Open thread on AE #743

At best I’d have to describe yesterday’s show as a slow news day, with me and Jeff getting into some fairly lightweight discussions, and even the one theist kind of rolling over.  Just one of those days, you know?  Have fun.


Things atheists need to stop saying? MAKE me.

I like, I really do.  Like a lot of great randomized comedy (I’m thinking Saturday Night Live, Kids in the Hall, Monty Python) it can be a bit hit and miss.  It has a fair number of articles and videos that go nowhere, but when it’s great it’s really great; not just funny, but often shockingly educational.

For example, David Wong coined the concept of the Monkeysphere, which I love to use whenever I can to discuss the finer points of secular morality.  They introduce me to bizarre pop culture history that I would never have seen otherwise.  Sometimes they even take up the mantle of Snopes, debunking historical myths that people seem to believe for some reason.

And then occasionally, they’ll throw out a stinker like this one: 4 Things Both Atheists and Believers Need to Stop Saying.

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