We get email: From the “just helping out” file

Yes, I know, you do wonder if some of these are fake. But you know how the internet is. It takes all kinds. Anyway, it’s good to have someone handling the tough research.

hi fellow atheists

I have discovered why the Jews were persecuted and still are over time , Its because the tenants of aten ism were passed on to them from akhenaten or someone close to him. The catholic church is practising atenism Christianity is atenism. Wikipedia states that aten translates as the disk. Soho calls the suns corona the disk of the sun so it’s the aten and for very good reason. I have throughorly researched this and I am highly intelligent as my uncle was a detective in charge of detectives that were set up to deal with juivinile crime in north Brisbane Australia and he was very successful. Please take me seriously. I have written a book and reserve all rights but this is not about the book as I will get it published in good time and and I reserve the rights to the content. Google The Lost Connection. I have to go to work now.

Don’t work too hard!


  1. says

    I have to go to work now.

    I hate that. It’s not like he’s having a live conversation with us. You can go, come back, go, and come back again, and finally finish the email all without telling us.

    Sorry, the dog is barking into a vortex, so I have to depart now.

  2. michaelbuchheim says

    Please take me seriously. I wrote a book!
    It’s about how serious I am and why running sentences and poor grammar are good indicators of intelligence of which I have a lot. My Aunt was a successful witch smeller and a part time lawyer. Thought I’ll just throw that out there. I may mention her in my book, which is mine and I wrote and whose content belongs to me also. But this is not about the book. This is about my theory on the Brontosaurus.

    -Miss Anne Elk

  3. Bernard says

    Bloody Hell! Another semi-literate feral from our “Deep North” pleading to to taken seriously. Where does one begin to even try to answer something so disconnected as this? Or was this posted just to give us a laugh?

  4. Tim says

    Ok, I had to Google it, and to my surprise it wasn’t the top ranked site. Heck, I couldn’t even find it. Well, I admit I only checked the first two search pages, then I said screw it.

  5. some bastard on the net says

    Please take me seriously.


  6. jdon says

    I have to assume it’s a Poe ’cause I googled The Lost Connection and all I got was websites about the TV show Lost, some DJ’s musical effort, network connection problems, a Prometheus article…

  7. m6wg4bxw says

    So I tried some of my own google-fu on this. I searched for “the lost connection” + “atenism.” This FTB page was the first result. But interestingly, the third result is a page on a site called http://www.australiaforeveryone.com.au. The page is untitled (in the caption bar), but apparently called “Bible Characters in Egyptian History”[1] More interesting, that page links to a page titled “The Lost Connection.”[2] Maybe this is what our helpful fellow atheist wants us to see.


  8. Twiggy120 says

    Why is it only stupid or poorly educated people say “I am highly intelligent” or something similar? He’s intelligent because his uncle was a detective, I’m a race-car driver because my Dad drives a Taxi.

  9. Daemon6 says

    Well, he said he’s highly intelligent so I think we should take him seriously.

  10. Daemon6 says

    Are you sure that’s fair? Were they paying their rent on time?

    Hmm, maybe we should check the Renter’s Agreement..

    Anyone know who the landlord is?

  11. John Kruger says

    Deliberate lack of punctuation is a fairly common technique to “dumb down” an e-mail when creating a fake. Smells fishy to me. The explicit request to be taken seriously is also weird (well, since you asked so nicely, I guess I will take you seriously). Saying you are intelligent but using bad punctuation is also pretty funny, funny enough that it seems an unlikely accident.

    I don’t think this is real, but such is the problem of Poe’s law.

  12. says

    No, you fools – he really is highly intelligent, with such a unique and incisive writing style that it is trivial to determine who wrote it.

    He has to run everything he writes through a sophisticated algorithm that translates it through French, Spanish, Esperanto, and Klingon, then Russian, BASIC, Canadian English, Black Oroogu, and finally Real English again.

    All this so the Atenist Secret Masters can’t work out who the troublemaker giving out their secrets must be!


  13. hexidecima says

    It’s a shame that this “very intelligent” person (by osmosis it seems) will be so disappointed that his “new” idea is not new at all and his dreams of having any rights to its content are long gone.

  14. F says

    Never had the chance. Atenism was evicted as soon as Amenhotep IV/Akhenaten died, whereupon he himself was removed from recorded history. We are somewhat lucky we even know he existed at all.

    His son even changed his name so as not to be associated with Atenism. You’ve probably heard of him. Our short form for both of his names is Tut.

  15. Daemon6 says


    I’m glad he also made the effort to dumb it down for all of the neanderthals he was trying to reach. We need all the help we can get!

  16. MarkB says


    If the Jews were handed the tenets of Atenism, and the Catholic Church practices Atenism…

    The Jews were persecuted because they were copy-cats?

  17. Arancaytar says

    Whoever wrote that is clearly wise in the ways of cubic time. Give him Dr. Ray’s number.

  18. says

    I personally think this guy is highly intelligent. So intelligent in fact that most people are unable to understand his highly intellectual version of the english language.

    It may seem improper to you simply because you’re….well…a dimwit and his wording is just lightyears ahead of what you are capable of….

    As far as his credentials go, I hardly see what the issue is. I mean seriously! His dad was a detective in charge of other detectives in charge of juveniles (which has absolutely nothing to do with his argument), and therefore he might as well also be a detective……. capable of being in charge of other detectives…who are…in charge of juveniles….or something….

    And what part of “throughorly researched” don’t you people understand! For God’s sake, he even googled it and stumbled upon wikipedia! If that’s not intellectual research I don’t know what is!

  19. Mary2 says

    I’m with you. I smell a Poe. People who really believe they have the answers don’t ask to be taken seriously – they assume they will because the truth is self-evident.

  20. Timberwoof says

    Another semi-literate feral from our “Deep North” pleading to to taken seriously.

    Is he one of the guys who tried to prevent Daylight Savings Time because the extra hour of sunlight would bleach the curtains?

  21. NUDE0007 says

    I believe him! I am intelligent because my dad was a janitor and we once lived next to a school where hundreds of students went to learn. my mom was a cleaning lady for 8 years, but only in a grade school. I am sure people living next to power lines never have to recharge their iphones, even when travelling. I’m sorry I am spelling this so correctly, I’ll try harder.
    Aten means disk and Egypt was know n as the birthplace of Christianity. They called him King Disco and they had lots of parties with Donna Summer, who is the goddess of that season. Donna means “cool” which explains another song by Bananarama. Bananarama means long firm yellow god, which plays nicely with Aten, the disk shaped god.
    I am smart, so you know I’m right.

  22. a miasma of incandescent plasma says

    You have demonstrated your high intelligence, but since you didn’t ask nicely for me to take you seriously I won’t. Aten doesn’t stop you from saying the magic word!

  23. GenErik says

    I love the credentials. “I am highly intelligent as my uncle was a detective in charge of detectives”

    oh yea? Well my uncle was a detective in charge of your uncle who was a detective in charge of other detectives.

    So who’s the intelligent one now?

  24. jeffxenobuilder says

    Oh My God, who is not my God, and I don’t believe in, but that was spot on!