Another mind joins the hive

You guys know him as video blogger extraordinaire, regular guest on The Atheist Experience, and the officiant at Matt’s wedding. Now, won’t you please go help us give a warm welcome to Aron Ra, the newest blogger at Freethought Blogs!

And subscribe, damn it!


  1. John Kruger says

    Ha, I make a comment regarding AronRa and the next thing I know he is on FTB.

    We need to point the anti-evolution caller from the 6/17/2012 TAE in his direction, not that he cannot find enough scientifically illiterate ramblings to counter on his own.

  2. Zengaze says

    Quite frankly the level of discourse and skepticism on Ftb is religion like, I’m surprised that Ra is entering this system, who knows maybe he’ll be able to help break up the dogma and idealogues with some light.

  3. ttch says

    As of Tuesday 4:00 pm EDT, still not listed on the FTB main page or in the FTB index sidebar…

  4. McNihil says

    > the level of discourse and skepticism on Ftb is religion like

    Citation needed.

  5. Kazim says

    There is no point in complaining to us about it. We don’t run FTB, but it took a while for our blog to be listen on the front page as well. It may not happen until the first of the month, even.

  6. ttch says

    FTB has no webmaster? Who do you contact if you yourself have problems posting, for example?

  7. Kazim says

    Quite frankly, I look forward to hearing you air out your grievances on Aron’s blog in a play for sympathy.

  8. Kazim says

    There’s a webmaster. But as I already said, you can assume that they’ve got a schedule planned for adding new blogs for the front page.

  9. Zengaze says

    Cheers kazim, I needed a laugh. I don’t have grievances though, as that would suggest an investment in ftb of either ego or ideology or a combination of both, the egotism on display is a concept I’ve always found alien in relation to forums and Blogs, how people create a virtual existence through commenting and blogging, rather than it being a medium for exchange of ideas and information.

    The ideologies and agendas which are far outside the remit of atheism and that close shutters in the face of skepticism are sacred cows. I don’t operate on the premise that ftb is an atheist blog network, but at the very least it should be open to freethought, and critical discourse, something many of the blogs are not.

  10. says

    My guess is at some point that someone disagreed with Zengaze, and then someone agreed with the person who disagreed with Zengaze, and so RELIGION!!1!

  11. says

    The ideologies and agendas which are far outside the remit of atheism and that close shutters in the face of skepticism are sacred cows…

    Oh, well why didn’t you just say you were one of those guys all cheesed off that the uppity wimmin just won’t shut their yaps about disrespect and sexism and all that dumb girl stuff?

  12. Zengaze says

    Because Its issue that are well worth getting into the dirt about, but they need to be discussed and debated rather than Infantile nonsense, such as me being told by Stephanie zvan that if i had made just that one comment on her blog id have been banned part of her reasoning: an instance where I referred to a poster in a shorter version of their name, as this was an obviously ploy to diminish them. Lol. Rational real rational.

  13. Kazim says

    Thanks for providing the link, so as to provide context to why she said she’d ban you. It’s because as she said, you:

    “1. Misrepresent Jennifer’s position right off the bat and again at the end.
    2. Use that stupid diminutive name trick to go after her instead of her point.
    3. Accuse her of quote mining when her excerpting the line does not change what she’s concerned with.
    4. Repeat language you’ve already been told people find triggering, thus making the discussion more hostile to others with an interest in it.
    5. Explain something that needs no explanation and is tangential to the comment you’re objecting to.
    6. (personal preference only) Do so in pointlessly overwrought language.”

    Short version: Because apparently you acted like an asshole, and — “free speech” or whatever other complaint notwithstanding — nobody’s obligated to put up with assholery on their own blog; otherwise we’d all still be swimming in David Mabus comments right now. To claim that amounts to religious differences is ridiculous.

  14. Zengaze says

    Thanks for your critique. I disagree.

    1 is untrue
    2 is nonsense ( and an unfounded assertion)
    3 what?
    4 triggering language? Seriously? Well okay then, please don’t call me or any other person any derogatory name as it may trigger mental abuse flashbacks.
    5 what?
    6 so fucking what?

    Stephanie is quite free to think me an asshole, 🙂 her problem with monicker shortening is dogmatic.

  15. stonee4 says

    That’s “The Esteemed Reverend Martin Wagner of the Church of Free Thought”. Come on man… Show some respect. 😉

  16. Zengaze says

    You cannot disagree with zengaze, my pronouncements on all things are sacrosanct, and we (the royal we that is) shall not tolerate dissent, we shall edit, erase and ban and we shall ensure our revelation as to how the world is to be ordered shall come to pass. We are not religion we are freethought. Because I say it is therefore it is.

  17. stubby says

    With Aron Ra joining the team our plan for world domination is that much closer to fruition. Muhaha! MUAHAAAHAHAHAHAH!!!1

  18. Kazim says

    Okay, my perception of you as an asshole is solidified. Goodbye. Run off now and tell all your friends how right you were about us.

  19. jehk says

    Yay! Now we just need ZOMGitsCriss to join and my favorite youtube atheists will be in one spot.

  20. m6wg4bxw says

    I have a mixed response. While I dislike AronRa’s personality and approach, I can’t deny that he seems to know his stuff. He does his homework, and I respect that.