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Sometimes you just need to laugh. Especially at the end of a very stressful time in life — say, when you’ve just had an election where the very notion of a free America in which religious right extremists were not on the warpath against women’s bodies, marriage equality, and sanity itself was at a very real risk of crashing down in flames before all our eyes. Sometimes, it’s okay to laugh at deeply silly things that speak directly to our inner Dennis the Menace, as long as no real harm is done.

In this spirit, allow me to introduce Andy Breeden, a Facebook friend of mine whose trolling skills make him the Raphael, or perhaps the Titian of our childish online age.

So there are these Christian Facebook pages (ChristiaNet is a big one, with a million and a half likes; Jesus Daily has over 14 million) that post silly little graphics like the one below, and their thousands of followers comment in exactly the way they are told.

So that’s fine. They can do that if it makes them happy. Still, the call-and-response comments pour in at such a pace that Andy figured out it would be very amusing to insert random off-color remarks, and screenshot the results before his comments could be deleted. In some cases, Andy admits to having enough of a sense of civility to delete them himself after taking the shot (“like catching a fish, taking a picture and throwing it back”), because, after all, it’s just for a giggle. Because sometimes, a giggle is a great way to let off a little steam…and even if you won’t admit it, your inner Dennis the Menace needs that every now and then.

In honor of Andy’s trolling majesty, I offer this tribute.


  1. says

    Thanks, Martin! Just to set the record straight, I don’t remove most comments. Just the ones that make even me wince when I read them back. Okay, the one that made me wince.

  2. cafeeineaddicted says

    With long and quick threads like these its possible that the messages go unnoticed. Whats the longest you’ve have a message stay up?

  3. Jesussessavedme says

    Jesus will strike down your foolish soul and enlighten your heart to your wrongdoings. AMEN! PRAISE THE LORD!

  4. says

    I’m not even sure the point is to ensure offense to the Christians who see it (though some almost certainly saw it) as to record a moment of trollish posterity for the likes of us.

  5. says

    Martin’s right. It’s just kept between me and anyone with an Internet connection.

    Honestly, the volume and frequency of comments are overwhelmingly large. Usually, they don’t even notice. Newer comments wash everything away.

  6. davidbrunton says

    I actually find that really creepy. They know what to say even if the question is changed. It’s liek they don’t even use free will any more.

  7. CompulsoryAccount7746, Sky Captain says

    What’s the purpose of writing “Yes lord” in a comment?

    The OP wasn’t their god. That acknowlegement doesn’t make sense if directed to the poster or fellow commenters. Not venting or projecting themselves into the 3rd person. Nor a public display of piety for social gain.
    Do they think the only reason someone would post something so inane is because their god is manipulating the poster, so they respond to it in the medium it chose?

  8. says

    That’s because there’s so many of them commenting, and so rapidly. And there are so many comments, often the main page doesn’t show any at all. Just the comment count.

    When you comment on a really active stream, it must freeze Facebook’s JavaScript or something because you don’t (usually?) see the other 10 comments entered while you were typing that one. After that, it’s buried. Then they usually don’t see it.

    I keep comparing it to picking off a few salmon as the masses are heading off to spawn.

  9. says

    Wow, what a shitty site. Not sure if their comment frequency is high enough. I bet it dropped off recently. Wonder why?

    Anyway, I’ll try to remember it. (Against my better judgement. I want to forget it. 😉 )

  10. F says

    Dude, that is childishly delicious. Now show me some mercy, lol.

    You know, whenever I hear some IT pundit go on about how the amount of “information” on the internet is expanding exponentially, and how the current estimate is at foo kittybytes, the first thing that comes to mind is that these “Yes lord” things, and stuff like “bitch” and “I had the most amazing sandwich” and “how can I violate every bit of advice in ‘How to Ask a Question’ and also completely fail to make sense while also making weird guesses and assumptions and treating them as fact” are 90% of the constituent parts of this “information”.

    aaaaaaaaaand endrant. Sorry, that took on a life of its own. I was just enjoying the way you were messing with all the useless information.

  11. F says

    Every time I see “Yes Lord”, I hear it in the voice used in some strange Christian edu-prop which Negativeland mashed up with other bits and pieces in Helter Stupid.

  12. CompulsoryAccount7746, Sky Captain says

    *squint* Oh, they were literally told to write “Yes lord”.

    I thought they were volunteering that phrase in response to vague directives like “praise jesus” and were uncreatively copying each other.

  13. says

    It goes far beyond silly. The pages that do this sort of thing are after one thing and one thing only: They are generating enormous numbers of “likes” and comments. Those numbers allow the page owners to sell the pages to advertisers for considerable sums.

    Your screenshots are freaking hilarious. Nice work.

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