidence to assume this guy is genuine. Maybe you have other evidence that has led you to that conclusion, but to me, it makes more sense that this guy is just trolling. You have to admit you atract lots and lots of trolls, thanks in part to the AE being so popular on youtube.

    I personally don’t see enough reason to believe this guy has a mental disorder, again, based on this text alone. I’ve written shorter but similarly styled semi-coherent-pseudo-science ramblings for comedic purposes before, it’s not very hard to do. I have to admit I had to hold back laughter in lots of passages I found to be extremely funny, prompting me to believe that this guy is trolling you for the “lulz”.

    I don’t mean to be rude or insensitive, I just sincerely hope this guy is not seriousl. Because if he is, then all I can say is, poor guy!

  65. says

    I don’t see that “internet troll” and “mentally ill” are mutually exclusive. In fact, they may well go together more often than people suspect. That said, I do have other emails as well as his YouTube videos…this wasn’t a single e-mail, out of the blue, it was a series of emails that went from ‘hey, let’s work together, I think I can convert you’ to ‘you suck’…with everything in between. I have a hard time believing that a ‘mere troll’ would have YEARS of videos on these subjects.

  66. Agustin says

    Yeah, you’re right, they’re not mutually exclusive, I was just referring to sane, atheist trolls in particular.

    I see now why you think this guy is legit. I didn’t know about the years of youtube videos. That’s not something a sane troll would do. I should’ve known better than to doubt your evidence for believing in something! Hehe.

    I truly hope this guy finds some help!


  67. Heir Apparent says

    I had a good laugh from this, probably because I just watched a video yesterday featuring what I guess was an argument for god from Chopra who was against Sam Harris. Sam used a brilliant analogy about how people who believe in such things are akin to people who believe Elvis is still alive. I’m sure most people here have seen it. (I may have that wrong, can’t be bothered to double check – I’m close at any rate)

    I am saving this in my Chrome bar so I can read it though, because of course since I was told I “don’t want to read this” I actually do. However, I did make the mistake of scrolling down the page a bit to see some of the quotes and I’m not sure I want to now…

  68. mildlymagnificent says

    I had a second cousin (still alive in his eighties) who was diagnosed with something called “Religious Mania” and committed for a few months. This was in Australia in the 1960′s. Does that condition still exist in the textbooks/literature?

    Don’t know about now, but there was an elderly parishioner at our local catholic church who had this diagnosis in the early 90s. Most of the time she was fairly (just) OK when I occasionally met her. But then, I didn’t go to things like prayer meetings or vigils or daily 7 am mass like some others did. I can see that she might be a serious problem in environments like that. And I certainly never told her that I’d been raised protestant, let alone that I was atheist, that might have set off something no one could handle.

    The only problem I knew of was that the nun who ran the Sunday school made her stop making elaborate cakes for the students because the “poor things” were being deprived of “proper” Catholic education. It sounds funny, but it was a real problem. (And I think she took advice from a couple of nuns who were trained psychologists. What I saw of them when dealing with people in non-church related situations was pretty good – so they probably suggested that just interrupting the behaviour was a good first line strategy.)

  69. Peter Horsepucky says

    This could make sense. He says “I could embrace my earlier Demon of homosexuality”, it could be that mixed with underlying serious mental health.

  70. anastasia says

    The main symptom here, IMHO, is called “disordered thought” or “thought disorder.”
    (I also discuss the symptom of “pressured speech” below.)

    Disordered thought is a common symptom in (untreated) schizophrenia and in some other illnesses such as mania, and also with some brain injuries.

    (Disordered thought is a distinct symptom from hallucinations, which is the most widely-known symptom of schizophrenia and which can also be present in many other physical and mental diseases.)

    With thought disorder, improper associations are made between various thoughts and memories, and also the brain is not able to prune these improper associations.

    Think of it this way: Your brain’s most important task, with respect to memory, is association. One function of memory is, at any moment, is to to make available to you, in a kind of mental green room, the various memories associated with what you have just been thinking about, and to keep all the other thoughts out.

    If a neurotypical person wants to remember a certain person’s name, for example, sometimes her brain may offer up the Pythagorean Theorem. This incorrect triggering may have been random, or may be in response to some other earlier conscious or subconscious thought. (During the creative process or while under the influence of drugs or lack of sleep, the number of irrelevant thought-pairs can also increase temporarily, often with interesting, fun or even valuable results.)

    A neurotypical person quickly recognizes that thought as irrelevant and discards it. In disordered thinking, the brain process that generates this feeling of irrelevance does not function correctly or the brain process that generates a feeling of relevance is over-functioning.

    Therefore, the person with ‘disordered thinking’ feels/believes that the two thoughts _are_ related, so she tries to figure out _how_ they are related. Our brain is strongly driven toward seeing meaning, even in random stimuli – look up ‘pareidolia.’

    In addition, that slight feeling of anxiety one normally feels at being presented with information one _should_ remember — which provides the emotional salience necessary to tell the brain to move this thought from short-term to long-term memory — may also be over-functioning. That is, more things seem highly important, so otherwise random thoughts are remembered.

    This false association is thus laid down as a new association memory. Result: She has more falsely-associated thoughts that _feel_ properly associated but are, objectively, incoherent.

    In addition, the brain process that discerns and disassociates memories that are not properly associated is also malfunctioning.

    Even neurotypical people have a hard time letting go of beliefs once they have been embraced. (This is a useful evolutionary feature, because remembering is generally more useful than forgetting.). In disordered thinking, this feature is functioning even more poorly. Result: Less able to let go of improperly-associated thoughts.

    This person seems to also have “pressured speech,” (which can also be expressed as writing). Again, this is a common feature at certain times for people with schizophrenia, but also for several other disorders and brain injuries, and also as a result of use of drugs such as cocaine or meth.

    In pressured speech, the brain function that gives one the feeling of pleasure in expression is over-functioning and/or the feeling of anxiety that is decreased by expression is too high.


    Imagine if your brain told you, repeatedly and incorrectly, that various random pairs of thoughts were actually related – and this felt to you _exactly_ the same as when you correctly connected two related thoughts.

    Imagine if your anxiety level was generally at the level that you feel while studying the night before a final exam or preparing for a big speech, so that all your capacity for associating and remembering were always working at full tilt.

    Imagine if you sincerely felt that you had important insights to share that could help make the world a better place, so you couldn’t relax until you had given your gift.

    Imagine if your world always felt like a slightly scarier, unpredictable, and disorganized place, so that you had to always be aware of how to make sense of it in your thoughts, as if a strong mental structure in your head could help structure the world outside your head.

    Still TL;DR: “A brain in pain strains vainly to explain.”


    Source: Graduate study in psychology and a brother who has been on a generally-downhill journey with both these conditions, and others, for several decades.

  71. Jon says

    Dear Matt,

    You failed to include that I had written this entire thing in an E-mail to you, Matthew Wade Dillahunty.
    I have not proof read what is classified by the viewers here as, “Psychotic Human Behavior.”

    After talking to you, I decided to proof read. I re-edited.

    I have the full version posted here:

    I am not the person behind Matthew Dillahunty on YouTube, but someone I know is.
    He had went to far, so I apologize for that.

    Somethings you had deserved for your ad-hominem attacks, and your attacks that are not published on YouTube. You do attack Christians like they are sub-humans, and that was the main position from the attacker.

    Somethings were uncalled for, IE the blaspheme of a contest.
    As of now, the personal responsible for Matthew Wade Dillahunty, YouTube user, has stopped.


  72. Kazim says

    I’ll confirm that Jon is the author of the original email from the OP, based on email I received from the same address. I’ll also confirmed that “Matthew Dillahunty” appears to have closed up shop on the fake YouTube account. For now.

  73. John Kruger says

    I did not see any changes between the original e-mail and the link posted here. The frequent mistakes in both the original e-mail and the link above lead me to believe a large portion of the problem is with the poor use of the English language.

    I am not under the impression that anyone on this blog understands much of what was written at all, and the long and intense focus on seemingly disjointed topics is totally incoherent to everyone who has commented on it. It comes off very much like the manifesto of a very disturbed person.

    I suggest Jon’s grasp of the English language is not up to the task of conveying what he wants to convey. Speaking as a native English speaker, I cannot get any meaningful content from the link at all. The errors are too frequent to allow for coherent communication. I suspect Matt has the same problem, and cannot be expected to respond to something he does not understand. Jon is going to have too slow down a LOT, and address very small and specific topics slowly and one at a time, if he wants to communicate anything.

  74. Lord Narf says

    The whole thing isn’t much more coherent after the grammar cleanup. It’s still very disjointed and rambling. Where did you get all of this information about diamonds, the cure for cancer, and the philosopher’s stone, and why doesn’t anyone else know about such wonderful things?

    You need to explain how you know all of this stuff, if you want anyone with a rational mind to do more than laugh you off. Then, you have to present the scientifically controlled tests that demonstrate your claims. Until then, we’re going to think you’re a little bit crazy, quite possibly in a clinical sense.

  75. changerofbits says

    You failed to include that I had written this entire thing in an E-mail to you, Matthew Wade Dillahunty.
    I have not proof read what is classified by the viewers here as, “Psychotic Human Behavior.”

    After talking to you, I decided to proof read. I re-edited.

    Ok, I agree with John Kruger, that this link (save some edits, thanks) is basically the same set of rambling, baseless assertions that are so incoherent that it’s hard to tell what, as a whole or in part, you’re trying to communicate.

    I am not the person behind Matthew Dillahunty on YouTube, but someone I know is.
    He had went to far, so I apologize for that.

    Why are you apologizing for somebody else? Shouldn’t the person responsible for the actions be the one to apologize? Or did you ask that person to act? What did you do that you feel the need to apologize for?

    Somethings you had deserved for your ad-hominem attacks, and your attacks that are not published on YouTube. You do attack Christians like they are sub-humans, and that was the main position from the attacker.

    So you are the final judge of Matt’s actions? Nobody’s perfect (as evidenced by your “friends” breaking of commandment 8 in the most extreme way possible) and I think Matt is more careful that your average Christian in being clear that he is attacking the ideas and not the idea holder (he was one once!). Have you ever listened to the The Non Prophets?

    Somethings were uncalled for, IE the blaspheme of a contest.
    As of now, the personal responsible for Matthew Wade Dillahunty, YouTube user, has stopped.


    So, bearing false witness has levels of badness? I haven’t read that part of the bible. And again, why are you saying this? If the person isn’t you, then how do you know they won’t do it again? Is the other person your co-conspirator?

    In conclusion, you think Matt’s apostasy against Christianity is deserving of retribution and you are the anointed one who is the all knowing dispenser of that retribution?

  76. Lord Narf says

    Why are you apologizing for somebody else? Shouldn’t the person responsible for the actions be the one to apologize? Or did you ask that person to act? What did you do that you feel the need to apologize for?

    Well, he started the chain of events that led to the impersonation. He’s not completely out of line for apologizing in that capacity.

    (as evidenced by your “friends” breaking of commandment 8 in the most extreme way possible)

    Heh heh heh heh heh. Yeah, I like that part. I’ve heard all sorts of stricter interpretations that allow for simple lies, but this guy violated it by just about any possible interpretation.

    I’m assuming you’re referring to the bearing of false witness, at least. You can see what a cluster-fuck the whole thing is, if you want a standardized enumeration.

  77. Jon says

    Everything I wrote in the Book is 100% True.

    If you are for Jesus who can be against you? Greater is He that is in me than He that is in the World!
    I’m only Part of Jesus, and Part of the Holy Ghost, and Part of the Father.

  78. Jon says

    Paul the Apostle was Excited Exceedingly to Sacrifice this World with for the Greater Paradise. Paradise is split into kingdoms, one for the Saints, one for the None-Saints who were also filled with Holy Ghost and Baptize Element of the Faith. So both parties are Holy Ghost filled, but your Reward is Long-Experiancing. This Reward is constantly sought after by the Right, no Reward is Greater then Eternal Life and All the Pleasantries at their Highest Degree. Experiences may very to all those who do not have the Greatest Reward in reaching the Lost to Christ, sometimes even being prosecuted by means of Imprisonment or Accusations leading to Imprisonment are Subject when Standing Ground.

  79. Jon says

    There is also a Greater New Earth, and Jesus said it, so I’m gunna believe it, there is Also a Greater 3rd heaven.

  80. Lord Narf says

    You’re not helping your case, man. We want evidence, not unsupported assurances.

  81. changerofbits says

    Everything I wrote in the Book is 100% True.

    And I have an invisible dragon in my garage. You’ll have to pardon my simple nature, but I’m a bit skeptical of this claim.

    If you are for Jesus who can be against you?

    Umm, maybe some of the other 5 billion or so people on this planet who can’t be cast into the figurative Christian Pool. Not all of them are going to be necessarily against you, but many of them believe in another god or many other gods and may take issue with your claims should there be an attempt to inquire about their faith. Then there are those atheists, free thinkers, agnostics, non-believers who would probably be against anything that doesn’t comport with reality.

    Greater is He that is in me than He that is in the World!

    So, you’re possessed by some uber-demon that all of the rest of us are missing out on? You might not want to let the Vatican know about this (your secret is safe with me).

    I’m only Part of Jesus, and Part of the Holy Ghost, and Part of the Father.

    And I’m only Part of Thor. Seriously, if the best argument you have is to assert the most confusing part of Christian Theology, I’m cringe to think of the lesser…

  82. changerofbits says

    Paul the Apostle was Excited Exceedingly to Sacrifice this World with for the Greater Paradise.

    Whow, hold on there, full stop. I will now register myself amongst those who are against you. Any attempt to “Sacrifice this World”, for any reason, is unjustified, immoral, a direct threat to the all humanity. I suggest you just disregard any of Paul’s advice.

    Paradise is split into kingdoms, one for the Saints, one for the None-Saints who were also filled with Holy Ghost and Baptize Element of the Faith. So both parties are Holy Ghost filled, but your Reward is Long-Experiancing. This Reward is constantly sought after by the Right, no Reward is Greater then Eternal Life and All the Pleasantries at their Highest Degree. Experiences may very to all those who do not have the Greatest Reward in reaching the Lost to Christ, sometimes even being prosecuted by means of Imprisonment or Accusations leading to Imprisonment are Subject when Standing Ground.

    To quote somebody from the ACA (who may have been quoting somebody else): “Dat’s a nice soul ya got dere, be a shame if sumtin’ were da happen to it.” While carrot of an eternal orgasm and stick of eternal torture can, in a “Good Fellas” way, be compelling, I’m actually very relieved to be convinced none of it actually exists. On second thought, I think I’m fine with imprisonment if that’s where Hitch went.

  83. changerofbits says

    There is also a Greater New Earth, and Jesus said it, so I’m gunna believe it,

    Were you there? How do you know Jesus actually said that? What if Jesus actually said “There is no heaven, that’s why I turned that water into wine, so at least you could have a few hours of bronze age pleasure.”? Now that would have been cool.

    there is Also a Greater 3rd heaven.

    I’m pretty sure you’re the only one, to this point in history, to say this exact thing. I’d ask for the book and verse, but you weren’t there, so it was just made up so you can push your world view on us innocent atheists.

  84. changerofbits says

    Maybe I was badgering the witness. I find it more likely that the friend story is just made up or that this was done with Jon’s urging. I don’t know many people who would go rename their own YouTube channel in order to impersonate somebody just because their friend mentioned in passing that they were having some issues with someone, but i suppose it could happen. Maybe this friend can help us decipher Jon’s ramblings as a bit of restitution for past actions?

    RE: 9,10,11 commandments – The not bearing false witness one is a keeper, along with not stealing and not murdering. Some folks like the adultery one too, but I could care less as long as you aren’t bearing false witness to whoever you rub crotches with.

  85. John Kruger says

    Spouting off wild assertions is not going to get you any traction around here. Let me help you get started a little.

    For example, WHY do you think a person named Jesus actually said there was a Greater New Earth, and what reason do you have for believing in that testimony? Apply these questions to the Greater 3rd heaven as well. Just shooting off a comment like this has about the same effect as reading small passages of a fantasy novel if you offer no justification.

    If you make no effort to engage in conversation and continue to spam out bald assertions like this there is a decent chance that the moderators will ban your further comments. They tend to be pretty tolerant, but you are establishing a pattern that has not been tolerated for long in the past.

  86. Jon says

    False Witness:
    If you have a contest that gets Atheist’s to try and find a Reason for God under the Atmosphere of a Reward, they become ambitious to to train and become a champion at defeating Matt’s logic of Atheism, in an Atheist vs Atheist debate. To win his Heart is like finding the Princess in the Castle that had the real Bowser turn to toast. It’s like circular reasoning, almost.

  87. Jon says

    Matt portrayed me with the idea that my First Draft was engraved on straw-in-clay tablets. Maybe if I had a board of directors, or Oval office, we can fly the Queen in from the UK and have Tea and Crumpets as she finalized my Book. Let me guess, the Queen would say this and that about your Salad. I’m sure you’d think the Queen would bash my book’s angle, but she’d likely not. It has a lot of sense to the Instances that Pass in Time, as being Created from our Parents. God did not Created us in the fixed meaning, he was merely mirroring the Goodness Mankind would become, after the Trial of Faith (This Dump), into Adventurous Utopia (Beautiful New Earth), and 3rd Heaven. Build your own Adventure in the 3rd Heaven, customize your own Mansion. I want mine to be a Glass Mansion, like a time-share one, above a great waterfall. And I would have ORMUS Shot with the Rich Soil of of Peru, and the Locusts that eat the Spider Mites, Palmer Worm, and Caterpiller. And lots of Microbial for Photosynthesis to convert minerals with an Acid and into a Building Block that levitates the Minerals up the plant orbiting the Carbon Building Block inside the Sap and into the Branches. If the Tree dies, Reishi Mushroom, Chaga Mushroom, and other Mushrooms that contain great benefits. Chaga might not be the best in Vitamin D, but it’s likely the next best thing. Grows on Birch. But we’d also have in our Mansion the Red Durian, the most rare Fruit on Earth, and the King if I add. The Queen of England would definitely eat Mangosteen, after falling in love with my Book. right next to Ancient Rustica Tobacco plants. though we ae then to correct my Book. She Probably Would. She’d be in my Mansion in the 3rd Heaven, because we will love each-other equally, and there will be a New Son of the Morning. So we will gain 3/3rds the Goodness of the Stars. Lust will become Fiery Passion to Script a New Tasting Fruit in Existence. We can pretty much create anything that didn’t exist before, and make our own Milk Shakes without ever getting Hungry having Stomach Ache or Brain Freeze or Spoiling Appetite or getting face/4 arms all Sticky after accidently spilling caused by over-multi-tasking to the 9th degree. Nobody can know until we get there, and it is impossible to explain. This place sucks, because when we get other senses, like Breathing Under Water, tasting food through the Ears also.

    I think President Obama is reading this Forum actually, I emailed him that I am going to become Mayor of my Town of 23k. I invented something, after being in the Army, and I have no Criminal Record. My Parents had Humility, and they were mirrored the very Grace that reflected their Humility. I even am asking Obama if I could talk to Bart Simpson AKA Kim Jung Un, to get him to read my Book so he can have a new bff other than Dennis Rodman.

    Again Matt, Grammar is my Weakest Subject. I am 27, and from Galt, CA. I invented a Water Filter that will change the whole World. It took me 2 years to develope, and I currently am working with Costello Law Corp in Sacramento and CLS Laboratory in Rancho Cordova You can Troll them if you want, even Matt has my real number. I would just ask for your name and pray that Love/Joy/Peace/Gratification over-whelms you, also Healing for any Ailment, just to get you thirsty to the point of getting a KJV and reading Joel 10 times and entering the Worm Hole as Neo, but without the Lunatic Fringe Idea. Instead you really get a kick out of existing, other then being same ol’ miserable idle minded docile me, with addiction to FPS to the point where life cannot be enjoyably anymore, or make you feel in the clouds. So disobediance happends from a lack of Humility among the many lessons you learn in life, so therefore Grace becomes hidden. And life just got a bit harder, just like an addict winds down from Heroin and has no Methadone for the next day of SuperMega Hang-Over which is called the Sickness of Soberness. (Never did or Do Drugs, LSD would probably not change my mind either.)

    John Lennon was right about the New Earth, there will be no Hell below us.
    The Tree of Knowledge takes about 3 weeks to grow, so all 9 Billion people, including Hitler, will be holding hands, though enduring a sting of an Adder and Scorpion. Then he will fall and the fruit will get passed around like a Marijuana Cigerette, until everyong is Fallen and casted to this Earth to embrace the love of this World and the lack of Soul Winning and Bible Structuring in the Heart. With only 6 Fruits to choose from on the Tree of Life, and a Tree of Knowledge just begging you, “Eat Me because I smell like Lebanon and Sweet Myrhh and Googleplex BBQ BK Stacker w/ extra Bacon all combined in a Black Cacao Pod and a Velvet touch that can cure a dry Spell after hours of swimming in Chlorinated, Pineal Gland Calcifying, Water that stinches and promotes great Docility. Time for an ATP Cycle restricted Nap, so I can pretend I am having a deep-sleep while the hypothalamus just become knocked out of the sinus ball park.”

    It’s not Autism or Cerebral Palsy or ADHD or Bi Polarism or Multiple Personality. I’m not out to attack anymore. If you want my Cloak, hit me in both my facial cheeks and take my Pantaloons also. This Earth is Lame, and I wish I had no Part in it. I wish I could just buy a blanket of Pure vicuuna, probably the only cool thing to do on this Earth, and maybe attempt to grow real Wassabi or Red Durians or Camu Camu Berries in Impossible Locations. But if you add just a tad of Ormus Platinum/Gold/Copper/ or Silver One Mineral will make it Grow. Kinda like why Vicuuna and Panda’s are going extinct, Panda’s are becoming demineralized without Gold, and Vicuuna are also. Vicuuna is worth Millions, if you can harvest enough of them. They’re Fur is like the MOST light weight but the most Warming and Soft then anything else. Makes Cashmere look like frozen sandpaper.

  88. Jon says

    These are the last days. I hope you guys make it to Paradise.

    This World will be Ruptured within 7 days.

    Please Convert NOW. There is going to be a Nuclear War Today or Tomorrow. I am having Visions.

    When you see me in Paradise in 1 week, say to me you made it. You Too Matt.

    Please Guys, Make it!
    Don’t be in the 8Th Tribe suffering, with Eckhart Tolle the Devil, because that Tribe 100% will Fall.

    I am the Spirit of Noah, please get in the Ark RIGHT NOW.
    There is a Nuclear War Approaching in under a Week.
    Tolle is a Liar, and the Father of Lies. If you are left behind, and reading this, the only way to Salvation is through Beheading. Don’t TAKE GOOGLE RAPTURE.

    People did not disappear from Evolution, they went through the Diamond of Cairo to Paradise, like a magnet.
    Don’t join the 8th Tribe, it will Fall and be in Eternity without Hope. Sucked into a Worm Hole that is Bottomless, and the Son of the Mornings Stars will be Restored after the 1000 Year reign.

    I really didn’t get a chance to become rich, WHY ARE YOU COMING SO SOON GOD!

    Please guys, call all your loved ones.

    I will be scoffed at, without doubt, but this is the End.
    I am the Good Prophet, please call your Loved ones.

    The Time Is At Hand.
    The Angels are saying right now, WOE TO THE INHABITANTS OF THE EARTH,

    North Korea is Attacking USA Today, and if I die, hallelujah By and Bye.

    I am in Tears guys, I hope you make it.

  89. Jon says

    New York is getting Nuked TODAY by North KOREA!






  90. Jon says


    MAY 4th 2013



  91. Lord Narf says

    Damn, I was wondering what he was going to have to say tomorrow. I mean, setting a time limit of today … with a followup prediction of the rapture next week? You think he really believes it and is that detached from reality, or are we adjusting our opinions to poser?

  92. Lord Narf says

    How would we go about Turing Testing this guy? Couldn’t a bot spit out rambling bursts of text, like his dozen or so comments? They seem a little too coherent to me, but I’m not an expert.

  93. Artor says

    My mother had a severely bi-polar tenant once, who lost his meds and went off the deep end. We found him wandering the streets in his underwear in sub-freezing weather, ranting apocalyptic fantasies like this. I don’t know if the causes are the same, but the results are pretty similar.

  94. Artor says

    Pot has never done anything remotely like this for me. I’d say it’s more like acid or mushrooms. He sees world shaking relevance in EVERYTHING and has no filters to winnow it down to anything manageable.

  95. Lord Narf says

    Depends on the pot and depends on the person, I suppose.

    I didn’t really mean a situation quite as intense as what this guy has going on in his mind, but the general creation of false connections. Everything makes all kinds of sense, and you see the interconnectedness of lots of things, which all evaporates once you sober up.

    I dunno, man, I’m only going off of what others have told me from their experiences. I’ve only ever had mild contact buzzes, at parties.

  96. Lord Narf says

    Heh, no idea. I’ll have to ask them, at the next meetup event. One is a medical student, so he might have some interesting connections.

  97. Christopher Lowe says

    Actually he might be the next Joseph Smith. Or maybe the next Ron L. Hubbard. In a society so prone to credulity, why not? His arguments are no less valid or ridiculous than those spewing out of the mouths of some of your congressmen.

  98. Lord Narf says

    Yup. That was my reaction, as well. It would be a cool element to write into a book like the Illumatus! Trilogy.

  99. Christopher Lowe says

    I meant the original (name redacted) emailer at the top of the post, not the more recent and similar Jon

  100. says

    p.s. what is up with being a part of FTB if they moderate every comment? You’re better than that. Much respect lost. Oh yeah, it’s the name-calling….yeah…sure…

  101. says

    First-time commenters go into the moderation queue as a basic spam-screening measure. From then on you’re unmoderated, unless you decide to troll, in which case we have no problem showing you the door.

    Anyway, don’t overestimate the importance of your respect.

  102. says

    Drugs, rest, a stable environment, caring personal and time.
    These symptoms are what you see in Schizoaffective disorders, probably bipolar. This looks like a manic episode, which can be very dangerous for this person and his environment. But whit treatment there is a good chance of recovery, or at the least the symptoms can usually be managed and reduced. Many of them love the highs they feel during these episodes, and are quite remarkable and interesting people to interact whit. I am a psychiatric handler and have worked at a psychiatric emergency department.