The Non-Prophets FAQ, July 2012

Q: “The Non-Prophets”?  What is that?

A: The Non-Prophets is a live internet show that is broadcast regularly in addition to the Atheist Experience TV shows.  It is not a call-in show, so we tend to focus on news and philosophical discussions instead of debunking Pascal’s Wager over and over again.  The current hosts are Matt Dillahunty, Denis Loubet, and Russell Glasser

Q: There have been no updates to the podcast since May.  Or am I crazy?

A: You are not crazy, there have been no updates to the podcast since May.

Q: Did you guys quit?

A: Nope, we’ve done four new episodes since June.

Q: But I thought you said the podcast wasn’t updated?

A: Correct.  We’ve started doing the shows as live Google Hangouts, which means they are now available as YouTube videos.  You can see them all on Matt’s YouTube channel, sansdeity.  Individual episode links: 11.6 11.7 11.8 11.9

Q: But I really like listening to it as a podcast.  Are you planning to put the audio versions on the podcast feed?

A: Yeah.  Eventually.  When we get around to it.  Thanks for your concern.

Q: Can I still listen and participate live when it’s on?

A: Currently the show is scheduled to be on every Tuesday at 7:30 PM CST.  However, since this is The Non-Prophets we’re talking about, it’s subject to not happening at all for totally random reasons.  Go to the sansdeity YouTube link listed above at the appropriate time, and hit refresh a few times when the time is approaching.  If it’s on, there will be a live video at the top of the feed which you can watch.  You can still participate in the IRC that takes place at irc://

Q: Any other ways I can be alerted about whether a show will happen?

A: If you’re Facebook friends with Matt or Russell, we’ll usually announce it on our feed.  You can also keep an eye on the Atheist Experience page for announcements, and we’ll try to mention in IRC when the show’s about to start.

Q: Did you know that the Non-Prophets website is incredibly ugly, and does not contain the information above?

A: Yes, we did know that.

Q: Any plans to improve it?

A: At some point.

Q: Can I be your webmaster so I can get it done for you?

A: Thanks for asking, but no.

Q: I’m desperate for more audio podcasts, and you guys are slackers!  What can we listen to so our lives will have meaning?

A: You should listen to Godless Bitches, which does shows much more regularly and is freaking awesome.


Q: So, Tuesdays, huh?  Will there be a show tonight?

A: Heck yeah, there will!  Don’t miss it!


  1. noodlyappendage says

    Q: Couple months ago I floated the idea of putting all the old episodes (pre-4.13), currently unavaialble online, into a torrent. Any chance that this will happen?

  2. ledwhofloyd says

    That would be amazing. I’ve probably listened to every non-prophets episode about 5 times over the past 3 years. New (or in this case old) listening material would truly make Festivus come early.

  3. Hayden says

    Are you volunteering? This would not be difficult for a fan to do. Scrape the mp3s, zip them, and create a torrent. Ask permission first, of course.

  4. annabucci says

    I’ve been loving the new format. I tend to forget about NPR when it was just a podcast. I think it’s cool to see your expressions when you speak, and your reactions to each other. Looking at the webpages you are looking at is nice too.

    I’m probably going to miss tonight’s episode because I’ve god company over(of the theist variety), but I’ll be sure to watch tomorrow. Good job guys!

  5. A Moose With Pants says

    Now granted I haven’t read the emails you are responding to, but frankly I was irritated by this post. I see no reason to depict your fans as crazy fanatic idiots who can’t go on without you. Many of you seem to take great pleasure in referring to your viewers as such and I take exception to it. While some of us are idiots, it’s not fair to the casual viewer and to use a popular expression from the AETV show; It is painting us fans with too broad a brush.
    I’m not in a position to make any demands of course, but I would appreciate that this be recognized or at least discussed on the show. I would also like one large pizza, extra cheese and only sliced green olives as the topping. Thank you for taking the time to read.

  6. Stephen Duggan says

    Can you put it on iTunes please. It’s a good talk, and podcasts are convenient for morning work commutes for us Europeans who cannot watch live; plus – YouTube is a pain in the arse these days. I can’t see the uploads from people I subscribe to, only the crap they favourited!

  7. says

    I’ve finally found a happy system for getting the new NPR episodes, so when the audio goes up, I’ll be all confused again.

    As to the Godless Bitches, though, has anyone else noticed the download taking a really long time? The last two episodes have been 1/2-hour downloads each, at least. I notice the size is a lot bigger than typical AXP episodes. I don’t mind, except it means I have to wait longer to hear one of my new favorite podcasts.

  8. says

    So am I. Pretty sure the only one I haven’t listened to three times is the free will debate.

    Also, since y’all are doing it via google hangouts, it would be kinda nifty if you had a G+ circle that you could notify when the show is beginning.

  9. Andrew says

    I have all of the Non-Prophets from 4.13 to 11.5. If someone can tell me how to set up a torrent, I will gladly do so.

  10. AZGeo says

    If anyone knows of a good file sharing site (free, easy to sign up for, no spam email) that ISN’T torrent based, I could upload WMA files of episodes 11.7 through 11.10 there. This is assuming there are no objections to that from the cast of course.

    I have a process where I can get from Youtube video to audio file, but it involves two Firefox plugins and some fiddling with an old version of Windows Movie Maker, so it’s actually easier to just do it myself than explain it.

  11. AZGeo says

    I should also mention that this is contingent upon me remembering to check back here. If someone suggests a good site but I don’t respond, you can blame my incredibly shitty memory.

  12. tosspotovich says

    Thanks for the podcast update. In the smartphone era it’s by far the most convenient way to consume audio shows. 11.6-10 coming in now 😀

  13. TxSkeptic says


    Non-Prophets awesomeness currently downloading in my iTunes, all the way through to yesterdays show.

    Thanks to whoever made it so.

  14. Muz says

    There’s a few firefox add-ons that will rip straight to MP3, which I believe is what youtube uses to store audio as it is (or maybe just the HD versions. Or maybe just not the HD versions, I can’t remember)

  15. Orion3T says

    What are you referring to? I thought it was an amusing, chatty introduction to Non-Prophets, aimed at new-ish listeners.

    I didn’t see anything which could be considered offensive or condescending in the OP, at least not without a massive humour failure…

  16. says

    For those who are technically challenged or just can’t be fucking bothered, there are also various sites that will happily rip the audio from any youtube video and make a neat mp3 for you.

  17. mond says

    I usually download GB direct to my smartphone. The latest podcast started to download really slowly and eventually failed. This was on a cellular connection. Tried with my fibre optic broadbean and was just as slow, so I cancelled and will try later.

  18. sharkjack says

    So am I. Pretty sure the only one I haven’t listened to three times is the free will debate.

    pretty much the only one I’ve listened to three times is the free will debate. It might then not come as a surprise that I liked the first google hangout non prophets a lot.

  19. ullrichfischer says

    I’m listening to episodes 11.6 thru 11.10 on iTunes now. Great to have some new episodes.

    I agree with Matt on the German anti-circumcision law, but I’m concerned that Rabbis and Imams will cry foul and “Nazi” over it. It would be better if all Eurozone countries adopted this policy at once, but I guess that would be too much to hope for.

    Re: the “controversy” over anti-sexual harassment policies, the problem might be that atheism (and skepticism) are only stepping stones toward humanism and a lot of skeptics and atheists are not quite there yet. I suspect many people who no longer believe in mindreading and/or God may still have not taken the step of throwing off the religious concepts of the traditional role and status of women…. all the more reason to have well-thought out anti-harassment policies in place and strictly enforced at all atheist/skeptical gatherings.

    I agree with the Flying Spaghetti Monster version of the golden rule. Do onto others as you would want them to do to onto you, but ask them politely first! 🙂

    Of course, cornering someone where there is a physical power imbalance and no one around, does not constitute asking politely no matter how it is worded.

  20. Brad says

    Question about past episode contents:

    I saw the video of Atheist Experience when Ray Comfort called in, I thought you guys did an excellent job with that exchange! I went looking and found one Non-Prophets episode that mentions Ray Comfort:

    Episode 8.10 from June 13, 2009:
    We’re back! After a month off, we try to catch up on news…and fail. Discussions include Ray Comforts new book, the “New Atheist” movement, opportunities (and effectiveness of debate), and the usual…

    This episode includes a brief discussion of Ray’s book “You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence, But You Can’t Make Him Think”. I thought the discussion was good, but there is some mention of future, more detailed criticism of the book by Matt and Russell. Did this more detailed debunking take place in a later episode?

  21. Sunday Afternoon says

    Agreed! I podcast to listen while driving. Not having the NPR podcast was a deprivation.

  22. Dave says

    Thanks for the links.

    I find watching Youtube while driving to and from work to be less rational than listening to podcasts. I could be wrong though.

  23. koliedrus says

    One more thumb up for the new format. Also, YAY for whoever got Russell a new cam.

    Next up, hows about one of these jobbies for Denis:

    I mention that not because I have a problem looking at that awesome visage or that I get a digital version of someone intruding on my personal space.

    It’s a tweak. It’s “picking blue for the lower third” kinda good.

    I’ll donate for the purchase.

  24. koliedrus says

    Personally, I’d like to see callers with questions regarding evolution and cosmology to be met by someone versed on the subject.

    Instead of, “we aren’t scientists”, how about having the real deal on standby?

    Also, please don’t get naked in order to draw viewers. It’s difficult enough trying to reason with cult members without trying to explain why rational people are explaining their views in commando mode.

  25. Curt Cameron says

    Thanks for posting the audio to the RSS feed, so now I can enjoy these episodes. NPR has always been my favorite, but I just can’t understand how a video-only discussion could be so popular. When do you people have the time to sit in front of your computer for an hour or more to watch a video?

    With audio podcasts, I have two or three hours a day available – during workouts, commutes, solo lunches, house/yard work, etc. etc. etc.

    The amount of time I have available for sitting and watching my computer screen is nearly zero.

  26. kirikasena says

    So, I’m currently listening to the most recent episode of the Non-Prophets. As far as the petition for Alexander Aan goes, I tried to use r/atheism’s 1 million subscribers to get some signatures (2% of the subscribers would make the petition hit the 25k goal), but unsurprisingly, I received just 21 up votes and –10 down votes–. R/atheism’s nature of apathy and circle-jerking strikes again, I suppose. Now I remember why I stopped going there. =/