Reserve your copy of A Better Life

You may have seen some notices and plugs about photographer Chris Johnson and his Kickstarter project for a lavish coffee-table photo book featuring atheists, but if not, go have a look and open your wallet to him if you feel so moved. I do think this is a nice idea, and Chris’s goal to help present the message of positive atheism to a prejudiced public through his work is a laudable and most necessary one. Among the folks already committed to appearing in the book are Derren Brown, Michael Shermer, PZ Myers, Daniel Dennett, and Jessica Ahlquist. From the AXP ranks, confirmees include myself, Matt, and Beth and Lynnea from Godless Bitches. (I suspect Chris has contacted us all. I just don’t who else has confirmed with him or not yet.)

He’s making good headway toward his goal — over 200 people have pledged over 17 grand so far — but this is a very big budget project and so he still needs a massive amount of support yet. So let’s help put him over the top. In a world where evangelists can reach into petty cash and build $200 million megachurches, hopefully something worthwhile to spread a friendly face for atheism and reason can meet its economic ambitions.


  1. chrisco says

    This actually moved me a bit. I cant wait to see its publish. Im glad PZ and L.Strauss joined in; hopefully Dawkins and many more notables will get on board.

  2. says

    Please excuse the shameless plug, but the Minnesota Atheists are publishing a book of essays. PZ is also a contributor with that one. It’s a collection of personal stories titled, “Atheist Voices of Minnesota”. It’s going to be published in September.

  3. Gliktch says

    Damn, I rarely buy books these days (hard to justify the cost when so much can be had electronically), but when I saw the title and then the image of the book, I was already sold and was mentally calculating it into my budget for next month or so… disappointing to realise it’s not actually made yet! 😉

    Hopefully I will be able to afford to pledge in time for the deadline. Fantastic project, really hoping it comes to successful fruition!