The Atheist Experience written up in Süddeutsche Zeitung

I had an interview a few weeks ago with a reporter from Germany, and it has resulted in a very nice write-up about The Atheist Experience in the The Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany’s largest national print newspaper.

You can view the original article in context here, under the title “Gottlose Gesellen”. The attempt to get an English version from Google Translate was a bit laughable, so one of our native German followers has kindly provided a much better translation for us:


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Creationists, watch those sources!

Excerpt from an email:

…your very disrespectful and hateful approach to theism in general is entirely unnecessary, especially since much of the opinion you provide is a result of misinformation. For instance, Matt Dillahunty once laughed at a creationist when he pointed out the fact that the big bang theory supports the idea that, essentially, everything came from nothing. You told this man that idea was false, when in fact, clearly states:

“Prior to the singularity, nothing existed, not space, time, matter, or energy – nothing.”

That is just an example for you.

I never heard of before, but after skimming it, it was more and more obviously not a science site. As advertised, the site did make the oddly specific claim that nothing existed prior to the singularity, even though this is just one of several working hypotheses about the initial conditions of the universe, and scientists generally don’t try to assert with certainty what happened before the Planck horizon.

Suspicious, I followed the link at the top of, which redirected me to another site called That site contains articles like: Intelligent Design vs EvolutionWho Made God Video; and various poorly written articles and videos that focus almost exclusively on evolution and cosmology. You would think that a site claiming to be all about science might actually consider touching on a few other topics in the Bill Nye repertoire, like electricity or light or momentum. There are lots of other interesting science topics.

Back at, after getting several details flat out wrong, the concluding paragraph begins: “Any discussion of the Big Bang theory would be incomplete without asking the question, what about God?” What? It would?

It then links to, which promotes various creationist claims, and finally that page links to which goes into full blown preaching mode.

Of course we can clear this up easily by seeing who has registered the site.

Administrative Contact:
Outlaw, Greg
All About GOD Ministries

“We write compelling websites that reach out to skeptics, seekers, believers, and a hurting world with powerful evidence for God and the Good News of Jesus.”

You have to marvel a bit at the chutzpah of these folks, no? Design a series of fake but authoritative looking science sites, using inaccurate information to blatantly construct the straw man version of the argument you’re trying to discredit.

Why are so many theology schools asking their students to pass out questionnaires?

Just now I rejected three identical comments to three different blog posts from the same person. The text read as follows:

Hello and to all atheists concerned:

I am currently pursuing a masters in theology and this week’s class project requires that I interview 3 middle/high school candidates concerning a particular set of questions (If you are in your twenties that’s okay even if the requirement is middle school or high school age-this class is about youth ministry). Candidates must be “unsaved” (Their words-not mine) but preferably they once attended church and had some idea as to the concept of “God” and what that means.

This is not a troll, a trick, or some sneaky method to get unsuspecting atheist youths in my spider’s web of church deceit. I just have several questions that need to be answered by 3 candidates that match the aforementioned profile. NO CONVERSION ATTEMPTS! I just need these questions answered that are enumerated below:
a. How do you describe your religious background and church involvement if any (past and present)?
b. To you, what is God like? Describe God or at least the concept of God if you believe this entity to be a myth.

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Open thread for AETV #801

Apologies to people who tried to tune in to the stream with Matt and Martin yesterday. It turns out that the sound card on the laptop we use for Ustream failed a few minutes into the episode. As a result, the audio output for the stream was completely unlistenable for the entire show, although the Blip upload and the podcast audio are fine. Neither Ustream nor the public access studio are at fault for this, so thanks for your suggestions, but please wait for more information before flooding us with requests to abandon either one.

While we’re on the subject of stuff that you should not email us about, here are just a few reminders. Yes, we are still working on bringing new shows back to YouTube. No, we do not have any immediate plans to produce new Non-Prophets episodes. Yes, the last episode was in October. Thanks for your interest.

Also, for those of you who have recently discovered the show’s chat room for the first time, welcome! There are chat room rules. If you break the rules repeatedly, deliberately annoy the moderators, or complain that the rules are stupid, you will be banned for the week with no apologies. Love you guys. 🙂

TAE Caller Bingo Cards

A fan in NC (which is all the credit she wanted), sent us a set of four different TAE Caller Bingo Cards she made. There were a few minor typos, but honestly, they hardly detract from the excellent job she did producing these. Just amazing.

Bingo_Page_4 Bingo_Page_1 Bingo_Page_2 Bingo_Page_3

The “Fatima Miracle” (Caller George) from Episode #799

George, if you recall, identified himself in earlier calls as some sort of instructor who had kids in his class tuning into our show. He said in later calls that he is Eastern Orthodox. And his last call was about a big list of evidence he wanted to present on behalf of god’s existence. We asked for his best evidence, and he put forward the “Miracle of Fatima,” sometimes also known as “The Miracle of the Sun.”

After the call, George wrote to us to pursue the case for this evidence further. And I am happy to publish our exchange below in its entirety, for reader review of the evidence, starting with his initial letter I ran through and swiftly cleaned up obvious misspellings and other format issues, but I have not adjusted the items below for content, grammar or readability in any other regard. I encourage you to read it through to the end. [Read more…]

Anti-Muslim hysteria in Australia

In Sunday’s show, Matt and Tracie answered some questions about Islam. Afterwards, we got this email from Australia:

Hi All
A very good show up until the subject of Islam and whether or not it is a threat to the USA constitution.
I just don’t know what it will take to wake you guys up on the subject of Islam.  It is a direct threat to secularism, the constitution and freedoms everywhere. That you think just because their small numbers means they are no threat to you  – well that’s very scary and sad to hear. That is the very same thinking that has allowed them to further infiltrate societies in most nations.
From little things big things grow. Islam is highly adept at propogating power right under the noses of the public – yet out of sight.
Example?..ok, check this site out, I can personally attest to the accuracy of the info therin:
I strongly urge you all to sign up for her newsletter.

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