I can haz cognitive dissonance?

Good old religion.

It’s what allows people to abuse a child by teaching him to do this…

And then turn right around in the face of public outrage and make this statement on their webpage.

Yeah, but...the song...

If the spectacle of adults cheering homophobic hate they trained a child to sing doesn’t quite reconcile with their claims they don’t hate anybody, welcome to the bizarro world of Christianity. You know, as vile as this is, it’s also kind of awesome. Really. My hope is that by more and more incidents like this coming to public attention, Christianity will become further and further marginalized as this appalling, fringe community no decent, moral, emotionally mature and well-adjusted adult would be seen dead being a part of. The Millennial generation are already leaving the faith in droves, much to the chagrin of the fundie old guard, and it must be said that Christianity’s constant message of hate, ignorance, fear and bigotry has been a major factor in turning people off.

I would love for nothing more than to see this toddler, years from now as an adult, reformed in Nathan Phelps or Marjoe Gortner style, speaking before atheist and secular organizations about the evils of the faith. And the crazy thing is, it could just happen!


  1. jamessweet says

    Mostly I just hope the kid doesn’t have an older brother or sister who is coming to terms with being gay. How awful would that be to experience?

  2. says

    What if he himself finds out he’s gay? Will he turn into an unhappy, self-denying self-loather like the Haggards of the world, or will he embrace his true self and allow himself love and happiness?

  3. cswella says


    Or heck, what if he later comes to realize his own homosexuality? I only hope this singing of these types of songs is a one time thing for him.

  4. Snoochipaloo says

    The kid is most likely right. There’s probably not a heaven…ergo homo’s won’t be going there.

    A poignant secular voice in a sea of delusion? 🙂

  5. Metaphysical Ham Sandwich says

    What? Wishing people would be tortured for eternity isn’t hate. You need to be more tolerant.

  6. Daemon6 says

    I can’t watch that video all the way through because I get way too angry…

  7. says

    Their problem is they don’t consider that song hateful, nor do they consider their intolerance of LGBT people hateful. They’re just following and preaching God’s Word, and it’s God who says the homos are going to burn in hell. Don’t be persecuting these fine, Godly people for their deeply held religious beliefs.

  8. Jeremy Shaffer says

    I think the key is in this part of their response-

    …do not condone, teach or practice hate of any person for any reason.

    They may not consider LGBT to be people in the first place thus they are not condoneing, teaching or praticeing hate of any people. Also, since they would probably claim that their god hates LGBT that hardly makes it just “any reason”.

  9. grumpyoldfart says

    Don’t worry, the mainstream churches are already preparing statements declaring their disagreement with the Apostolic Truth Tabernacle.

    Liberal Christians are famous for jumping on the radical fundies and encouraging them to toe a more moderate line.

  10. Martina says

    It’s just a way for tax cheating churches to maintain their tax exempt status while telling their congregation which party to vote for… it’s love gawd, hate gays (vote GOp wink wink). Such sneakiness happens when religions become political parties… even sneakier to use a child. They should lose their tax exempt status.

  11. says

    This poor kid can’t have the slightest inkling of what he’s saying. Whoever taught him that song should be in jail facing abuse charges. This is no different from telling your kid to hide your weed in his pocket when a cop stops you ( yes, I did see an ex-friend do that once ). Every adult in this poor child’s life has failed him on an epic scale and one can only hope this is the only time or he gets taken away until the parents get straightened out.

  12. Felipe says

    I just cannot get over this. Would everyone be cheering if he was singing about how he hates black people? Fuck me.

  13. Chrish says

    The video is definitely a disgusting example of child indoctrination. One part did make me chuckle though. Did anyone else see the the guy giving the kid “devil horns” as he came down the stairs and started to run down the aisle?(between :52 and :54) That was priceless.

  14. Tim R says

    I saw this video and looked it up on Huffington Post. Along with this was 16 or so quotes and sermons about homosexual by an adult. One guy said if your son’s wrist gets a little limp, snap it and punch him. He also said the girls can play sports for the glory of god but they are going to clean up, dress up and smell nice. Another one said that gay men have to wear diapers because of the damage to their rectum. And then there are comments from people like Rick Santorum, the man who said that a pregnant rape victim should think of this as a gift from god. It is clear that this little boy has been brainwashed by the adults so the spotlight should glare on the irresponsible adults. The “morality” of christians astounds me.