Donate to CampQuest – help me defeat this upstart!

“Our daughter told us when she came home from Camp Quest Texas that it was the first time in her life that she felt completely comfortable and honest around kids her own age. She said that the experience was like drawing a deep breath for the first time.”

That’s why we’re doing this. SEND ALL THE CHILDREN!

So – I’m going to keep asking for donations for CampQuest Texas. AronRa is still in the lead, but neither of us have reached the goal.

The curious thing is that I’ve had more individual donors, but Aron has had more big donors. You don’t need to donate $500 (though please do, if you’re able). Donate $1, $5, $10…

Are you really going to let me lose this? Worse…are you going to let the kids lose?!

UPDATE: So, thanks to you folks, I’ve managed to hit the mark first…but don’t stop donating. We need to make the camp, bigger, and better!


  1. benjdm says

    Link no worky.

    “Site not configured

    If you are the owner of this website and weren’t expecting to see this message, here are some potential causes and solutions:

    You recently created a new website record, but opened the URL before your changes were activated in the web server and DNS configuration. Wait a moment and refresh.


  2. braggart says

    There, you should be pretty close to Aron now ;).
    Hopefully more people will donate for a close finish and help more kids win.

  3. braggart says

    Looks like someone else did!
    Congrats to you on the win but even more so for the kids.

  4. Rilian says

    “Children age 8 to 18 are welcome to attend.”
    I’m not gonna donate money to a place that discriminates.
    That’s a crying face.

  5. Rilian says

    When I first heard about this camp, I was like “Awesome, I wanna go!” And then I looked on the website and saw that sentence. “Children age 8 to 18 are welcome to attend.”