Tune in and join me at “Gamers For Godlessness” this weekend!

Hi folks, Russell here.  This Saturday I’ll be joining Jason “Lousy Canuck” Thibeault, JT Eberhard, as well as lots of other awesome Freethought Bloggers and various unbelievers for a portion of the 24 hour “gameathon” for charity.  We’ll be broadcasting a live stream of us geeks playing single and multiplayer on a bunch of classic game selections from arcade history, Nintendo, and Sega. Ninja Turtles, Street Fighter, that sort of thing.  It’s gonna be awesome!

Check out Jason’s blog for details on how you can tune in while it’s live.

Belated Open Thread for Show 789: Jen & Tracie

I forgot to post an open thread for the show yesterday, and am doing so now. Feel free to post your thoughts on calls like “I Just Wanna Talk about Matt,” “Alternative Medicine,” and “How Do I Get My Theist Mother to Get Me?” Or talk about anything else we discussed that strikes your fancy.

We get email: Manly Man is Manly

I never cease to be impressed by the courage of anti-feminist, MRA Freedom Fighters!

That was sarcasm.

Dillahunty is off his rocker if he thinks feminism is merely the idea that men are equal to women. Feminism is a paranoid leftist ideology with a whole slew of dogmatic principles. A person can believe in equal rights and oppose feminism, without said opposition being contradictory. If I had called into the show to argue about this, I would have easily torn Matt a new one on this topic.

Screw you, Matt. I believe in equal rights and equal opportunity for EVERYONE. And I hate feminism with a passion. Are you going to argue that my belief in equal rights for women makes me a feminist? Then you’ll have to explain why I disagree with 99% of feminism’s core ideology. Feminism is a hate group that seeks to elevate women above men.


The day of Judgment will one day come. And on that day, when you are called to account for your actions, your fellow Men will stand upon the field of victory, doff their green berets, and humbly intone, “Well fought, Brave Warrior. Well fought.”

Dennis Markuze arrested… again.

According to a tweet from the Montreal police:

D.Markuze was arrested for social media harassment (breach of probation). Thanks to those who helped with the investigation#Mabus#SPVM

Think it will stick this time?

Here is today’s Montreal Gazette article on the arrest.

And here is an amazingly detailed article by Tim Farley with the full timeline of what it’s taken to get the Montreal authorities to take the whole Markuze situation seriously.

Open thread on episode #788

Russell and Jen hosted today. For those of you not connected to any of us on Facebook and haven’t heard the news, Matt and Beth were burgled the other night (they’re fine), and so Matt decided to take the weekend off.


Post show correction from Russell:

Last night I told the first creationist caller that there are “millions of species of cockroaches.”  I looked this up afterwards and I was a bit off.  Various sources say that there are about 8.7 million known species of all plants and animals on earth, which in itself is a fairly staggering number to try to load onto a boat about the size of a 3-4 story building.  However, the number of species of cockroach is only about 4,500.  Which, if I had stated this accurately, would still have made the same point, but being three orders of magnitude off is a little embarrassing.  🙂

Cockroaches are arthropods, a phylum with contains all the various bugs including insects and spiders, and those numbers are pretty impressive, accounting for at least a few million species: about 80% of living animal species are arthropods.  Diggin’ that ark life, am I right?

FFRF sues IRS for allowing flagrant electioneering by religious nonprofits

I just wanted to put this initiative on the community radar and wish FFRF good luck with this. Churches have been ramping up electioneering and becoming more and more open about their pushes for candidates and parties. They use a very simple code that should fool no one.

They swap out “Intelligent Designer” for god. They claim “god” on the money and in the Pledge are just traditional hat tips to deism (but after they win, argue it demonstrates we’re a Christian nation). They use “family values” for anti-gay and anti-women. And it’s been this way ever since they discovered it can sometimes work to subvert church-state separation.

The judge in Dover called them out on it and said that it’s not sufficient to simply use code for “god” and “creationism.” And I hope the judge in this case sees the same wisdom. “Bible” and “Biblical values” as code for “Republican” should fool nobody who follows religious blogs or sites. And neither should it be allowed as legal means to subvert tax exemption laws. Good luck, Dan and FFRF, in your latest case.

Presuppositionalism Redux with Deacon Duncan

Over at the “Evangelical Realism blog”, Deacon Duncan has been going back through all of Stephen Feinstein’s posts and discussing the presuppositionalist arguments from another angle.  If you just couldn’t get enough of this discussion while it was happening, here’s more of it!

Seriously though, DD is doing a great job and writing some interesting posts, so you should check out what he’s written so far with Fallacies of a contingent God and The Christian metaphysical understanding of God.

Your Friday night childish humor

Sometimes you just need to laugh. Especially at the end of a very stressful time in life — say, when you’ve just had an election where the very notion of a free America in which religious right extremists were not on the warpath against women’s bodies, marriage equality, and sanity itself was at a very real risk of crashing down in flames before all our eyes. Sometimes, it’s okay to laugh at deeply silly things that speak directly to our inner Dennis the Menace, as long as no real harm is done.
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