An open letter to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

Based on this video:

I sent the following letter to Mayor Villaraigosa and the Democratic Party:

Mr. Mayor,

I’m not a citizen of Los Angeles, but I am a Democrat. When Ted Strickland offered his amendment, calling for the party platform to recognize his god, I was disappointed, but not surprised. This sort of religious pandering has become common, but as someone who does not share his religious views, I continue to hope for the day when people will recognize that the party of inclusion should not be including divisive language that is disrespectful to and excludes anyone who doesn’t share the religious views of the majority.

Yesterday was that day – and you destroyed it. [Read more…]

Lady Godiva and a Forgotten Lesson about Honor

Do you recall the story of Lady Godiva?

Most people recall an image of a woman with long flowing hair, on horseback, naked. But less people are actually familiar with the legend behind the image.

In summary, the good Lady was married to a greedy tyrant who exacted painful levels of taxes from his subjects. She issued repeated pleas on their behalf, that her husband should be less overbearing and exercise pity for his subjects. He finally answered that he would agree to her request if she would ride naked through the streets—pitting her pity against her sense of personal honor and dignity. In the end she agreed to expose herself to public shame. The subjects were asked to stay indoors, and she endured the now-famous ride. According to the tale as it was told to me as a child, everyone in the district, out of respect for her generosity and sacrifice on their behalf, closed their shutters and made no attempt to take advantage of her situation, as she was, quite literally, laid bare before them. [Read more…]

You might be a dumbass if…

…you get your weekend schedules confused, and think you’re co-hosting the show the weekend after you’re actually slated to do it. Derp.

Anyway, consider this the open thread for episode #777. And hey, it just meant Josh got another chance to be on the show! He’s good people.

Speaking of co-hosting drama: You might also be a dumbass if your obsessive hate-on for a certain female personality in the atheist/skeptical community becomes so irrational and overwrought that it prompts you actually to create an online petition in an attempt to get her ousted from her co-host slot on a podcast, utterly oblivious to the deep and hilarious irony in whining about “divisiveness” and “the free exchange of ideas” while doing so (and this on top of being a clueless n00b who fails to realize that such a stupid petition would bring the trollocopters flying in like that scene from Apocalypse Now).

I’m glad I’m only the first kind of dumbass.