AXP Reason Rally breakfasts: final meetup plans

The trick with these, gang, was finding a place accessible to everyone (even if “accessible” means “Metro rides” for part of it), that would be tasty, reasonably priced, and a good chance that everyone who wants to turn up can. To this end, recommendations from locals and others familiar with DC were invaluable, and I thank you all. Naturally, someone is likely to go “Oh no, not there, here is so much better!” or “Oh no! Perfectly excellent reason why supper would be easier for me!” So while no final decision will make everyone 100% happy, I think this is one that will make most people happy, and if you can’t come, I will be sorry to miss you. But now is the time to make a final plan, because after a certain point (like now, because I fly out very early tomorrow morning) you can’t just keep making changes to the last minute.

There will be breakfast meetups both Saturday and Sunday mornings. Both of these will be held at Kramer Books and Afterwords Cafe in Dupont Circle, right off the Dupont Metro. Plan to start trickling in about 8:30-ish on Saturday morning, and around 9:30-ish on Sunday.

Here is map for to be making directions. After breakfast, I advise zipping down to the Mall on the Metro, which seems pretty direct.

Here is menu for gustatory pornification purposes. It’s a little pricey but they seem to have a load of options. Plus if you just totally stuff your face, you may very well be able to hold out all through the Rally and the stormy weather.

So this is it. I look forward to seeing everyone, whichever of the two days (or both) you can turn up. I have no idea how many of us will be at these, but the cafe guy told me over the phone that if loads of people just keep trickling in, their shouldn’t be much much trouble accommodating everyone, pulling tables together and such, that early in the morning when they’re less busy than usual.

Can’t wait to see everyone!

Now I have a lot of packing to do.


  1. Zengaze says

    I want to complain about the discrimination being shown to non attendees on this blog, as the blunt privilege is starting to smack. you are in America and so have reasonable access to the venue, therefore I suggest you be more reserved in your horrible glee. I hope your bacon breakfast bagel makes your ponder the misfortune of us Europeans.

  2. Zachariah says

    Great choice – cool atmosphere! This is where Monica bought Bill a copy of Leaves of Grass, I believe, as a present. I *think* you’ll have enough space. Big crowd? Enjoy your visit to DC. I live in Baltimore but am not sure if I’ll make it down for the rally.

  3. lobster1234 says

    on my last trip to dc my husband and i found this bookstore!!! it is awesome!! can’t wait to meet up with you all!!

  4. Kazim says

    We don’t know who blocked your comment on YouTube, as we do not run a YouTube channel. If you are watching us on YouTube then it is a fan site.

  5. Mark Rosengarten says

    I will unfortunately not be able to attend this morning. Have a great breakfast!

  6. Orlando says

    Guess who we met at the rally, besides PZ. Richard Hatch, the winner of the original Survivor show and adman for a Tax Attorney on TV (because he spend time in the big house for tax evasion). Nice guy, actually, and an atheist.

    One of the guards began chatting with me at one of the tents and said something to the effect, “all these people are atheists?” He said that from our appearance we also looked liberal. We had a nice talk and he guiltily admitted he was a lapsed Catholic who did not really believe. I told him he was almost one of us.

    I hope some of you watched Chris Hayes on Sunday morning on MSNBC. His entire 2 hour show was dedicated to atheists and had Dawkins, Pinker, and others as guests. On national TV!!!!